What are Hormones ? || Facts you should know about Endocrine System in 2022

What are Hormones ? & The complete information about endocrine system is explained in a way like how it works? why it is the major system in our body & how it will be functioning is cleary discussed in this fitness blog post by celebrity fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA, so lets get in the topic about What are Hormones?

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So in last week we have discussed about TYHROID. These Thyroid Videos got a good reach I had got a very positive response through these videos Thanks 👍 for that.

What are Hormones ?  & Detailed info about endocroine system

But this thyroid is a single issue in this endocrine system. It is a single issue in the endocrine system like this so many hormonal issues are there, About these hormonal issues or else what are hormones? What are the hormones in your body & about what is endocrine system? I want to give an overview overthis from a begineer to anyone knowing about these things is mandatory. From a boy who goes to school to a white collar job person or an international fitness athlethe.

If they know about this endocrine system & other systems in our body. How to maintain properly & healthy, How to keep body fit.Depending up on the changes in the body I will give a proper view about how can you change your exercise pattern & nutritionSo about this endocrine system & differnt different hormones. Regarding changes in your body, i am going to do a series on hormones So for that series this is an introduction part.

So in our body different systems are there in human body, 11 systems are there, 11 systems will work in our human anatomy Respiratory system, Skeletal System, Endocrine system or Muscular System Digestive System, Cardio respiratory system, Urinary & Reproductive System Excretory system, like this 11 systems are there in our body. For the proper working of these 11 systemsEndocrine system will play a major role.

If we can properly maintain this endocrine system rest of the systems will work properly. If we neglect the endocrine system Changes in your body & hormonal issues When to release the right hormone in the right time is ruled by this endocrine systemThe essentinal system in our body is this endocrine system. For the proper working of your body Your enocrine system must be properly maintained whenever the maintenance is missed, Hormonal changes & Hormonal issues will arise because Endocrine system will rule from top to bottom in your body.

From the brain to testicales & ovaries, this endocrine system will be associated. For your hormones & to the overall system in your body and for all the changes in your body Because endocrine system is associated with all these.We should give first priority to this & carefully maintain this endocrine system. In your endocrine system the major organ or major gland is Nervous system & Brain.

This nervous system & brain will send required signals to all the glands It will pass all the required signals to receptor done by this endocrine system & this endocrine system will decide when to release the required hormone in your body.When to send the required signals to the receptors. This endocrine system will pass those signals & it works like a telephone signaling. If we see the overview of this endocrine system The glands in this system are alligned in a single line.

In a single line these are alligned in our body from top to bottom from the hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal gland, testicales & ovaries. If any problem arises in these glands or else if any hormone is not working properly. The overall changes in your body and including your immune system different changes will take place in your overall body. In your overall body all different systems in your body including immune system will mess up.

So in this series what i am going to explain you is What is ENDOCRINE SYSTEM? How to maintain & full information regarding endocrine system. For example how endocrine system will work in our body? and also about the actions of hormones and their mechanisms? What are the changes that takes place in the endocrine system and How to happily maintain this endocrine system in a healthy way?

Conclusion for the topic What are Hormones ?

From a kid to the white colllar job person to international fitness athlethe.How to keep their immune system active & in a healthy way?.So till now we had discussed about hormones & endocrine system. This is just an introductory part in this hormonal seriesSo what will happen due to this is In what ever goal you are it may be weight loss, fat loss or muscle building If you have an overview & scientific approach about these systems What are changes occuring in your body ? why these are occurining & what should we do for not to happen in the next time.

You can take simple precautions & protocol to achieve your goals 100% these topics will be helpful for you. So guys in this hormonal series. It’s an introduction video about this endocrine system. Next, i am going to explain about different different systems so clearly. So Guys i hope you like this video If you like this video Like, Comment & Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel See You Guys…. See You Soon