In this Fitness Blog Post Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA Shared the Important Topic that is What is Supplementation? & also in detailed about Pre & Post Workout Supplements

Hi guys welcome to Venkat Fitness it’s your Venkat so today’s topic is about supplementation So What is Supplement ? . Lot of People in the Comment Section asking which Supplement should we take for Pre Workout? For Muscle Gain Which Should we use Either BCAA Or EAA ? When Should we use Glutamine & Creatine ? Can we use fish oil or which should we use how much we should intake it? also how to use the multi vitamin Like these lot of people asking how should be our exercise pattern.

In Our Nutrition Series How to Design Our Diet rather than these types of questions I am getting lot of comments about supplementation? So Guys For You I am adding these Supplementation Concepts in this Nutrition Series So In this Supplementation Series. For the general public regarding the weight loss, fat loss ,muscle building & Body Building about supplementations I will try my best to clear all your myths & miss conceptions about the supplements What is Whey Protein ? What are Essential Amino Acids? about pre workouts & what is supplementation are today’s topics.

So the Introductory Part of the Supplementation is What is Supplement & what are the ingredients in the supplements how much dosage we should take If we use what are the precautions to be taken are there are any side effects using supplements is todays topic. Basically Supplement is an manufacturing product or dietary manufactured product How many Types of Supplements are there? these are in the form of pills, powders , liquids or in gel form any form of it they extract the minerals and vitamins of the food which we intake they do it for the purpose to increase the quality of consumption extract the vitamins and minerals in that food and they will create this into a supplement it may be any supplement ? What are the benefits of using these Supplements?

Basically these supplements are divided into different classification so In these Different classes like like vitamins supplements mineral supplements mineral chain allergy amino acid supplement and protein supplements and pre-workout supplementation so yellow probiotic supplements different classes of supplements If we talk about the Pre Workout Supplement or Post Workout Supplementation you must have knowledge on that supplement What are the Ingredients & Information in it? you should get the idea of when to use this supplements Most of the People Say that I have 2 months time to build the muscle to build muscle which protein should be used? So my answer is protein or not but how to start with an workout pattern how to start with the nutrition plan are the basic principles.

Because Supplement is not an Meal Replacement agent supplement is on just extension of your food or extension of your calories that’s it if you want additional calories if you want additional protein food the extended thing to your diet is called supplement. The Essential Ingredients Like Minerals & Vitamins if they are low then required to our body the additional things which we are supplying to our body is called supplementation .So if we intake the supplements rather than food Lot of people say that I don’t take carbs because of water retention & I will only intake protein foods & protein shakes.

Which Protein Should I take in the Morning? If You Observe FDA did not approved these dietary supplements most of the supplements are not proven by FDA ( food and drug administration ) For Example Whey protein – Whey protein is not approved & also creatine and pre workout stimulants almost only in USA there are more than 5000 Supplement Brands these are not approved by FDA because any health issue or disease caused in your body by these supplements it will not have the ability to reduce the disease .These Supplements cannot Cure our Disease because of this whey protein is not approved by FDA.

In addition to the food you can use this as supplements it is not a FDA Approval. Big Supplement Brands are not also FDA Approved to Establish a Supplement Company to introduce the supplement brand into the market there is no necessary for FDA Approval . The Vitamins & Minerals from the animals for Example Fish Oil these are natural minerals vitamins & omega 3 fatty acids coming from the animals these are extracted into the form of pills, tonic , liquids & gel and it is available like a dietary supplement in the market.

So even though naturally occurring supplements like melatonin and also collagen these are not FDA Approved How to use this Supplements & ingredients in it How many Amino Acids are there in BCAA Supplement? & the difference between Essential Amino Acids & Branched Chain Amino Acids? I will try to give a in detailed clear picture on these supplements for you So when ever you enter in to the gym from today So Stop asking which Protein, which fat burner must be used for the fat loss & to gain energy which pre workouts?

What Should you must ask you Trainer is my Target is Weight Loss or Fat Loss Build the nutrition plan according to my Calorie Intake & Work Out Plan For Every Week Nutrition Plan & Sleep Pattern How to build the Strength, Energy and Stamina to Your Body Different Different Shortcuts in the Sense A group of friends in the gym for hours and hours In Some time Shoulder Press , Bicep Curls & Triceps Extensions Seeing others they will do some exercises & they will not cover the over all body exercises and they daily do like this.

If we can follow the workout plan in a systematic way you can easily achieve your targets So in this i will explain you in detail about the supplementation in this nutrition series I will give you the detailed information regarding every product So Comment Down which Supplement Information you want in the comment section If you Like this Video Don’t forget to Share, Comment & Subscribe my Channel See You Guys…See You Soon…