Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise

Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise & why do you feel faint while doing exercises and what are the reasons behind it is clearly explained in this health & fitness blog by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA {BEST FITNESS TRAINER IN HYDERABAD}. So let’s get into the topic about Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise.

Hi Gus blackout during dead lifts? or else feeling faint while doing squats & benchpress these type of scenes you have seen in the gym faill videos or heard in the gym. The persons may be a begineer or willing to do weight loss, transformation or the persons who created fat loss goals they have some in security feeling if we do weight training or if we light weights we may faint & we shouldn’t do like this they have doubts in different different aspects.

Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise & How to Overcome It?

I am going to clear all these doubts in this video Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise? Why this dizzy or faint feel will occur?What are the reasons behind it? This is the topic for today on Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise? Hello Guys it’s your Venkat- Professional Fitness Trainer & Your Lifestyle coach. So as we already discussed in the introduction Why we feel Dizzy?

I think you also had felt it while doing exercises or cardio for more than 45 minutes to 1 hour all of a sudden when you had stop it you might felt dizzy or else you might felt unstable or faint while seeing these type of things in others you may felt scared and you had also discussed about it like they are taking supplements that’s why they are fainted, keep all these things aside so we will focus on why this is happening? Firstly we will know this For us to not to happen what basic protocol we should follow Scientifically this faint feel or dizzy feel is called as syncope.

Syncope is a symptom that your body not able supply required amount of oxygen to the brain when it will happen means? doing sprint very fast and all of a sudden stopping it or else rotating the head from bottom to top then you may get a dizzy feel in these type of cases it will happen. So to overcome this the basic principle & the first step is as we already discussing about squats & benchpress most of the people will do heavy stimulant exercises with one rep max or else they will use their maximum potential to hit 1 or 2 reps and they will try to stop it.

Reasons why do you GET DIZZY during exercise

In this period only most of them will feel dizzy it will not takes place due to muscle hypertrophy or doing exercises with moderate amount of weights. So here what you should focus on is whether you had doing weight training or you had a goal of cardio what type of exercise you do for more than 20 minutes. First priority is to check your blood pressure try to check atleast once in a week. For an instance if you check your blood pressure before workout if it is around 120/80.

While doing exercises in some of the cases blood pressure & heart rate will be increased in some cases, Blood pressure may became 250/300 there are chances in some of the cases of course, it is temporary. In some cases it will be happened so to check & monitor your blood pressure frequently is the basic principle so if you follow it compulsorily you can avoid & overcome these type of issues because while doing heavy stimulant or high intensity exercises.

Basically your blood pressure will be increased while doing heavy stimulant exercises blood pressure will be automatically increased your heart rate also will be increased along with your blood pressure. If the overall high amount of blood is supplied to your brain, then your heart rate will also be increased so all of a sudden when you stop doing exercise. Due to improper supply of oxygen to your body & brain dizziness, faint or unstable feel takes place.

So guys another reason is the most common mistake done by people is DEHYDRATION or electrolyte imbalance. If you are in weight loss or in fat loss state or else if you are doing strength training early morning eating 4-5 almonds with empty stomach going to gym and doing cardio for 45 minutes to 1 hour and they will do weight training without warmup and they do only strength training and they will do with maximum weight.

Due to this also their glycosine will be depleted what ever exercise you do without fulfilling your glycosine there are no positive benefits for you due to this no strength gain, no improvement in muscle mass and at at the same time there is no improvement in cardio vascular endurance. So what the negative effect due to this is faint feel, mood swings will be happened or body will be dehydrated. Due to electrolyte imbalance muscle cramps & caches will be happened and also injuries may take place so while doing heavy stimulant exercises or strength training.

Try to fullfill your glycosine levels don’t feel you get energy by eating almonds & wallnuts. Compulsorily in addition to proteins try to add carbohydrates in your pre workout meal due to this you will be not be depleted fastly. At the end of the day while doing exercises our body must utilise glycosine as energy. For our body to utilise glycosine as energy muscle recovery & for a productive exercise Pre-workout meal is very mandatory.

Another reason is most of the people who are going to gym were not aware of their sleep so they will sleep for 4-5 hours and they have a very improper sleep and they will go to gym directly. They will drink preworkout drink in the gym and they will do more than 45 minutes of cardio and they will do weight training without warmup. So in this cases mostly dizziness, faint feel or syncope will be happened. So for this type of people my suggestion is if you don’t have a proper sleep pattern on that day you will not get any positive benefits with exercise.

Because without proper sleep your body will be stressed out and it is in stress mode & additionally exercise is also a stress by adding this additional stress your body will not get any positive benefits you are giving additional stress to overall body, brain, muscles. So fix your sleep by doing exercise with proper sleep for 7-8 hours whatever goal you have it may be weight loss, fat loss , muscle building or to improve muscle mass you can easily achieve them with proper sleep.

Some people with improper sleep without warmup they will do weight training so don’t do like this at all. After proper warmup only, you must do weight training and doing extreme cardio avoid weight training with 1rep max so if you decide to do cardio strongly believe in post exercise calorie consumption just do cardio as an warmup for 5-10 minutes and do weight training productively 100% focus on weight training and after that you can do post workout cardio.

But without warmup you shouldnot do anything if there is less sleep try to stop or avoid exercises and that is better for that day. In some cases they will do unmatchable training that means following other’s exercise protocol they will not have some basic protocol, for example. For my client after buring 50 to 100 calories for a preworkout and i will do weight training and after that i mention to do a cool post workout cardio if the same pattern is followed by a weight gaining personthere are getting chances of been faint.

You shouldn’t copy others protocol and also you cannot sustain if for so long so it is also one of the overtraining zone. If you do exercise on your base protocol then you can get positive results. So guys to avoid all these things you must follow 3 steps and the first one is pre workout nutrition- In pre workout nutrition not only proteins you should also include carbohydrates and also after including carbs try to do exercise after 60 to 80 minutes, what i am talking is about heavy stimulant exercises strength training and weight training.

Conclusion for the topic Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise

Due to this you will have positive benefits, Glycogen will not be dropped and insulin will be spiked and you can do exercise productively you body will not be in the dehydration mode so in some cases if you find difficulty in cooking or preparing the food, atleast try to take Gatorade, ORS or electrolytes or else consume BCAA’S and avoid doing exercises with empty stomach and the second one is INTRA WORKOUT.

In intra workout the best drink is the combination of pinch salt, lemon, sugar or sugar syrupv by taking like this your insulin will not be dropped and you can do exercise very happily & energetic and the last one is sleep. Try to fix your sleep because sleep is an very essential and important supplement and it is a nature gift so due to proper sleep your overall performance will be increased performance not only in the gym, your sexual performance or in your studies focus or your performance in weight training.

For any performance to improve you must manage your sleep properly i had discussed all the major points till now. Don’t feel insecurity while doing weight training or lifting weights so guys i hope you like this video on Why do you GET DIZZY during exercise and if you like the video comment & subscribe to our youtube channel See you Guys…. See you Soon….If you want any addition fitness & health tips follow me on instagram @venkat.madamala