What is Estrogen Hormone In Telugu

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Today Topic is about Testosterone We learned the basics of testosterone in the last Series. What is the important topic we need to know in this testosterone series? About Estrogen Both of these hormones play a very important role in the human body

What is Estrogen

From Where estrogen is produced! What are the side effects of estrogen is high What Unwanted Issues Need to Face.How to get reduced these issues

How to increase this Estrogen

What type of Food we need to take Our Topic is How To Maintain Estrogen To Avoid Any hormone Changes in our body That means more testosterone than natural

As it attaches to the aromatase enzyme it converts to estrogen.Estrogen is primarily its female hormoneIt is found in females and in males, it is like testosterone

How is testosterone in males and females We already discussed that last week Per day 2.5MG to 11MG Testosterone occurs in males Coming to the Females 1/4th MG Testosterone occurs In the same way, Estrogen production also occurs in male and Females. So the chemistry of this estrogen and testosterone is similar.

Let’s see how estrogen turns into estrogen if it is high.When will it change When the aromatase enzyme combines with testosterone it converges into Estrogen Otherwise, it will not convert How it will convert in Body Accrue in different parts in different areas in adipose tissue. This is where adipose tissue cells are accumulated posterior muscles Or posterior areas Where The posterior muscle is located in the human body, Chest Abdominals, Hips, Ties or Inner Ties.

So where is adipose tissue accumulate This means that adipose tissue should not accumulate too much What should we do, We need to control the hormones We have seen the reason why the original adipose tissue becomes accumulate Estrogen Level was high, Why the Estrogen level was getting High Either If thyroid levels are not right Or Fat percentage/levels are in High levels There are high chances of increasing the Estrogen You put thyroid hormone in the normal moderative way keep in moderative range. Also, if you can maintain your fat intake without Above 30, This estrogen net will not cause that problem. These estrogen traps do not cause that problem and they do not harm you Estrogen is Benefits only Where does Estrogen produce From Adipose Tissue The Estrogen get produce From the Liver, and Along with this Skelton’s muscle Some Cases In Central Nervous System it will produce as well It is said that high levels of estrogen can cause problems for many people

What will the Problem see Now?

I have high estrogen, unable to reduce the weight I have high estrogen, My muscles was not getting hard Unable to do exercise for a long time Getting Tired faster Coming to the males I got a mum boo That is called Gyno Ginicomastero I have Ginicomastero , Which is fat located around the nipples Excess fat in the chest Accumulate because of Estrogen levels Estrogen level will not increase Estrogen level will be how much it should be that much only it will be The problem is the Testosterone was increased you need to concentrate on Testosterone how to increase So, If you want to increase testosterone First, you need to control the Estrogen

What are the side effects of Estrogen?

you know already For Example water attention Kidneys Major Organs in Water Attendance Human Body.This means that the kidneys must be functioning properly Along with this Kidney Functioning you need to take the sleep at least 6 to7 Hrs Moderate stress on the kidneys Maintain the Sleep 6-7 hrs. So,The proteins which you take The Food which you take The body in sleep mode breaks down those proteins into each and every organ hormone Due to the fact that the finger protein enters the stage in a healthy way.The next day the activity will be improved and the work will be in a very refreshing active mode if does not happen this Routine functioning will get disturbed.

Overweight on the kidneys Overweight, hair loss and hormones changes As well As sexual function will get down Along with this in Females There are high chances of getting PCOD problems Thyroid problems, Hormonal 1imbalance So all these belong to this, If you want to keep all these in the right way Sleep circle is very important Along with these hormones , thyroid and body functioning

Everything will be under our control. Do not keep the concept to block the EStrogen We can not block the Estrogen. If you want to block and take the Drugs Instead of that, It is better to increase the Testosterone You can increase the Testosterone naturally by taking the diet And by doing the simple exercise Any kind of Joyful exercises daily 30 to 40 mints Natural Testosterone will increase automatically If the Testosterone was increasing you will not get any kind of health issues if the Estrogen get dominates the Testosterone will increase slowly Sexual function also fines Fitness freaks folks will take DHT Products If you take DHT There is chances of increasing the Estrogen

In this Video the main summary is There is no need to block the Estrogen Estrogen will not harm your body. The immune system will get strong and good because of the Estrogen Not only that It helps to your Brain functioning a lot Estrogen is a Good Hormone When means when you put that in the moderate way and control What you need to do if you need to put in the control means Daily 30- 40 mints of Exercise Estrogen will be in Control and Testosterone will be an increase If the Testosterone is increasing definitely your sleeping cycle will get changes you will get the proper sleep of 6-7 hrs.

Because of this, you will be very active in your daily life. you will not get any hormonal changes Just concentrate on your Testosterone increase level What type of food you need to take to increase the Testosterone The remaining types all we can discuss in the Next Episode I hope you like this Video If you like this video please share and comments In that comments what type of topics you need Please Subscribe my YouTube channel.