Strength Training Vs Size Training what is the difference between Strength Training Vs Size Training and which one should opt by an individual according to their body requirements are clearly Explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. Lets get IN detail about the topic Strength Training Vs Size Training.

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness, It’s your Venkat Todays topic is size training vs strength training you need to know difference between size training and strength training .Otherwise, there were several people who do months and years of exercise with out knowing difference This won’t give them any result. first size training, we have 8-10 or 8-12 repetitions By hitting different types of hypotrophy technics, and muscle fibers we can create size training.

While doing size trains we shout concentrate on a single muscle instead, for example hitting different heads in different angles in a bicep In strength training, we don’t have too many repetitions max 3-6 with more sets most will think lifting heavy weights increases muscle volume, In this process they exceed their physically capabilities and miss lead their peers and gym trainers by lifting weights half half, they work hard but this is useless for both your muscular volume won’t increase. you can’t create muscle tension because, what is strength curve? what is muscle fatigue?

When this technical failure will occur you may not know because you will never do 100% of your ability, your partner will do 50% of it In edition to this taking a dirty diet it may be bulk supplements like mass gainer etc., this make you feel your muscle volume increased, but this is not pure muscle fat gets increases, water attention. once you start cutting phase with clean diet and calorie deficit your increased muscle will totally get lost.

You will be again as day 1. This is why so many continue same lifting and dirty diet instead won’t do cutting phase as they have fears. you don’t need this fat accumulated bad muscle you wont have any advantages in look or proportionate body all are diss advantages so, before knowing differences between size training and strength training Firstly, let’s know about size training, how many repetitions need to be done? 8-10 or 8-12 some other have miss consumption like how many sets need to be done like 3 or 6. ( Pre Workout & Post Workout Meals )

There is no count for that at all but, you need to hot your maximum adaptational volume. it can be maximum muscular adaptable volume for example weekly 12-16 sets will create a maximum adoption. this grows muscle 100%this is size training, in this we do from different heads and angles.

For example, in legs work out, first hack squad then leg press and back barbell squads or front barbell squads The entire day they will concentrate on squad, this increase your strength but not size if you want to increase masculinity or better muscle definition, concentrate on size training in different heads and variations, you need to create a combination

For example, when we do back squads, we need to do a contrast version like super sit or regular sit with ham sling, there after for glutes calf hitting from different heads hitting different muscle fibers Firstly, neurological stress will reduce, if you don’t have neurological adjustment your central nerve won’t exhaust immediately. you will be fresh and muscles will get recovery in between sets muscle volume gets increased as well as your work out performance with capability of doing 10-12 repetitions.

Then you came to know about strength curve. your execution, tempo will be in line you can maintain same tempo same execution up to last set. Instead if your strained your central nerve system and in fatigue, by lifting heavy weights results in central nerve system exhaust but not muscle fatigue. that’s the difference between strength training and size training.

Now, Strength training, we only have 3-6 repetitions with more number of sets for example, first week 6 sets and 6 repetitions 2nd week 5 sets and 5 repetitions 3rd week 4sets and 4 repetitions so on.. sets and reps gets decreased simultaneously but weight keep on increasing ribs and sets get decreased but weight will keep on increasing. for weight increasing progressive over load is very important.. if we do chest press 20 kg’s today and next day with 22 kg’s it isn’t a progressive overload this will leads you to injuries, progressive over load method needs at least 3-4 weeks of time.  { Tips to Increase Biceps }

After 4 weeks, you can add half to one kg only if you have bigger muscles like lacks and chest. like this, weekly the reps and sets will decrease and weight will increase. this results in greater strength Simply, strength training is also called as power lifting. lifting a weight between point a to point b.

For example lifting from point a to b that can be bicep curls or triceps extension, knowing strength curve muscle contracting point, breath out timing, when will muscle gets shorten or lengthen, you need not to know all these you just need to lift from point A to B. How much.. this neurological stress will be created quickly(central nerve system fatigue).

You always need to maintain your central nerve system freshly. if this is exhausted, with high on cartisol and dehydration if you maintain same tempo you can see in gym feels videos while doing knock outs, squads, people gets unconscious all of these is because of not monitoring central nerve system. so maintain it freshly if you want to do strength training.

You should have lower number of reps and sets. Decreasing them in a systematical manner is strength training so guys, what do you need STRENGTH TRAINING?? OR SIZE TRAINING?? looks of people who do strength training and size training are a lot different.. people who do strength training will be lean and fit people who do size training will be like a body builder or kick boxer or so.. because they apply different hypo tropic techies on different muscles at different angles.

Strength training is all about lifting maximum weights between point A and point B they may have good strength but won’t have proportionate body. if you have idea on your desired body then you will get clarity for which training you want. In strength training, we concentrate on compound moments mostly barbell variations. In size training as we discussed if we want to hit different levels of hypotrophy we do semi compound moments, with cables, with dumbbells by hitting different muscle fibers. so that’s the difference. So final summary of this video is, if you are in strength trying keep your repetitions number low and in size training maintain 8-12 repetitions as we need to hot different heads, add compound, semi-compound and isolation moments.

We mostly do strength training with barbells with less ribs. so how you would like to be lean and fit? or muscular? after getting this clarity choose one between these two… so guys, i hope you like this topic and if you like my videos subscribe to our channel let me know your doubts in comments section below. see you guys,. see you soon.