What are Muscle Fibers ? & the difference between the Type 1 Vs Type 2 Muscle Fibers are clearly explained by Certified Hyderabad Fitness Trainer Venkat madamala in this fitness blog post so lets get in to the topic now.

Hi Viewers When Ever you are watching sports related videos like Cricket , Rugby , Hockey & Wrestling a feel will be created in you & that feel is In that Particular sport the person who is playing games After finishing that game on the off ground the commentators will describe so nicely about him. While describing them they will say has has done nice conditioning exercises in the off season he had done strength training exercises & concentrated on the explosive movements & also concentrated on the track and field training.

Like this he will be described in a lot of ways His Protocol was so nice . If the training & protocol followed by that player if he had undergone the same We will also get similar result or not is the topic. all will get same results or not ? For Example Like all the sports person will do similar exercises done by a civilian like deadlifts, bench press or else he will follow any separate protocol ? Is there any different protocol to hit each & every muscle fiber ? How many types of muscles are there ? For Sports which Training & protocol must be there & why ? Which body type do you have ?

According to your body type & muscles which training you must undergo ? & benefits of it You must know about the types of muscles ? we should use different different protocols for each & every muscle. Every sports person will not do normal exercises Different Different Sports person will follow different different patterns For Example workouts done by Mike Tyson will not b done by Phil Heath Workouts done by Phil Heath are not done by Cristiano Ronaldo So everyone will have different workout & protocol will be there because in our body we should target our muscles according to our requirement.

How many types of muscle fibers are there ? So 2 Types of Muscle Fibers are there
In type 1 two types of muscle fibers are there i.e. type 1 & type 1 x
In type 2 four types of muscle fibers are there i.e. type 2a, type 2c , type 2ac & type 2x So with out confusion there are two types of muscle fibers one is type 1 & the other one is type 2

So type 1 muscle fibers are called as slow twitch muscle fibers means muscle fibers which will respond slowly These are also called as red muscle fibers So when will these red muscle fibers will be activated ? When ever you are doing conditioning exercises like LISS Workout, Long distance running & endurance exercises or else when you are doing aerobic exercises these type 1 muscle fibers will be activated to increase the endurance & density of type 1 muscle fibers you can do these exercises Do you observed or not ?

In lot of athletes , long distance runners & also for foot ball players oxygen capacity for doing the long distance running capacity , endurance & density will be more in them so the reasons for these muscle fibers are in red color is Myoglobin. The energy system in these type 1 muscle fibers will utilize oxygen Type 2 muscle fibers are called as fast oxidative glycolytic muscle fibers. These type of the muscle fibers will utilize oxygen & will convert glycosine into energy levels type 2b muscle fibers are called fast glycolytic muscle fibers already in that muscles energy will be stored Fast Jerk Movements or fast acting movements Sprints or 1 RM exercises in these types of exercises type 2b muscle fibers will be activated. These type 2b muscle fibers are sensitive & they will exhaust fastly to activate these 1 RM, Sudden Jerks or Sprints power or weight lifting while doing these type of exercises these {type 2a &2b} will be utilized

For example when ever we see body builders there body will be in 3d shape and it will look beautiful they will utilize type 2b muscle fibers they will convert the glycosine into energy so they will activate type 2b muscle fibers If you see power lifters they can lift heavy weights than body builder they will utilize type 2a muscle fibers they will utilize both glycosine & energy in the body. If you want to do power lifting or weight lifting you must utilize type 2a & 2b muscle fibers as we already discussed these are sensitive and they will exhaust fastly who ever wants to do weight training & to build muscle.

Some people want to go to strong men competition , body building & power lifting these all should active type 2a & 2b muscle fibers by activating there muscle density & volume increase power will also increase to lift heavy weights so the doubt is to activate type 2b muscle fibers how many repetitions should be done ? In type 1 more than 15 Repetitions To activate type 2a & 2b muscle fibers less than 8 Repetitions are required Maximum is 6 -7 Repetitions with heavy weights

Till now we had discussed about muscle fibers & their types What is your body type ? So according to your body type which exercises you must do? rather than me you coach will explain you clearly because because they know your life style, target & which sport you are mostly interested in & your weak parts , mental status all these things are known to your coach so take suggestions from him. In some conditions they will be weak if mother and father are ectomorph red muscle fibers will be high & if they are mesomorph white muscle fibers are slightly high is determined genetics is not every thing most of the people have doubt is that can i change my genetics & body type ?

Every one know that for different different sports professionals they will be different different coaches for them Shri Sachin, Mike Tyson mr olympia Phil Heath have their individual coaches they are doing exercises from the past 22 -25 years and they now which exercises will impact on the muscles and they also know to follow the routine & protocol. For every sport fitness expert is necessary So without the guidelines of fitness expert there will no progress in our body in a positive way.

Every one will follow their coach guidelines For example usain bolt also have personal trainer and he will follow his guidelines & protocol because that coach will know your mind set & body type the will check with all the details of your body type , targets and your weak points and your metal stability. So in this time which exercises to be done & in which time to motivate you & to boost you in these low times all these are known by your coach and doing exercises alone by yourself is not correct.

To hit any muscle or to develop any muscle fibers first of all you must know about the training protocol If you train under with fitness expert up to a certain time you will get good results without injuries If you want some good results we can provide online training and you can enroll for it For more details check the link in the description We are also providing nutrition plans. { Online Fitness Training in Hyderabad }

So coming to the point what are body types are they really exist ? We should do exercises according to the body types or not ? can we change our body type naturally ? if there is mesomorph it will be life time or we can change it or not all these topics will be discussed in the next video….Stay tuned