What causes Muscle Cramps || How to Prevent Muscle Cramps in Telugu

What causes Muscle Cramps & How to Prevent Muscle Cramps in Telugu is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this Fitness Blog Post.

Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness . So our Topic for Today’s Video is MUSCLE CRAMPS. What are the reasons for causing of Muscle Cramps ? A muscle cramp is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more of your muscles that soreness & pain. Some people will have that muscle relief within seconds some people don’t have that relief caused by that muscle. It will take time up to 20 , 30 minutes or for an hour So there will be lot of pain in them & now we will discuss the reasons for it.

Basically the reason for muscle cramps is due to improper sleep or else due to improper nutrition. Most of the people are doing fancy diet means low calorie diet or else zero carb diet . So when ever there is decrease of carbohydrates in our nutrition there will be chance of getting muscle cramps also some people for the purpose of the weight loss they will intake low water for the purpose of the weight loss by doing like this the body will be de hydrated and also doing of irregular hydration & de hydration. We should do everything according to the time

What causes Muscle Cramps in Telugu

For Example Doing Exercise for 2 minutes & consuming water of 2 liters is not at all correct In the hydration time do only hydration for the body. So for Example in the post workout time For hydration water intake is compulsory for your muscles & organs. If we are not doing the hydration within 2 -3 hours body will be de hydrated & also due to improper sleep ,high stress levels and not doing the muscle stretches for not doing the dynamic & static stretches before workout & after workout muscles shorten & decrease in the muscle flexibility also sitting for the long hours at a place & basing our hands at a place for the longer times in holding the legs & sitting for a long time and standing for a long time there are the reasons for the muscle cramps to occur.

When ever the muscles are subjected to shorten blood flow will be low the blood circulation improper blood flow from the torso to the lower body usually in the human body cramps are mostly observed in hamstrings calf muscle , the lower back & also in between the lats not only for these reasons. In some people due to diabetics & thyroid problems and in the people taking medication by using the fat loss & diabetic pills these muscle cramps will be occurred.

In some people it is caused due to the intake of heavy supplements by doing excess cardio. Doing exercises or more work in the sun light that means running or cycling or playing the football games and electrolyte deficiency in the body .When ever there is a decrease in the electrolytes there is a chance of getting cramps also due to the sodium deficiency & also due to potassium and magnesium deficiency these 3 components are very important.

Due to deficiency of potassium , magnesium & sodium there are chances of getting cramps muscle growth & proper hydration of body will not be in a proper way in the evenings the body will be de hydrated. The coming season is summer & you should focus on hydrating the body rather than re hydration What should we to do hydrate ? The prevention to do hydration is how much amount of water you are taking per day ? and it will be depended up on the intense exercises you do.

For Example If you are doing a moderate exercise of 30 minutes you should measure and take 40 ml of water per body weight . For example if you body weight is 70 kg then you should take 70 * 40 i.e. you should take 2.8 – 3 liters of water per day So the people who are doing high intensity exercises { outside joggers & cyclers } in them there will be no storage of water in their body and they will have excess sweat and they will loose electrolytes & their intakes must be 60 ml per kg body weight 60 ml intake of fluids & in addition to this
fluids if you are feeling the deficiency of electrolytes.

During exercise or after the exercise and take the water which is mixed with electrolyte & also intake coconut water for the purpose of hydration & also intake lemon water for hydration. Daily at least try to consume 3 to 3.5 liters of water Avoid sitting at a place for hours and hours due to this muscles will be shortened. Do dynamic stretches before & static stretches after the exercise if we can increase the flexibility of the muscles and if we can increase the blood flow system then we can avoid these muscle cramps to a good extent

Sleep is very important at least 7 -8 hours sleep in a day you will get a good recovery for your organs , muscle fibers , blood vessels & tissues when ever there is a recovery there will be no muscle cramps & there will be a good muscle growth and you should also focus on the good nutrition in ever meal there must be carbohydrates & carbohydrates has the equal importance to that of protein. If there is a decrease in carbohydrates

Some people will do low carb & zero calorie diet by doing like theses diets also muscle cramps will be occurred. Carbs are very important in every meal for the body for no to de hydrate it may be complex carbs or simple carbs & also to avoid these cramps and also male sure that potassium , magnesium & sodium in your diet which food means beans Nuts , flax seeds , avocado broccoli and spinach & also bananas.

If you can add these types of food in your diet there will no deficiency of magnesium , potassium & sodium and there will be no chance of getting muscle cramps. So Guys I hope you like this topic to avoid these cramps the first thing to do is hydration. By taking 250 ml of normal water in the morning the body will be fresh & regenerated .On the the whole day the body will not be de hydrated So guys I hope you like this topic & don’t forget to comment the further video topics you want in the comment box Subscribe to our YouTube Channel …. See You guys.. See you Soon……