Why is Protein Important?

Why is Protein Important? & Benefits of PROTEIN IN TELUGU is clearly explained in this fitness blog post by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADMALA. Let’s get into the topic about Why is Protein Important? & What are the best protein sources?

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. The Topic is PROTEIN & Why is Protein Important? Most of them asked me a question that is Which protein is used for FAT LOSS & Muscle building? Which protein should be used to not put on accumulation of fat & put on lean muscle mass? Like this different different questions are raised about PROTEIN.

So for this my answer is suppose initially if we observe a gym goer. In general people think PROTEIN is referred to Protein Powder, Protein Bars & Protein Supplements, PROTEIN is a Source It’s a lesser known fact for many! Why i am saying all these things because you will avoid the myth in your brain that muscle building is only possible by using protein powder after watching this video.

Why is Protein Important? ||Benefits of PROTEIN

Because i am going to explain about today protein indepth in telugu which no one does. So Guys basically Protein is not a SUPPLEMENT, It’s an Organic Molecule or Protein is a Macro Nutrient. This Organic Molecule or Macro Nutrient you can consume it in any way your body is completly created with PROTEIN. Your muscular structure is created with AMINO ACIDS.

So the combination of Bones, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Proteins, Amio Acids chains. A Protein molecule will be created What are amino acids? If you know about this amino acids that means you have known some information because in amino acids there are two types First one is essential amino acids and non essential amino acids. Essential amino acids means the amino acids which can be created by our body are called essential amino acids, human body cannot create essential amino acids.

These are consumed from some dietary foods these are conditionally essential, these essential amino acids are mandatory for exercise persons and non exercise persons. Non Essential amino acids whether you consume are not non essential amino acids can be created by your body. So for your idea I will tell you the list of non essential amino acids and essential amino acids now we are Talking about PROTEIN IMPORTANCE.

So Our every muscle cell is created with protein in our body the muscular structure is created with amino acids and these amino acids are also proteins. If we see our muscle in a magnifying glass in that myosin and actin protein filaments will be there. How much quality food you consume your muscle contraction & action and also the time period will be decreased for repairing the damaged muscles.

Whenever you are doing the exercise to damage the muscle by taking quality food, Myosin bulbs will become stronger in your body. To improve your muscular strength and to contract your activeness & muscle contraction in peak level Myosin and Actin protein filaments will be very helpful Full recovery for next day workout and to repair the damaged muscles.Without carrying the soreness for the next day and the reason to do exercise with the full potential is protein & amino acids intake.

So guys to tell them in a simple way in the training aspects it is our body physiology. You may get a doubt that you had told them in training aspects, what is the case for non training person’s? Is it not necessary to take protein for the non exercise persons? may be the doubt for you as we previously discussed every cell is created with protein. For every individual protein intake is compulsory How much it should be taken will be explained at the end of the topic about Why is Protein Important?

So whether you do exercise or not for your muscle recovery, sustainability, regular functoning protein intake is mandatory. Becuase for example if we see in south india or in india it is the Top 2 Diabetic country. If we observe the reason what ever food intake we take, in that Most of the ratio is included with carbohydrates and next fats, protein sources are very low. To overcome this you should take protein intake compulsorily Why we should take is For the next day to be very productive and to reduce the muscle soreness or else To overcome the muscle wasting diseases 100% protein intake is mandatory.

Whoever It may be For exercise persons on non exercise persons. So what are the benefits of proteins ? For your growth and maintenance and also for your biochemical reactions that means it will be useful as hormonal messenger. In addition to this for collagen also and also for skin tightening to maintain your pH levels. For the proper maintenance of stomach acid also to reduce the Hunger feeling.


To increase the fat burning system and in addition to this to improve your muscular strength & to make your bones stronger. To maintain your organs healthy like this number of benefits are there so these benefits are helpful for every individual with the protein sources. Whether you exercise or not by taking protein sources all these benefits will be there for every individual and also to increase the muscle mass protein is mandatory.

For every individual protein is necessary so these are the benefits of protein. Most of them to boost their immunity they will take Vitamin C and D but they will neglect the mandatory micronutrient. To Boost Your immunity or to become a strong and healthy person, don’t ignore the king of macronutrient Protein. Whenever you started consuming the protein enough nutrient supply will be available to your body and also muscle recovery will be happen.

Automatically your immunity will be boosted so Prior to Vitamin C & Vitamin D.The main source,our human body is made up of protein. So don’t ignore PROTEIN some of the people are doing some mistakes if you are also doing the same mistake try to immediately correct it now. Don’t consume only one source of protein because the required amount of proteins, nutrients vitamins and minerals supply. It will not come from one type of protein source so to fulfill this you need to include different types of foods and protein sources in your diet.

By doing like this there will be no deficiency so guys some people will think in a way that I will not do exercise Can I use the protein? Protein is not just a powder or a supplement.Protein means protein sources and protein foods any one can take protein, suppose if an adult. If we compare their body weight in kgs Per 1 kg they can consume 1 gram of protein and it is recommended dose.

By taking like this you can fulfill the required amount of protein, So guys i hope you like this topic on Why is Protein Important? and if you like this video please like it and comment and in the coming days What type of videos must be done let me know in the comments section, See you guys…. See You Soon.