Top 3 supplements

Top 3 Supplements which are 100%  scientifically proved are clearly explained in this Fitness Blog. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So Today we will discuss about the Top 3 Supplements which are scientifically proved with 100% results.We Will discuss about them today if you ask any professional athelete, body builders or fitness trainers they will share their opinion and some of them will say whey protein creatine, Amino acids chain, caffine supplementsIf you ask me which is correct?

Top 3 supplements { 100% scientifically approved}

My opinion is keeping aside all these, if you want to do any kind of activity 20 Minutes of Walking or else high intensity interval training heavy Stimulant Exercises. I want to tell the Top 3 Supplements for all these type of exercises,So in these top 3 supplements, the 1st one is It’s not Whey Protein, Creatine or Amino Acids. The Most Effecttive & Needful Supplement is TURMERIC POWDER.

#1 of Top 3 supplements

So if you ask whether it’s a supplement or not? Yes it’s a SupplementiIf you want to build muscle or to weight gain you need to take proper good nutrition dense foods will your muscles build if you take those foods? If you do exercise in a good level your workout performance goes to peak level then your body will go into the anabolic state to happen like this first of all your body needs gut health to utilize the foods which you are taking mainly you should focus on how to improve your gut health.

The food which we eat How To Improve Gut Health by utilizing little bit of the food we take and not convert into fat accumilization we should know that but if we look back. Most of the people ate home made foods now their life style has been changed and also their working pattern has been changed. Now they are slowly adapted to chineese & westren foods in our home made foods the usage of the turmeric is compulsory.Now a days we are not eating in our home then how will our gut health will improve?

So if we take westren foods, there is no turmeric in it In very few chineese dishes turmeric will be there How your gut health will improve? The Reason behind why they don’t add turmeric in westren foods is in those cold areas & cold countries these turmeric and health beneficial spices will not be harvested. In our Asian countries like India, Srilanka & Pakistan. So these turmeric, all health beneficial spices will be widely available try to avoid westren foods try to adapt indian foods in your nutrition plan.

Then your Gut Health will be improved Becuase we use turmeric in the indian foods because what ever changes to be occured in your body must dependent up on the biological clocks. For Example your body response rate you should add on some things to improve your body response rate when ever you intake the foods.

What is your nutrition timing up to? How is your Hormonal response? For the proper response of your hormones will be dependent on your sleeping pattern What is your activity level up to? What are your fitness levels & age? How your body utilizes and responds to the food you eat depends on all these factors. Muscles will come only if we drink whey protein if we take creatine then muscle pump will be there, like this it will not happen at all.

Use turmeric to improve your gut health with out forgetting for some people their gut health will be weak & frequently inflammation will be createdeEasily they get infections. Suppose they ate little bit of food and their stomach became upset motions also will be happened. For these type of people their gut line & gut health will be very weak.

For these type of people the best thing is this turmeric will be available in the ayurvedic form if they take that in early morning with the empty stomach so there will be wonderfull results with it their Gut Health inflammation will be reduced.

#2 of Top 3 supplements

So Point 2 & the second supplement is what ever exercise you do it may be a 30 minutes of walking or you do any exercise for an hour. What ever exercise you do your body will be dehydrated because you had done the muscle damage. Because of the dehydration for suppose if you didn’t rehydrate the body when ever the dehydration happens, If you didn’t take your body into the rehydration mode many people say that your body may be heated. Some people may get cough & cramps becoming week & falling down while doing the exercises.

The reason behind all these things is electrolyte deficiency you must balance your electrolyte levels in your body. When should be these electrolytes are balanced? To balance this also there is a small process you can take it the intra workout what should be taken? You can take the electral powder or ORS { Oral Rehydration Salt } Mix it in 400 – 500 ml of water.

You can sip it in the middle of your workout If we do it what will be the benefits? Some of them will say that i am doing the exercise properly but the muscle pump is not creating? What is the reason for not not creating the muscle pump? Here Electrolyte balance is not happening electrolyte balance is not happening because the improper supply of calcium, pottassium & ions to your muscle.

Muscle growth will not be there if there is an improper supply there will be no muscle gain. Basically muscle contraction will not happeni If there is no proper muscle contraction muscle growth & muscle pump will not be there.So don’t forget to do the rehydration daily try to take 3 to 3.5 liters of water per day. In addition to this most of the people while doing the exercises they are facing some health issues, what i am saying for all these people is what ever it is, for example heart is also a muscle rehydration is mandatory for the heart.

Don’t forget to do the electrolyte balance after doing the exercises it is the cheap & best supplement. It is available every where you go even in the villages also the ors is available in the medical shops. Electral powders will be available at the cheaper prices, what ever intense exercise you do, this is an 100% Beneficial Supplement in the Top 3 Supplements, the first one is Turmeric & the second one is Electrolytes.

#3 of  Top 3 Supplements

The 3rd Supplement is very essential for anyone & It is Essential Fatty Acids. EPA/DHA { refers to ish oil }. These Essential Fatty Acids are very important if you want to build your body. The utilized fats for your body building is essential fatty acids also for your brain functoning & to improve brain functioning the fats which are used are essential fatty acids. Your Overall Lipids like HDL, LDL to work with a proper co-ornidation essential Fatty Acids are Mandatory.

Any body can take these essential fatty acids the Persons who are doing exercises & not doing exercises can use.For the persons who’s immune system is weak then the usage of these essential fatty acids.adding of these turmeric, zinc & magnesium. To keep your immune system stronger these are mandatory supplements the People who do heavy exercises can also use all these. You can use life long & there will be no side effects.Start your Exercises with these 3 basic supplements rather than this other supplements like whey protein, creatine are secondary supplements.

Conclusion for Top 3 supplements

Before secondary supplements you must use the primary supplements like Turmeric, ORS & Essential fatty acids. Firstly you must improve your GUT HEALTH keep contol of your Essential Fatty acids. In addition to this rehydrate your body so the Bottom line is if your Gut Health is good you can achieve your target to achieve your target.

After doing exercises for hours & hours in gym your body will be dehydrated how to rehydrate the dehydrated body? You should focus on it and you must take the electrolytes. So the 3rd one is for your brain functoning & healthy heart. For your Organs or to build the muscle fats are needed and these fats are essential fatty acids.

FIrstly you should focus on these three supplements in Future also we will discuss about the supplements. If you ask me what are the top 3 supplements these are my top 3 priority supplements. So guys hopefully you got my point Thank You Guys…. See You Soon.