Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet Which one is best for muscle building ? is clearly explained with real time examples by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post.Hi Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness.

So Now a days if we are seeing the YouTube Videos the videos and thumbnails will look like the best supplements for beginners, the best supplements for advanced lifters, the best supplements for newbies, the best supplements for fat loss like this different differnt thumbnails will be there If we click thoose videos and if we check the content related to it.

In that content almost they will discuss about 15-17 Supplements. If we search for best supplements for fatloss there will be 6- 8 Supplements. So here the point is Should we use all these Supplements? For Suppose assume that we should use it In that video you will not get the full information. Lets get in deep dive in to the topic about Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet Food.

There will be no content related to on which basis we should use that supplement how much we should use, why should we use in which time we should use it? In that Video only promotional content will be there there is no info about what is the purpose of the supplement What should be the usage of that supplement & on which basis we must use it so more than genuine information you will only get the promotion information.

Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet : Which One Is Better?

If you observe it if you search in Google or YouTube the best protein foods You will find the videos about Must have these protein foods or else with different different names like these are the best protein foods, Low budget Protein Foods, Budget high Protein Foods, Fat loss meal plan like this different differnt names will be there. So if you check thoose videos you will find incomplete information, incomplete information meansIf we check thoose foods & supplements what must be their usage?

You will not find the information about how much quantity you should take and how to intake thoose foods in which time in which quantity. Thoose videos will be watched by most of the people and if we want to follow that It will take 2 days for a person to eat akk thoose foods which are shown in the video. There will be no information related to how much quantity, in which time we should eat there will be big list of foods.

So if you ask a question for a personal trainer or a proffesional nutritionist If you ask him for a list top ranked protein foods His answer will be there is no such thing’s like bad & good foods on earth. In earth there will no good and worst foods, all are good only,Food means Food If you eat that food you will get energy that’s it!

The point is how you utilised that energy If you eat the top ranked foods you will get the body. There are no such things like you will get body if you eat egss & chicken You will get a doubt about incomplete & complete amino acids that topic is completed in 90’s only.

The topic on top 5 veg foods, Top 10 protein foods these topics are came based on the Most of the people are having misconception on vegeterian is If we eat vegeterian foods muscles will not be build & stronger or else fat loss will not be happen & chances of gaining fat instead of loosing it. Like this there are small misconceptions on vegeterian In thoose foods also there will be a good amount of protein.

Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet for Muscle Buiding

Most of the International , Big Body builders, fitness athletes, celebrities are vegans They have build an extraordinary muscle. So if we keep aside the concept of Top 5 veg foods & Top 10 Protein foods You can also build your muscle with vegeterian food.Dont put any misconceptions on vegeterian food. This fact was proved by top 10 njutrition universities ISSN, NIN & also Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Like this top 10 unversities what they are saying is there are no such good & bad foods.

In exercises there will not be a good exercise & this is a worst exercise in the same way in food also. The Point is that how & when you are taking the food You should know that combination If you know that combination you can extra ordinarly build the muscle & undergo fat loss.

Considering & taking 5 foods we cannot rank them If you observe universities they didnot given ranking. They don’t rank these are the top 5 foods because If you ask a proffessional or else if you ask someone who knows the basic nutrition science they will say one and only word that is There is no Number 1 Food.

Overview of Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet

For example if i eat chicken my body will respond to it in one way if i gave you this as number 1 food to you, you may get rashes or digestion problems body may be dehydrated like this different different things may happen Number 1 food means it must suit each & every one if you eat chicken & eggs only you will get muscles. If you eat vegeterian you will not be able to build the body it will not be there like this what ever food you take muscle will come because In theories there will be incomplete & complete protein source.

In real life experiences it will not be like this The Cobination of Incomplete Protein Source + Protein Source is a Protein Source. The Cobination of Incomplete Protein Source + Incomplete Protein Source is a Protein Source. In real life for example if we consider incomplete protein source as white rice we will not eat only white rice. In a movie where Shri.Kota srinivasrao garu hangs a hen & eat’s plain rice. But we will not eat the plain rice we will eat with the combination of vegeatble curries or with curd, Curd is also a protein. { Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet }

We will not eat Incomplete Protein food If we take Incomplete + Incomplete it will become protein because we dont eat incomplete protein source like plain rice that is the point here. So protein will not be counted on the basis of complete & incomplete So how can we count is if your protein intake. Daily for every 2-3 hours how protein loading is done On that basis only we can count on protein intake on a overall day. On this basis we can calculate how you can build your muscle.

Coming to Amino Acids as earlier we disccussed The Cobination of Incomplete Protein Source + Protein Source is a Protein Source. So The Cobination of Incomplete Protein Source + Incomplete Protein Source is a Protein Source it will fullfill the required amino pool. There is no thing like if we eat chicken only muscle will grow or else if we eat mutton strength will be increased.

For example if you eat rice with 100 grams of Rajma or Dal Curry this is also a Incomplete + Complete Protein Source. Here rice is incomplete & rajma or dal is a complete protein source if we comine these two it will be a protein meal With these also you can build the muscle. { Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet }

So the protein which is coming from this combo is as equal as proteins coming from egg So there will be chance for the muscles to grow. In amino pool if we combine incomplete + incomplete protein muscle will grow but you should know the combination technique.

If we compare to veg & non veg sources. In Non Veg leucine & isoleucine will be high In vegterian & plan based foods it will be compartievly low, If it is low there will not be no chance of getting the muscles.If you take plant based foods also you can build the muscle If we combine incomplete + incomplete plant source we will get required amount of leucine there is no need to worry about building the muscle.

By eating chicken & taking whey protein we can build the muscle, like this it will not be there You can take it any combination like whie rice + rajma or dal curry or else paneer + white rice, Chapathi + Chicken like this anyway you can eat.

What ever foods you intake it will be converted into amino pool & amino acids. For example what ever protien foods you have eat it will go into your small intensines & liver and it will be converted into amino acids. For example if you eat chicken or mutton your body will not know that If you eat protein source it will go into your body & will be converted into amino acid that’s it!.

So Guys Summary of the Video Vegetarian Vs Non-Vegetarian Diet is there will be not such things like top 5 foods or top 10 protein foods or protein sources you can eat any type of food or protein source there are no such thing’s like muscles will only grow if we take chicken & eggs.

If you eat dal or panner also it will be converted into amino acids. Basically for the increase of muscles amino acids are necessary Here the matter is how you have given the amino acids to your body. Don’t put any misconceptions regarding muscle buiding You should not be emotionally attached with any food or any exercise.

Some people will say that if we do this exercise only we will get the body if we eat this type of food only we can do body building and all those are misconceptions & you don’t believe in them. So there is no good & bad exercises & foods You should not see the food as a religion consider it as an energy source.

So in the next video we will discuss about the differences between india & westren foods Many of them will say that If we eat westren foods only muscles will respond , increase & fat loss will be done. They say that In Indian foods proteins will be less in videos up to which extent is correct?I will clearly explain you in the coming video So Guys…..Stay Tuned