Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism

Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism and what are the foods to avoid with HYPERTHYROIDISM is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post, so lets get deep dive into it.

Top Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. The Topic is about THYROID i.e Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism. So in THYROID there are two types the fisrt One is the HYPOTHYROID & the other one is HYPERTHYROID. So in the PART-1 We have discussed about HYPOTHYROID, Today We will discuss about HYPERTHYROID What is HYPERTHYROID? So we will discuss about foods to take & avoid for this HYPERTHYROID.

Also, this HYPERTHYROID or THYROID What are the basics symptoms of THYROID problem? Mood swings depression and also weight gaijn & constipation problem Distrubances & changes in menustral cycle and also throat swelling & joint pains, Infertility problems Like this so many cases are there we can’t confirm THYROID with these symptoms but these are THYROID symptoms.

So after confitmation of THYROID with the blood work basically if you observe you can know it may be joint problems or loss of Appetiten and you will gain the weight heavily so these people what they should majorily focus on is. If they are above 30 years they should frequently do the blood work for 3-4 months checking the levels of thyroid by taking your physician advice, you must follow medication compulsiory people who are having thyroid, with out neglecting they should do physicall activity or exercise for 40-45 minutes daily.

It may be cycling, yoga or else aerobics, gym what ever it may be but compulsiory they should include any type of activity. Due to inactive life style only these type of problems will arise. So due to inactive lifestyle, there are chances of getting this THYROID, obesity or else diabetes you should take your body to the active lifestyle. If you follow the ancestary habits compulsiorly you can overcome this without having any serious issues & problems.

Due to iodine & iron deficiency also these hyporthyroid will attack take iron & iodine rich foods compulsiory Iron rich foods means Redmeat, seafoods & beans. If we add this kind of foods in your diet, there will be no problems your energy will not be dropped & compulsiorly do the exercise and also if we consider pan card and aadhar card as our identity so how much these are important and also your blood work and what is your blood group?

Your blood work, blood levels & blood markers are that much important to prove your identity so what is your blood group & what are the changes you are undergoing in your body.For atleast 4-6 months, you should take thyroid test or overall lipid profiles test you should observe the changes in your body. If there are any negative changes, contact your physician and follow proper protocol.

To lower this type 2 thyroid, most of the influencers & proffesionals will they will say isSo take this foods compulsiory or else taking these types of diets & medication are enough but so it will not work in all the cases. So follow the advice suggested by your physician. If you are having hyper or hypo thyroid the first step is to lead the active lifestyle continuously taking proper medication including good foods in our diet regularly.

These are mandatory and also what are the type 2 thyroid symptoms? For these people heavy heart will be there and also shivery and nervous feeling will be there Frequent weight loss will be there & in addition to this Heavy appetite & infertility problems in addition to this constipation problems Sweating and also you will feel fatigue very fast. In case of women menustral cycles will be distrubed and also hair loss & muscle weakness are the Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism.

Conclusion for Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism

So what these people should do is should take iron rich foods compulsory and also with physician advice they should take anti thyroid mediaction people who are having hyperthyroid should avoid certain foods like should avoid iodine rich foods Iodized salt, egg yolk, dairy products etc. The foods which they should take is non iodized salt Egg Whites in addition to this fruits & fruit juices Vegetables, Red meat, Chicken, lamb etc

By taking these type of foods vitamin b sources will be there their energy will be boosted because there appetite is very heavy also they will undergo frequent weight loss. How much they eat, even though they will always feel hungry They must be in calorie surplus. So guys we have discussed about the type1 & type2 differences we have clearly discussed about the foods to take & avoid.

So guys people having thydoid, the first thing they should follow is your physician advice & proper nutrition and also regular exercise. So guys i hope you like this video on Symptoms and causes of Hyperthyroidism . See you guys… See you Soon