Simple Tips To Increase Biceps is clearly Explained by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. Hi guys, Welcome to Venkat Fitness. Todays topic is all about increasing size of your bicep’s. how can you increase your bicep volume with simple tips? Today, you need to learn these simple tips in any body transformation like Muscle building, Muscle gaining, weight gaining fat loss, Muscle toning, or a six pack too.

Whatever the transformation is you need to have great command over your Muscle strength. so, you need to learn bicep techniques like grip, range of motion and mistakes to avoid so that you can have a systematic hard work. To begin with you can do dumbbell curls or dumbbell with hammer curls or whatever what should be the position of wrist and elbow. { How to Get Bigger Arms Faster }

Let’s see when you are doing dumbbell curls in hammer grip or neutral grip your wrist should never bend forward it means when ever you lift your arm wrist shouldn’t bend this leads to neutral bicep and faster forearm mussel activation should only concentrate on bicep by holding the same posture from the beginning and angle I’m showing right now bending wrist, negative grip or holding with figures are not at all suggestible, we should always hold Dumbbells with our hands with grip of all fingers.

By learning these small tips you can avoid injuries while increasing weights and gives you greater wrist mobility while doing hammer curls shouldn’t bend wrist and elbows should be 90 Degree’s Some people have doubts by seeing peers in gym, they do like this while their back is hunched whatever variation you do basic thumb rule is that elbow equals to center of shoulder line lift unto here.. here.. doesn’t matter concentrating on peak Muscle contraction is important rib count is not the target but Muscle contraction matters, Mind and Muscle connection.

Always do main manner while dropping in Eccentric mode. lift faster , elbow equal to center of shoulder line. while doing barbell curls shouldn’t do any mistakes. while doing barbell curls with high on weights your shoulder will roll mistakenly this makes traps more involved, good at lifting but wile dropping . When you have more involvement of traps biceps will be in neutral with no effect on bicep. you should solely concentrate on bicep mussel, with out any body weight support, always get support from bicep insertion point.

How much weight you put on you shouldn’t lift it with your body weight instead use this bicep point up to origin or maximum flex point. You need not to follow your peers, elbow should be like this equal to center of shoulder line, try to be close to your rib case while doing reverse curls usual mistakes are, making elbows wide doing heavy weights. try arms as close as possible. { Best Meal plan to lose Weight faster }

Try to hold a second in the point where we started our cycle. always hit Muscle in one second while lifting and 2 seconds in dropping (eccentric mode) OK. for practicing take wall support like this where you can’t cheat anymore, you can get to know your range of motion and flexibility, elbows should be close and take wall support and lift your maximum. This way my maximum with out lifting my elbows and bending my wrist That is not useful I’m done with my bicep contraction and controlling drop.

Wall supports helps a lot, let’s see what to do while concentration so while doing concentration curls spider curls or spider man curls there were lot of chances for elbow moment so elbow should be center of shoulder line 90 Degrees, adjust your peak contraction time while squeezing and slowly down Never do partial rips, like lifting half or like this. You are a beginner or want to form bicep mussel properly there are two Muscle groups in bicep inner head and outer head. what ever you tagged between these two always do full range of motion range of motion is most important, never do partial rips. { Full body workout at home PDF }

What are inner and outer biceps are? what is the name for inner bicep scientifically? what variations gives a higher impact for inner bicep scientifically or what we should do for outer bicep? Let’s see in our next video, In this video we discussed more about the commonly made mistakes by you. if you correct your mistakes you can definitely see increase in your bicep size. so guys, I hope you like this topic, please subscription to my YouTube channel guys. see you soon.