In this Fitness Blog Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala Shared the Top 3 Exercises for Biceps Peak  & How to Get BICEPS PEAK in Telugu is clearly explained so lets dive into the post for more information.

Hi Viewers Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. Regularly doing Bicep Curls twice or thrice weekly and I am not able to build my biceps peak What are the reasons for it ? While doing the exercises the muscles are not becoming tighten or harden While doing Chest Press exercises there is no reduce in the fat & also muscles are not becoming isolated, harden & tighten not getting the feel of doing any exercises. While doing the shoulder exercises the shoulders are not building, v shape & 3d looks are not forming Are there are any mistakes or there are separate variations for these ? Am I doing it in a wrong technique or there any special techniques to do this ?

For each body type there will be a specific variation or not if they have what are they is the most commonly asked questions in the comment section So my reply to these questions is If you are a beginner with the basic exercises you can increase your muscle thickness & muscle volume If you are Intermediate or advanced lifters you should hit different heads in different different angles.

So for Example if you choose BICEPS If we want to create the BICEP PEAK BALL Which exercises & how it to be done with the technique & execution are discussed today. Basically Biceps Muscle tendon is attached to the bone & the muscle bellies will be started In some people tendon will be small & bellies will be high these people without doing exercises their biceps look like massive & high thickness without flexing their muscles when we see there volume will be high & they will be appeared in big size.

But when they flex their muscle there will be no peak ball For Example take me now you can see me peak ball .So to create this peak ball You cannot get that by doing exercises which was done by me. Because I started doing my exercises not today, previous month or year For years I had done hard work & maintained consistency & in order to this I had done so many variations repeatedly maintained my body in a systematic way with disciplinary principles So here I am not saying I am the best What I am saying is if you do the variations explained by me you will get big or small variations.

But Every muscular Exercise has a Technique If you are in intermediate level and if you want to create that peak bicep there will be a technique & it is no muscle fibers will be formed. By hitting the weak muscles in different angles of the weak areas muscle maturity will be increased If we consider like this and to select the best variation basically if we do any exercise we will start with the compound movements.

But in this Technique series we are going to start with the SPIDER CURLS because Our target is PEAK BICEP If you see my bicep tendon it will be lengthy & the peak is in pop up state also in every type of body different types of muscle bellies, origins , insertion & they will depend up on the height & genetics. These SPIDER CURLS helps to increase your thickness , volume of your outside bicep peak So while doing this the simple tip is you need not to do heavy weights happily you can do moderate to light weight & do the muscle isolation.

While isolating in the eccentric mode you should concentrate on controlling drop & maintaining the slow tempo while coming down you should not do hyper extension in the joints where are that muscle bellies up to so where the bicep contraction is taking place If you know where is that insertion , origin there will be no injuries .So the simple technique is while doing do with moderate to light weights after the muscle contraction you have to breathe out also make your back straight after muscle contraction breathe out.

So in the eccentric mode inhale & in concentration mode breathe out and the second variation is DRAG CURLS .The benefit with these drag curls is to increase the muscle thickness of the peak balls & this variation is very helpful Because so many people will do bicep curls with E-Z Barbell & Plain barbell they will think that the bicep is not becoming hard & pumping up after doing exercises for a long time
biceps ball are not created and the weight is on the shoulders & shoulders are pumping up nicely like this so many are complaining For people facing the problem like this the best exercise is drag curl so the benefit with drag curls is only forearms & bicep involvement will be there shoulder involvement will be low.

Bicep involvement will be high & bicep contraction will be more & there will be a good muscle volume , density & maturity and there will be less injuries with these variation & no need to do with heavy weights FOCUS on the Concentric & eccentric mode also try to not bend the wrist Position of the back must be in a neutral way & concentrate on breathing & tempo The next variation is PRETURE CURLS We can do these PRETURE CURLS with dumbbells or barbells now we are doing with the dumbbell.

So these PRETURE CURLS are one of the best Exercises for the Peak So to create or build peak biceps these Preture curls are very helpful and the simple technique is lift the dumbbells with in the edges gravity will be more and the force will work effectively muscle contraction will be very good & dropping it with the slow tempo most of the people will say that we should stretch fully & lift it here full stretch refers to the bicep strength curve you should get the idea of the muscle insertion & origin.

To get that idea of the muscled & know about the execution & technique you should trainer under experienced coach & trainer he will give the guidance about the weak muscles & parts and helps you to develop that with these different different variations we can develop that weak muscles & will increase their maturity we cannot create new muscles. So if you are intermediate or advanced lifter these tips will be helpful to you In this technique series it will be more helpful to intermediate & advanced lifters rather than the beginners

When they came to one stage , the muscle volume is increased up to 14.5 to 15.5 arm size but from there after it is not increasing & trying from 6 months because you are not hitting the different muscle fibers in different angles & don’t know how to do it .So if you know the things in a proper guidance you can achieve good results in less time By doing the repeated variations there will be only muscle fatigue & you cannot go to the next level.

You may have doubt how many sets and reps for these 3 Variations? Simple you can do up to 3-4 sets & repetitions do 6 -12 is more than enough do it with the moderate weights & if you can add these variations to your routine your peak ball will be created This is only for intermediate & advanced lifters Beginners cannot follow this pattern and we had done lot of videos on biceps for beginners to put on muscle mass is necessary and we had done different different videos on this topic You can check previous videos in my channel.

So guys if you like this series you can comment your opinion in the comment box next which topic of muscle to be discussed & your doubts for example in the chest muscle how the fat should be reduced in the lower chest & how to build that upper chest ? and concerns regarding the shoulder muscles Like this so many people have doubts if you have any doubts comment in the comment section So I am ready to share the in-depth knowledge which in know Stay tuned to my Channel