Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet || How to Choose the Best Diet for You?

Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet || How to Choose the Best Diet for You? and also what are the negatives and benefits of both Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet is clearly explained in this health & fitness blog by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMLA in this post on Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet. So lets get into the topic of the negatives and benefits of Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet?

Negatives & Benefits of Strict Diet vs Flexible Diet

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. You are in one & only Telugu’s most knowledgable fitness blog. So now days we are hearing the name of TARUN GILL’s name in north side he is eating maggi & eating oreo biscuits, he is taking alcohol and adding different junk foods in his diet! So basically Tarun Gill is a very famous YouTuber For Professional Recognization he had started his preparation’s for Amateur Olympia & also he hired a professional trainer.

His professional trainer has created a flexible diet in a calculated way, in this diet Oreo biscuits, maggi & in addition to this Weed, alcohol & lot of junk foods are included. Can we do bodybuilding or can we build body by taking junk foods? This is the doubt for many and personally also one client asked the questions regarding this! To do body building is it required to eat all these foods?If we eat them only energy will be increased? like this they have different different doubts on that video most of them trolled and degraded tarun gill & his trainer.

So here i will not troll anyone my major motto is are there are any different styles in the diet? My effort is to explain things clearly regarding diet. So coming to the Point. What is Flexible Diet {or} Strict/Fixed Diet? What type of diet was done by Tarun Gill? That’s the thing willl be discussed in this video other than that we are not resembling this topic to anyone our Topic for today is Difference Between Flexible & Strict Diet?

To Clearly Define Flexible & Strict Diet there is no proper example or definition. If we Consider a Flexible Diet flexible Diet is only suitable for some type of people. In this Flexible Diet the calories, frequency, macros calorie in & calorie out like this there will be no proper information. If we consider a strict diet in this proper nutrition planning & perodization and also a proper resume will be there from morning to night.

What type of pre workout , post wokout you should take how many calories we should hit, like this a fixed data will be there in this fixed diet/strict diet. So this is the difference between these two diets the persons who are doing fixed diet they can track their results,calories and for them to reach their overall destination and target will be so evident. That’s why when a trainer prescribes a diet for his trainee or else when ever a nutritionist prescribes a diet. It will be dependent upon their lifestyle.

For example most of them will do flexible diet the persons who follow flexible diet are not 100% target oriented you can see the persons who follow flexible diet for example they will take grams of white rice and 100 to 150 grams of boiled chicken. In flexible diet that this formula will not be there so instead of white rice and boiled chicken. The formula in flexible diet will be a bit tasty and emotional state what a trainer do is he will prepare the diet to trainee in a way to maintain an emotinal relationship with the food.

Especially when you observe in experts and professionals or else experienced individuals will do this diet and they will suggest it. But in the case of strict diet from the morning to night How much calorie intake is there? Proper prescription and in addition to this nutrition planning, nutrition timing and also diet frequency and also what is morning breakfast to take? For every 2- 3 hours what is the pre workout & post workout workout meal to take? Everything will be on point & there are no changes in it because it is fixed diet.

What are the Calories and foods that you are taking in this fixed date will be same but in the case of flexible diet. It is tough to track and monitor the calories so in the strict diet 100% result will be there. The strict diet will be suitable for an intermediate , beginner or a target oriented person and in this hundred percent results will be there in flexible diet hundred percent results will not be there because it is very difficult to track.

If we eat Maggi today and eat pasta tomorrow and in the evening if we eat biryani. In this the monitoring is very difficult that means how many calories are in deficiet and and how many calories should be increased & how to do workout so for the persons who are very serious in order to achieve their goal for them fixed diet is very powerful. If we follow fixed diet monitoring is easy and also it will be very helpful for the persons who are very serious to achieve their goals because we will not put heavy efforts to track fixed foods will be there and also we cannot add new foods in this diet.

Nutrition timings will also be there and if we follow them correctly it is enough. So in this fixed dieting in this fixed diet it is easy to monitor the calorie intake and results also but at the end of the day your result will be dependent upon macros and calorie intake either in flexible diet or in strict diet. So in flexible diet super good results will not be there to do flexible diet in a better way rather than Maggi you can eat pasta rather than beef or pork you can take lean protein sources like chicken & fish, if you add this in your diet.

Up to some extent your insulin spike will be lowered and fat accumulation will be also not happened further. So I hope I explained you the differences between fixed diet and flexible diet in a simple way. Now we will discuss the negatives of flexible diet and also negative send benefits of fixed diet. The benefits in flexible diet are while eating food you can maintain an emotional happiness but in the case of strict diet we may feel that whether we should eat same food everyday and limited quantity everyday,  like this there will be a negativity.

But for every method it may be strict diet or flexible diet there are both negative and positives. For example if you are a social gathering person so you must frequently visit sites or else you need to travel for this type of persons it is very difficult to follow the strict diet. For some people it is very difficult to prepare their food and for them there are no persons available to prepare the food for them for this type of persons following strict diet is very difficult and their routine will be disturbed and there is no sustainability for them.

They will do exercise but they don’t follow diet & they will follow diet but unable to do exercise due to this they will avoid doing exercise or workout. So the persons who are having a different lifestyle for the people who feel social gatherings as a compulsory task related to the business are profession. They should avoid stick bright and it is better not avoiding strict diet and if they believe to follow the strict diet their routine will be disturbed and sustainability will be missed.

The persons who have kept a serious goal if they have no emotional connection towards food and if they follow strict diet Hundred percent on point results will be there. So you need to keep this in your mind for every dieting method there are negatives and benefits so whatever diet you follow as of now we are discussing about the dieting pattern and we are only discussing about to body composition and transformation, not at all about the nutrition and health benefits.

If we want to tell in a simple way the basic point about negatives and benefits is accuracy if you remember the point of accuracyyou can easily understand this method. Accuracy will be only there in strict diet for example if you keep 200 calories deficit when your body is not responding properly and you are unable to reach your goal if you maintain 200 calories deficit for 1 week you can check the levels of your energy & glycosine whether you exercise pattern is disturbed or not and you will get an idea over this and in the case of flexible dieting your accuracy will not be there.

In flexible diet it is very tough to monitor your exercise and calories and also tough to monitor your strength how much time we should do cardio & weight training? Whether you have fatigue feel or not? like this all these things are very difficult to monitorSo coming to the next point FOOD FOCUS many of them will do the mistake here so they will focus on single type of food & due to this negatives and benefits are there your focus must be on your workout resume and also your regular lifestyle should not be disturbed.

Whether you do exercise, diet or what ever you do to get a positive result you should enjoy the food that you are taking and you should not feel it difficult and you should maintain sustainability. So whenever sustainability is missed you cannot hold it so longand finally you will give up so what ever food you choose you musth think in a way can we maintain sustability for a long run or not designing it with easy sources will leads to at the same time you can enjoy both exercise & food.

By explaining your difficulties, weakness, lifestyle & habits to your trainer or nutrionist clearly a proper understanding will be formed & due to this your regular routine will not be disturbed and to follow diet & exercise in a proper & professional way. To exercise in a productive way you can utilise the energy levels macros, calorie intake, nutrient balance all these things are conisdered and they will create a proper nutrition plan and will give it to you. Due to this positive benefits will be there, if not like this if you hide any secrets or insecurities with your trainer by doing like this you will not get any positive benefits

According to your lifestyle, what type of diet that suits you and for your better understanding you should have a good rapo with your trainer or nutrionist and you should have clear vision you should be open and clear about your fitness, weakness & insecurities Ofcourse about your fitness & securities also because whatever diet you follow you must enjoy it! Sustainability must be maintained & you should see progressive results. So then only in the long run your required health benefits, bodyfat composition changes & transformation will happen.

So the topic which we have discussed today is differenced between flexible diet and strict diet. So once again i am saying we are not trolling anyone & not discussing about them. I have cleared the doubt of the client whether we can eat in that way or not if they are eating like that they have a proper reason. According to your reason & goal which suits you

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