Tips To Prevent Injuries When You Exercise || How Much Weight Do I Need To Lift To Build Muscle

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Today we need to be Muscles Hypertrophy which means we need to be Muscles Fiber Active which means there should be no injuries in the training need to know how much weight should lift in the starting and in the end if there is no proper perform basically injuries may occur ,how to avid these injuries and how you will get to know how much capacity you can lift. you have to know how was your education and form having command on the muscle or not.

With proper form your muscle contract is done or not if yes how many repetitions have you done that is your active range of motion and your strength.if you are done only 5 repetition in 1 set you should not increase the reputation on the next week when you should to increase your repetitions means after 3-4 weeks. if you increase the load you have changes to cause by injurie. so if want your muscle hypertrophy and embolic stress  only can be done on trail on base.

what is the train and base means for example.

For every individual and macular exercise there is different form and strength to apply. if you are beginners you need to concentrate on muscle and 8-10 sets will be enough. as a beginner  how will you design means for every muscle 8-10 sets will be enough for week your wish if you like to do 1 time or 2 times in a week. if you doing low volume means  you can do it 2 times in a week if your doing on high volume you do 1 time in a week. if you do 10-12 set for each muscle what will happen means then only injurie will happen and the most common mistake is weight you will miss the point how much weight you need to lift.if you want to add the bent over lateral exercise means first what is your moderate weight you need to know if you maximum weight is 10kg means you can start with the minimum of 5 kg you will not effect to injury if you do the maximum weight at a time definitely your body weight over load you should increase slowly slowly in your daily exercise in 1 month if you want to increase the weight it will take 2-3 weeks.

How much you can increase your weight depend up on the muscle group in biceps 1 LB or 2 LBS if it is small muscle group so then if it is bigger muscle group means 1 kg or 1.5 kg. if you cross these means there is chance to get while doing the weighted pull up first find put regular pull ups concentrate for 3-4 weeks after that add 2 kg weight same reputation with out swing with out body support exact back muscle fiber contract then the perform and will be good on the muscle activation and it will not injured.other then this if you do over training they will become down you can see in your daily life in your gym. the reason is they will get phatic why they are becoming phatic systemic phatic will happen they will get kindness. other wise when the glycogen is less they will get when the glycogen levels will down when you When to do weights first time. in you body how many phatic s there.

there is 2 types of phatic one is systemic phatic and another one is local phatic for the first time over weight you lifted then the systematic phatic will get, you need to concentrate on local phatic means muscle contraction.when the local phatic muscles contraction we concentrated then the they will be muscle growth.the summary in this video is you need to recheck the lover weight lifting, you need to c concentrate on form while doing only local phatic should be done systematic should not do it so please concentrate on local moderate weights so Guys for every muscle 150-200 best exercise will be coming video’s the best variation for the muscle why and the reason for selecting detailing will be giving to you.