Top 5 Tips for Fat Loss || Best WEIGHT LOSS Tips

Tips For Fat loss & the best 5 foundation steps is clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA In this Fitness blog post. Hi Guys Today’s Topic is about the basic Foundation Tools for Fat Loss. To undergo Fatloss, if you follow these steps you will achieve your 100% Fat Loss Goal in your fat loss journey No Doubt about it so how to do this Fat loss Journey?Which steps will be required for the fat loss journey? If you can do small small corrections in thoose steps 100% you will acheive your goal.

If i want to give full information on this it will take time of 1 to 1.5 hour i know you didnt have that much time & patience. I will also don’t disturb you & i will try to give a clear information in a short form. This is not something I learned from reading in books or looking others.

So very famous neurological scientists & philosopher’s i had gathered information & meta analysis from all of them If you follow these steps & include thees steps in your life style then your Fat loss journey will be very good & 100% you can achieve your goal No doubt about it.

Best  secret tips  for fat loss

So first of all what is fat loss? We will discuss about how to start the fat loss journey. In our body fat cells will be converted into adipose tissue these fat cells will be varied for person to person. For Example some of them will have high, other’s may have low some of them will have in their lowerbody, abs or sides or highly present in their hip ratio. These adipose tissue is present in different area’s and these are dependent on natural genetics, DNA.

These can be reduced with two factors we should know what are thoose 2 factors. The first factor is fat mobilization & Factor 2 is fat utilization. If you know these 2 factors your Fat loss game will be very easy. Fat mobilization means to take fat from adipose tissue & to mobilize it and to properly utilize that fat that means to convert that fat into energy.

To send this into the mitochondria & covert into ATP and to utilize that energy properly. If you remember this two things Fat utilization & Fat mobilization If you follow these two things properly Your fat loss journey will be very smooth & good. Unless, if you have any issues in endocrine system

Foundation Step 1 is about Sleep, Sleep will play a major role in fat loss. In sleep, If you believe it or not cells in our body will relatively work to that of the planets, very closely related. Because our cells are related to the planets our Circadian rhythm’s & biological clocks will work relatively to the planets. According to this, our life style & sleep pattern will be dependent. For example if we are habituated to sleep around 10 – 10.30 in the night.

A few days later at that time you begins to fall asleep If we set an Alarm for 6’o Clock. After few days, we will wake up before the Alarm rangs. The reason behind this is circadian rhythm if you follow these biological clock & If you have a proper sleep, your fat loss journey will be very smooth & good.

If you dont have a proper sleep, for example some people will not sleep in the night time Diurnal Animals means Dog’s & all these, in these type of animals melatonin levels will be very high in the night time and they will awake in the night time & sleep in the day time.

But why this is happening in human’s because there are lot of reasons for the melatonin levels to be high may be late night party’s or they will spend more times near the system. It may be because of blue light, watching movies or because of stress, due to this harmonal problems will arise fat loss journey will be slow down. If you can put your circadian rhythm & biological clock in a proper way related to the planets your Fat loss journey will be very good.

To keep your fat loss journey good, you should have a proper sleep pattern. If you don’t have a proper sleep pattern you can’t stop your harmonal imbalance that’s why. The persons who are having high melatonin levels will sleep very late in the night and they woke up very late in the morning you are creating additional stress to your body there is no chance of lowering it! When ever you are creating additional stress there are chances for harmonal imbalance.

Due to this only there are chance’s of water retention, weight gain & fat gain. Firstly, you should focus on sleep, If you achive the step of sleep, in fat loss almost you have achieved 25-30% of your goal. But you can say like, we are taking good diet also doing exercises daily, but also sleep is not coming.

In night times we won’t see movies, mobile phones & not nearer to the blue light But some of them will have a sleep issueSo it is insomnia, for them the simple technique is NSDR Technique will help them NSDR means Non Sleep Deep Rest. These technique videos will be available on youtube, once follow them so i think it may help you.

Foundation Step 2 is Gut Health. Gut health plays a major & important role in fat loss Both brain functioning & gut health plays an important role that’s why because gut is called as Second Brain. How active & engertic your brain If your gut health is weak & not active you can’t focus on any work. For Example if you are having stomach bloating what ever food you take will not digest properly & you will suffer with constipation problems.

If you have any gut related problems like this you can’t eat properly & you can’t focus on any work. How much you tried to be active, but you can’t that’s why gut health is very important if we can safeguard this gut health, 100% fat loss will be there. To safeguard & to improve our gut health avoid Fast Foods & reduce junk foods.

You should add indian spices to your diet, because you have lot of benefits with it for Example Turmeric powder, this prevents from inflammation. Gut health will be improved & immunity will be boosted like this lot of benefits will be there if you add indian spices in your diet , your gut health will be improved.

Some of the people will assume that some of them will take heavy meal portions in odd timing’s. If we question them, why are you eating heavy quantity in this odd time? I’m fasting on the day & i am in calorie deficit. I will take only one meal in the night & that is 1600 calories only you may think you are in calorie deficit by following these type of diet’s.

Your body will not consume that much amount of food in a single meal, by doing like this Your Crp levels, D-Dimer levels, inflamation levels will be increased and there will be no additional good benefits additionally, you are giving stress to your body

If stress is created on the gut, then there will be a impact on the liver. So if there is a stress on liver, there will be a chance of getting harmonal changes. Due to this, your fat loss journey will be slow down your gut health will be very weak, So you should be focussing on Time to Time Meal. In every food you must add Probiotics to reduce the comstipation problem. So for the proper digestion of the food, add Probiotics & dark chocolate’s,by adding kimchi your gut health will be improved.

So to achieve any fat loss, transformation or goals it will be interlinked to the gut. If your gut health is good, then there will be no hormonal imbalance & no stress will be created you can do any work with focus. While coming to Supplementation, some of them to improve their gut health. For Example glutamine, we will use it as a muscle recovery agent the people who have weak gut health can use glutamine because there are lot of benefits.

So Foundation Step 3 is EPA and DHA If your triglycerides, essential fatty acids or lipid profiles are not in the required levels & if they are higher. Firstly, it will damage your heart, If they are not in the appropriate levels it will damgae your heart. Don’t foregt to include essential fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids in your diet If you want to take protein food in the night time, take solomon fish. The people who don’t eat fish can take fish oil capsules like this your heart health will be improved & your fat loss will be very good.

Coming to Foundation Step 4, In our bodly fat loss is mainly started from pituitary and thyroid gland.For Electricity how water is important. In the same way for our body functioning Electrolytes, Sodium, Iodine, Magnesium, Pottasium , Calcium & Selenium these all are very important.

We should balance them if we can balance iodine & selenium. Proper thyroid functioning will be there for some people they will have issues with electrolyte balance. If they are facing with this problem, they must check their electrolyte balance If they can consult the physician they will clearly explain how much ratio should be maintained & by doing like this there fat loss journey will be very good.

Coming to Foundation Step 5, To undergo fat loss & muscle building neurological connection is very important. So Neurological connection means How active your neurons are How much your neurons are energetic based up on this your results will depend .For Example, Some people who are fatty also do exercises very actively their Brain functioning will be very active. They will be happy and active throughout the day they will also do exercises actively they will do any work with utmost focus & for them the results will be higher.

The reason behind it is neurons & the person’s who are active enough their neuron system will work very good. So they can achieve their goals in a very less time. What ever exercises you do, do it actively with mental focus & focus on Sleep. Follow these 5 basic fundamental steps. By following these, you will get wonderful results try to adopt these steps in your life.

There will be no losses by adopting it, only benefits will be there So guys i hope you like this video, please like, comment If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe my channel now till now we have discussed about the fat loss tips. How to do exercises & in which format will be discussed in the next video. See You Guys….. See You Soon…