Training Fundamentals for Beginners is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. Hai Guys welcome to Venkat fitness Today we are going to discuss  About the Introduction of Fundamentals we are going to discuss about training fundamentals In a scientific way, we are going to talk about Training fundamentals So many peoples were Questioning me What kind of Exercise should be done! Or in comments, they are asking which variation will be effective While doing the chest exercises which variation should be chosen Or else in the Legs which is the first variation and which is the second variations Everyone is in doubt how to design this training.

So for all these folks, this Training Program is for everyone In this Training Series Introduction of how to do Training Fundamentals Need to know why you are doing it In this training, there are two methods what were the two moments means first on is open chain kinetic moments And closed chain Kinetic moments what is open kinetic moments means Whatever the object is, it is Lifting Opposite to Gravity. For Example By sub calls Tries of extension Shoulder military press Dead Lifts Side lateral raises all these Open chain kinetic moments As well as closed kinetic moments means Lifting our body weight towards opposite to gravity Free Squads Parallel buds hips Pull-Ups Chin Up’s Push up’s Such as What is the difference between the two?

Let’s see today If you want to make Muscle building seriously First what kind of exercise should you do means What is the Basic Thumb Rule is To start with Close Chain Kinetic MomentsYou can ask me why I need to start What is the reason means For example, you wanted to build the muscle so joined in a new gym, they said do it bench press By keeping both side each 10 kg plates You also don’t know how many repetitions to do You don’t even you can do it or no you may do it 2, 3, or 10 repetitions successfully. { Best Meal Plan to lose Weight Faster }

In the second set, you don’t know the Rib count how much is getting less You don’t know your muscle ability as well In this performance for those of you who do The Intermediate Level Person Will Have Command on Muscle Where to Hold What will be the Range of Motion What was the Peak contraction What is Muscle Origin? What is the incision?  That means knowing these If you are serious in the muscle building You need to do with Close chain kinetic moments for examples Push Up’s Because of that What happens is the body alignment will be proper by doing chin-ups pull-ups and push up’s.

You will get to know the muscle balance you will know your muscle ability Your strength building will be faster and endurance will be an increase Along with this muscle, fibre activation is very fast Peak contraction will be fast The Performance which you make is Peak performance Like push up’s Or modify push up’s you can easily gain the confidence If so you do only Weights You may fear that weights may fall on us instead of doing the exercise And so on if you are serious on muscle build Note this point Did the weight loss program say tha those for weight loss and fat loss Those training are different Those who are serious in building the muscle compulsory.

They have to start with the close chain kinetic moments only How to do and what was the range of the motion Many people will ask to do a full range of motion to pull up If you do Squads do it in a full range of motion Some will ask to do deep squad some other will ask parallel to the ground what is difference That is to say, it is simple and meaningful for my range of motion and your range of motions My muscle squeezing My command on the muscle will be a difference That is how it is for every individual Range of motion will be an increase in by consistency some times depending on the body flexibility as well and your age factor will be For example, if you do Squads While doing Squads The range of motion should be as far as possible You need to sit down or need to do half squats or need to do Pars-hall’s ribs have doubt That means you need to know your active range of motion This is not rocket science, for example, you do squads means That means you need to know your hip fracture active range of motion Just lift your knee Is should be a comfort.

A little more I lifted There is a hip fracture when lifting Hip fracture is catching and getting the muscle contraction and I can not lift more If I can lift means After a range of motion, that means forcefully I am lifting Rather than that Active range of motion is still here So If I do Squads I can do till the range of the motion This range While doing I will show you what was the range Means this range till here I am comfort The hip will be cruel Then the weight definitely on the lower back On the lower back If you kept more weight The lower back will get injured or Hip Injure and Knee injure also So you need to concentrate on Active range of Motion you should have a grip on the floor That is called muscle balance.

So while doing eccentric mode or concentrate mode your concentration always should be on muscle fibre Targeted Muscle Back and Neck Everything should be straight Most people with heavyweight try to do deep squads By seeing others they will do The body weight will be on the knee And the targeted muscle was missed The heel was raised, Heel should not be raised It should be placed like this The next variation is Push up’s while doing the push up’s Where the hands should be placed And where the legs should be placed so many people have doubt Shoulder with a part or Hip with the part Push up’s Do narrow Push up’s Do close Push up’s or wide Push up’s and any push up’s  which you do Targeted muscle is only one Chest Muscles Isolate the chest

It may one repetition 10 repetition How you did the 1st repetition till the end the same peak should be there till the end Or else you are unable to do the Push up’s For them also there are simple tips Basic push up from Hand shoulder 3 inches outside of the pams OK When you pushed the targeted chest muscle, you need to squeeze chest About Chin Up’s While doing the chin up’s target muscle is an overall back muscle Those who don’t know how to do chin up’s How they need to do Try to squeeze each and every muscle fibre of your back If you do it regularly the muscle strength will increase So, Guys, I hope you like this topic Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.