Tofu vs Paneer :Which is Best for Muscle building

TOFU VS PANEER Which is best for muscle building clearly explained by certifed fitness trainer Venkat Madamala in this Fitness Blog Post.Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS.So in the previous nutrition series we had discussed about the vegeterian diet.How to build the body by eating vegeterian foods? After seeing that video so many people asked about by eating vegeterian foods can we build the body or not?

Recently from 1 year i had skipped the non veg foods & completely taking veg foods How will be my fat loss journey & muscle will buid or not? If the muscle is build which foods should i eat? So to build the muscle which is the best PANNER or TOFU? Some of them are saying panner is good & some of them are saying tofu is good.Some of them are saying in tofu fibre will be high. which is correct?

Like this lot of people are asking questions, but the videos which we had done till today are informative i will not highlight or degarade anything. My purpose of doing videos is to enlighten you so this video is also about comparision beween Paneer & tofu. I will try my best to explain it clearly to all of you basically if you see the recap of the previous nutrition video my followers or the people who follow me regularly will know about the thing you can’t compare with any foods you should not compare the foods

Comparision Between Tofu vs Paneer

We cannot compare like these are only good or bad foods Food is Food That’s it! Food is an energy source. If you ask alcohol is good or not alcohol is neither good nor bad. Alcohol means Alcohol Eating eggs is good, if we eat eggs our body will get the purest form of protein. So can we eat more eggs? By conisdering this in every meal if you eat eggs your Gut line will be damaged & digestive problems will arise What ever food it is you must know about the utilization of it What is your target? How you should set the nutrition timing according to your goal?

According to your life style for example if you are waking up late in the morning because of your late night works as we already discussed 7-8 hours of sleep is mandatory. How to design your first meal? How to design your pre workout & post workout meals? What are your fitness levels up to? So what is your age? By considering all these factors you should design your nutrition plan so Don’t stick to a particular meal or meal plan.

If you are sticking to that particular meal, you body will only absorb & utilize the nutrient benefits from that meal if you include different differnt foods your Nutrition Values will be increased & your body will be metabolized so some of them will say Which is good weed or alcohol?Basically thoose are completely a differnt ways. So if we look about weed or alcohol there will be different reactions & benefits will be there so it’s a waste of time to study it! If they are still existing in our world there will be some certain benefits of them & no doubt about it.

For every food you must know the utilization of it so if you have an idea about foods you will know about the utilisation & abusing of the foods. What ever food you take there will be different reactions & benefits so there is nothing like good & bad you must know the utilisation & abuse of the foods, Utilizing food is different from abusing it.

For Example Ice Cream If you eat ice cream 4 to 5 times daily fat accumulation will be done. If you eat egg in every meal digestive problems will arise you must know the difference between the utilisation & abusing so you can’t compare between tofu and paneer. In a way which we cannot compare between apple and orange we cannot compare between tofu and paneer because thoose 2 are completly different things.If we see historically, scientifically in each one their nutrition values & sources will be different we will clearly discuss about thoose differnces now.

Tofu vs Paneer Nutrition Values

For Example if we take TOFU, TOFU is a plant based protein source.How Tofu will be formed means Tofu is being prepared from soya beans by crushing & soaking them.By cooking & processing it tofu will be made after completing the process the tofu which is formed we will be taking it as a protein source. So TOFU is formed from SOYA BEANS.

From where paneer is formed? PANEER is a dairy product and PANEER is formed from the milk. Heating of the milk and adding venegar to seperate it in the Process the powder form is called whey protein & the remainng thing is called as Paneer or cottage cheese.So this is the difference between them Tofu is a plant based protein source & Panner is a Dairy Product.

So if we see the nutrition values of these two for Example if we measure & take 100 grams of tofu 70 – 80 Calories, 6 -8 Grams of Protein,4 Grams of Fat, 1 Gram of Fiber will be there. Basically people who preffer vegeterian for them paneer is a very good protein source if we take 100 grams of paneer 200-250 calories will be there 16 – 18 Grams of Fat 15 – 17 Grams of Protein.

If we take high quality paneer in that 20 grams of protein will be there and the quantity of fiber is zero basically it is a dairy product & in milk there will be no fiber .In paneer there will be no fiber but if we take 100 grams of tofu there will be 1 gram of fiber. So in different different areas and countries utilisation will be varied, compared to other countries we mostly use panner rather than tofu.Tofu will be used moderately In countries like china they will use tofu highly. What ever they use their nutrition values may be different but both are protein sources. When we compare tofu with panner, in tofu slightly iron will be high.

In Paneer Calcium is high when compared to TOFU.Why calcium is high in paneer because it is a milk product. For every food item they are having certain nutrition & health benefits but both are protein sources.What ever protein you take it will go into your small intestine & it will convert into amino acid & the minerals in it are supplied to your body.

Conclusion for the Topic Tofu vs Paneer

So Don’t Compare Foods I am telling you once again there are no such things as bad foods & good foods in the world all are Good Foods.You must know the utilisation of it You should know in which time you should take them properly and the bottom line is So Dont Compare with TOFU & Panner Not only dont compare foods with another foods You can’t compare any food,Food means Food. So what ever food you intake while create energy for you For Example if you are following a specific nutrition plan In that plan if you are thinking whether to eat tofu or panner Eat Tofu inthe afternoon & paneer in the night.

Customise like this & dont stick on to the particular foods don’t make it a habit of taking particular foods. So for the time begin you will get a sacrifice feeling you will feel bored and you will be wexed with it if you like jilebi eating one Jilebi per day is ok.If you frequently take thoose sweets in afternoon & evening you will be bored of eating it too frequently, you must introduce different types of food to your body.

Your body will 100% utilse thoose nutrition & health benefits. By doing like this your muscular strenght, endureance will increase & you can lead a healthy life style, benefits will be high & dont stick to a single food It is my Sincere Request. So Guys i hope you understand my point, See you Guys….. See You Soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to VENKAT FITNESS TRAINER YouTube Channel.