What Is Tempo In Exercise?

What Is Tempo In Exercise? & Benefits of Tempo Training in Telugu is clearly explained by top fitness trainer in hyderabad VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. SO Today In our TECHNIQUE SERIES the Topic which we are going to discuss is about TEMPO. So till now we had discussed about the trainings NUTRITION & Training Methods. But in this training if you observe professional trainer when ever he is going to design a workout pattern for the client. In addition to REPS, SETS & WEIGHTS he also mention about the TEMPO which tempo must be followed will be clearly mentioned WHAT IS TEMPO? Tempo is not an Rocket Science.

Basically when ever you exercise decreasing the speed and creating the limitation factor is called TEMPO. For every muscular exercise different tempo will be maintained So how many types of tempos are there? Why should we do with that tempo is todays topic for the video as of now the videos and exercises which are you seeing in the YouTubeor else the variations being performed by a professional trainer & the variations performed by your certified trainers while doing the exercises that tempo was invented by one person He is Charles Poliquin So he divided 1 REP Into 4 Parts.

What Is Tempo In Exercise? & Types Of Tempo’s

The first part is POSITIVE or Concentric Position means while lifting the weight for Example while we are doing biceps in the concentric position & lifting the weights for this variation one tempo. Second Point is Negative or Eccentric Position the tempo which should be their for dropping of the lifting weights.The third point is in the concentric position holding the weight for 2 to 3 seconds & the fourth point is in the eccentric position holding the weight for 2 to 3 seconds is another tempo.

So basically these different types of tempos will be followed & included in their trainings by body builders & athletes. For Example a normal individual of 180lbs doing chest barbell press when the trainer mention the tempo along with 3 sets * 10 reps 2121 TEMPO means in the eccentric position slowly dropping the weights for 2 seconds & holding for 1 second and again in the concentric position slowly lifting the weights for 2 seconds & holding for 1 second is called as the 2121 Tempo Others will define it as 2:1 Ratio means in the down they will not hold 2 seconds controlling drop & hitting the muscle for 1 second in the concentric position.

Some of them will mention in 301, 302 & 30X So what are the benefits of these different tempos? Why all these? If i lift the weights from Point A to Point B you will think muscles will come. Keeping aside the matter that muscles will come or not there are 100 percent chances of getting injured while doing heavy weights your ligaments & tendons will work as a spring because you cannot create mechanical tension on that muscle. There will be no muscle volume & growth if you are not creating the muscle tension to avoid injuries or to get positive results tempo is necessary.

You will get a doubt that for which exercise it is required? after entering the gym any exercises you had done.For any Exercise Tempo is mandatory & you should follow this by this only you will get the positive results you should maintain the tempo depending on your target If you clearly explain your target to the trainer he will create your workout plan with the tempo by doing like this you will get positive results & if you observe lot of people in the gym.

I think for you also it may be happened like wrist pain & rotatory cuff pain elbow & lower back pain these all are caused because you are doing the heavy weights doing heavy weights with improper form to stimulate the muscles in the wrong direction.So with the proper form while doing execution If you maintain tempo you will get 100% positive results.

What Is Tempo In Exercise? Benefits Of Tempo Training

So Guys in this Video the take away point is You should know about the tempo of that muscular exercise Which temp you are maintaing & what is your target? By doing this you will only get positive results.You will think that by doing this slow drop & lifting time will be wasted no time will not be wated you observed it or not .

If a person wants to drive 100 killometers with 150 kmph with concetration he can drive up to maximum 40 to 50 killometers if not like this if he drives in 85 to 90 killometers speed he can reach the destination in a very less time because travelling with the high speed he will get exhausted with that exhaust feeling he will take a break the person who drives with the normal speed will reach the destination safely.

Likely if you maintain the tempo you will get only positive results & no chance of getting negative results. Your workout may be delayed for 5 to 6 minutes but you will get positive results only So guys i hope you liked thsi topic if you liked it please share & comment now Please subscribe our YouTube Channel Guys See You Soon.