Top 5 GYM MISTAKES & Workout Mistakes in Telugu is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA.

Hi Viewers Welcome To Venkat Fitness. Todays Topic is Top 5 Mistakes People Make in the Gym these 5 Mistakes are also done by You & you should stop doing these 5 Mistakes From Today. There are chances of doing these 5 Mistakes if you are a beginner , intermediate or advanced lifter.

You will Notice this when you are not satisfied with the results & when you got injured you will definitely know that are you doing any of the 5 mistakes in this so not to get this mistakes According to my Studies i have chosen the Top 5 Mistakes & I want to explain those mistakes to you.

The Number 1 Mistake is Entering the Gym With Out Plan With Out a Proper Blue Print You Can’t Start Exercises which is not at all good. When Ever you Enter into the Gym You will see so many people if thread mill is there they will start working on it because it will be busy later or they do cycling and the chest press machine this is not at all correct if you have a proper schedule/blueprint which muscles should be targeted & how many repetitions & sets Why should I do that much repetitions like that you have proper schedule if you have a proper schedule then you can achieve your results ,So From Today Onwards When Ever Entering into the Gym Prepare a Proper Blue Print.

After entering in to the gym don’t ask anybody like what to do today, what to start ,how many repetitions should i do whether I should target 1 muscle or 2 muscles While going to the gym you should have proper blue print like how many sets , how many repetitions , & which muscle we are targeting we should have a proper clarity on all these things.

Coming the 2nd One Most Common Mistake Warm Up Or Dynamic Stretches How many of you are Doing this? Why Should I do I am Genetically Fit , for us injuries wont happen .After 1 or 2 years an inquiry will take place then you should take 6 months rest and you will be gaining the weight 15-20 kg’s you don’t do these mistakes if you have a proper planning what to do tomorrow your first step will be warm up that’s why planning is important.

Basically by doing warm up you have lot of benefits not injury free only by doing warm up each and every muscle will get activated , blood flow & flexibility will increase your mood & mind will be prepared and also focus will be increased & also your active levels / skills will be increased then you should start doing exercises with out warm up & dynamic stretches only injuries will arise By directly doing workouts there will be chance of muscle cache or muscle cramps so stop doing these mistakes from today.

Coming to the third mistake & common mistake is Working Repetitions For Example when your friend asked have you done your workout? Today I had done bicep workout very strongly & I had done 10 Variations 10 Variations Bicep How much Time it Take? Just Now 5 Minutes Only When ever we presses it will be very smooth I don’t understand why my muscles are not getting stronger Muscles are not getting hard , no progress is taking place but daily i am doing 10-12 variations while doing i am sweating a lot & i am doing the maximum weights hitting & lifting.

So hitting & lifting is not to be done Don’t Count Repetitions & you should count Working Repetitions What is Muscle Mechanical Tension & Good Form when the muscle is activating & what is strength curve For Example we are trying to hit the bicep What is bicep curl & strength curl? The Repetitions you must do to hit the strength curl and every Repetitions must be tough & with 2 kg Dumbbell 20 Repetitions & with 30 Kg Dumbbell 2 Repetitions you cannot create mechanical Tension. There is no use in doing 200 Repetitions & 10-12 Variations & So end of the day you will not get any proper results because without a proper tempo & Execution

Each muscular Exercise have an Individual Tempo & we should maintain a tempo for each exercise and we cannot do each exercise with the same speed & if you don’t know the tempo please ask your trainer how much tempo should I maintain for the exercises. The Trainer will mention the tempo with the given exercise ask him & Every Exercise will have a Proper Speed & Tempo if you know that tempo than each and every muscle will stimulate So when this stimulation happens your muscle response will be very good If muscle stimulus doesn’t happen you are not properly following the tempo & execution.

So with out muscle stimulus muscle development will not happen however if your taking high quality food doing proper exercise & using the supplements no muscular development will be formed that’s why muscle stimulus is very important Your body is in the form of small mixture mass , each & ever muscle your shoulder, traps triceps doesn’t have a symmetric look. If you want that symmetric look you should have the command over that muscle & you should know about that mechanical tension While doing Exercises you & the others looking at you should know & feel that he is perfect in this skill by doing this others will educate looking at you & they will also do exercises in a systematic way.

Discussing about the 4th Important mistake is about 23 Hours – While Doing 1Hour Exercise & so many people have a clarity on the other 23 Hours Some and People while take proper rest, sleep & good nutrition timing and their results will be good when you are not getting enough results you should check with these 23 Hours.

What are your Habits? After finishing the gym if your goal is muscle building your trainer asked to drink protein shake after the workout you are taking cigarette & you are drinking tea there will be no benefit. When you trainer asked to take complex carbs or carbs after workout for the spike of insulin levels and then if you intake Mysore Bhaji your habits will only helpful for your transformation you should create good habits & good life style If not you are chatting & messaging with your girl friends until mid night 7 to 8 Hours Sleep is Compulsory. After Sleep when you start do exercising you should follow these tips & nutrition timing is also very important , If we are busy in talking & chilling out with your friends you will forget the nutrition timing better not to miss this

So the 5th & Important Mistake is Hydration I will ask so many people about whether they are following hydration therapy or not they will tell we are strictly following the hydration therapy oh is it what are you doing? Pre Workout 200 ml Water Intra Workout 300 ml water & Post Workout 250 ml water Evening Green Tea & also they will tell about the Supplements & in final the will say sir in the evening sessions i am getting head ache problems & in the night times weekly 2 times I am not at all getting proper sleep & i am facing the stomach problems in the morning sessions it might be the high protein intake

So keeping all these things aside What is Hydration is it Supplementation ? You should get the idea of what is hydration therapy So if you don’t get the idea of hydration therapy follow from today onwards hydration therapy means micros, H2o & Sodium this is called Hydration Therapy. After these we should take rest & next water soluble , fat soluble vitamins & then next pre workout supplements & body building supplements.

This is the order and you should follow them by these things hydration will be formed and there will be no chance for inflammation. So Guys in my view these mistakes are done by lot of people if you are doing 1 0r 2 mistakes in these .Please stop doing all these mistakes from today So avoid these mistakes to achieve your results So guys i hope you like this video .If you like this video like comment share & subscribe to my YouTube Channel Now.