Top 5 Blasting Exercises for Triceps || Triceps Workouts in Telugu

Hi Guys, Welcome to Venkat Fitness Its your Venkat. So today our topic is Top blasting movements for arms.. How to build the arm size and to build the arm we have to focus on biceps or triceps. Scientifically the majority of the part is covered totally with triceps. Triceps almost covers 70percent. To build this 70%covered arms we have to build triceps. Moreover lifting the biceps to increase the biceps volume. Doing bicep curls or creating balls for peak biceps wont increase the arm volume observe, those who created peak bicep would not have increased arm size.

For increased arm size you should concentrate on triceps the symbol of discipline and symbol of status is triceps. Why I’m saying is If you do well build triceps, then it is the symbol of your status and discipline .In body building if a person having well build traps, triceps and calf muscle, then you are disciplined. It means with your complete efforts you have had a well built body Then it is a systematic body.

Top 5 Blasting Exercises for Triceps for Stronger Triceps

If you build those traps, triceps and calf muscles it means you are a hard worker In a scientific approach these are triceps. It contains three heads. These three heads, the head closer to ribcage is longer head. So tricep means 3 How many Heads triceps consists of? Triceps means 3. So closer one is longer head the outer muscle is lateral head. Any muscle it can be, chest muscle or calf muscle it is lateral head. The invisible muscle is medial head. This is triceps medial head.

So which muscle should be hit in which direction is our today’s topic. To hit any muscle, first you should concentrate on longer head and lateral head. In neutral grip, say pronated grip or supinated grip. So, for any grip in neutral grip only the pull movement or overhead extension or backward kick should be done. These are the four basic movements Push movement might be press or pull down.

Top 5 Blasting Exercises for Triceps for Stronger Triceps in Telugu

Overhead means dumbbell or cable overhead extension or barbell overhead extension. In the same way, backward extension might be triceps kick backs or bench dips. To select the best variation from this The first variation comes under parallel dips… Bar dips or bench dips. This parallel bar dips is a compound movement so with this not only tricep muscle, the shoulder where the origin of tricep muscle lies from the shoulder joint the shoulder and tricep will fastly get activated.

Along with this, our metabolic rate will be highly increased the strength and stamina of every muscle will increase So, parallel bar dips or tricep dips.In this tricep dips, the weighted dips results effectively while doing this weighted dips you should concentrate on keeping back straight, straight looks and bending the knees straightly and breathe out during muscle contraction .The triceps origin muscle should squeeze to a maximum extent and the second movement is dumbbell overhead extension with single dumbbell & with double arm do over head extension.

In This Extension the most common mistake done by people is doing from the front side & should breathe out during the muscle contraction and the same variation can be done with the barbell If we do with e z barbell there will be comfort in the grip and no load on the wrist and the another movement is bent over tricep kick backs Triceps kick backs.

While doing with dumbbell, you should concentrate on longer head. while concentrating on longer head, the wrist should not bend. Along with that, the elbow movement should not be moved Focus on.. isolation on your triceps. Concentrate on tricep origin and inception point. Here stretching and squeezing of muscle is the major art. What is the alternate to this kick back? you can do this with dumbbell or cable.

Fourth movement is press down you can do with barbell or v bar or rope or whatever press down in the sense push down tricep pushdown. While doing this tricep pushdown where do the elbow lie? Some of us take it to the back and some to the front. Elbow is equal to center of shoulder line. Your body whether it lies in 90 degrees,80degrees or 70degrees Your elbows should keep in 90degrees. That’s it.. Press down.. your range of motion should concentrate on active range of motion and focus on strength curve.

Where do the weight depends and up to what extension we have to stretch and muscle contraction levels should be concentrated on so breathe out during muscle contraction so the last variation is French press. So, French press can be done with dumbbell or barbell during French press. Try to do the French press without elbow movement. So muscle ability will increase and muscle strength and muscle volume. This variation is a compound movement So muscle strength and muscle volume will increase So guys, if you like this video subscribe to our channel & click on the bell icon for more updates.