Saturated VS Unsaturated Fats

Hi guys todays topic is about Saturated VS Unsaturated fats. Which fats are good for you in Saturated VS Unsaturated fats and what fats you should utilize and what type of fats you should aviod is clearly explained in this health & fitness blog by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA {Best Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad}

Saturated VS Unsaturated fats : Which is Better for You?

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. We are in Nutrition Series most of them will have a doubt that is to decrease cholestrol levels in the body whether we should consume higher or lower amount of fats & some of them may think in a way that if they consume higher amount of fats & proteins, then their body fat percentage will be decreased some of them will say that we should not consume excess amount of fats & some of them will not consume fat at all.

They may think in a way that if they don’t consume fat, fat percentage in the body will be decreased & weight loss will happen body vascularity will be increased like these there are lot of misconceptions in some people so if we want to discuss this basically for our human body fat is necessary if you observe many people will follow diet, but they will not check what type of cooking oil they are using in their regular lifestyle.

For example some people may use palm oil or Sunflower oil these are not proper fatty acids these are saturated fats so by utilising this saturated fats for more than 8 to 10 years slowly slowly it will converted into obesity, cholesterol levels will be increased in your body and in addition to this different different issues like hormonal problems of heart problems will arise. The main reason behind it is the amount of fats and cholesterol that we are taking.

By cutting the fats for a month or one and half month immediately the previously accumulated fat will not be decreased. So you must compulsory check what type of oil you are using in the foods and so guys coming to the point. So today we will discuss about what type of fats are to be utilised which fats are good and what type of fats are to avoid. How much fat percent is required for human body all these things will be discussed now. {Saturated VS Unsaturated fats}

Because in South India the most common health issues & problems are heart attacks or else obesity. The main reason behind this these heart attacks are the type of foods which we are taking whatever foods we are taking mostly comprises of oils and carbohydrates. For example if you go out on a evening for snacks what is available for you is in South India we may find Puri’s ,Noodles or Mysore Bonda, All these items are combination of oils and carbohydrate.

For hundred percent proper functioning of your body Macros are mandatory. Fat is also one of the macronutrient but what type of fats you are taking is dependent. If you are highly taking saturated fats slowly slowly fat will be converted into adipose tissue and fat percentage will be increased but if you are consuming unsaturated fatsHeart issues will be low and your fat loss drive will be very smooth so fat is a macronutrient and one of the most energetic macronutrient.

If we compare fat with protein or carbohydrate 9 calories will be there in 1 gram of Fat but only 4 calories will be there in one gram of protein/carbohydrate so it is mandatory to consume the fats which are included with the macros so the regular cooking oils which we are taking is also one of the fat sources but the point is how you are consuming these type of fat sources and we already discussed in this different types of fats are there, in this different type of fats the first one is saturated fats and the second one is unsaturated fats like monounsaturated fats, poly unsaturated first and the last one is trans fats.

For some people there is a small doubt that is they will think in a way that if they consume more protein than their body fat percentage will be decreasing. For example if you are consuming high amounts of red meat or beef cholesterol levels will be very higher in this type of sources it means obviously you are consuming cholesterol. At the end of the day the fat accumulation will be dependent upon the calorie expenditure and your age you may get a doubt whether we should consume red meat or not? Whether to take fat or not? {Saturated VS Unsaturated fats}

If we consume fats fat loss will be stopped or not? There there are lot of doubts regarding this fat loss by taking it or not. So taking fats is compulsory and you must serve it to your body Fats are mandatory micronutrient. In males body fat percentage should be between 8 to 15% in the case of females they can maintain up to 18 to 20% of body fat. So whatever foods your taking for example. So whenever you were taking fatty foods are fats not only your brain functioning it will be helpful for your internal organs cushioning.

But here the point is how much amount you are consuming some people will completely avoid fat then they will get health issues and it is very difficult to regulate their body temperature. If you compare High body fat percentage and low body fat percentage person in winter season the a person with low body fat percentage will feel more cold, Coming to the case of a higher body fat percentage person he will feel less cold because the fats in their body are able to regulate the body temperature.

So it is mandatory to consume the fats 1 pound of fat is equal to 4000 calories If you want to burn one pound of fat you must burn 4000 calories. So here you may get a doubt to burn 4000 calories how many days it take and what are the type of exercises to be done to burn it? In exercises there are two type of exercises

First one is aerobic and the second one is an anaerobic activity. So aerobic activity means more than 30 minutes of exercises Whatever activity you are doing if you are in a fat loss state or want to undergo your body will utilise 50% of carbohydrates as energy and also it will utilise 50% of fat as energy while doing aerobic activity.

The main reason behind harmonal problems,diabetes, health issues,heart attacks is due to high consumption of saturated fats are told by doctors, fitness & nutrition experts if we consume unsaturated fats or poly unsaturated fats rather than saturated fats we can mostly avoid the health issues are told by doctors & fitness experts. So the list of saturated fats are Rich creamy dairy products or ghee Shell Fish, Egg Yolk, Highfat Cheese & Butter in addition to these choclates & Desserts.

Conclusion for Saturated VS Unsaturated fats : Which is Better for You?

What type of fats we should consume is unsaturated fats means Avvacados, Cashews,Peanut, Peanut oil & nuts. In unsaturated fats there are two types first one is poly unsaturated fats and the second one is mono unsaturated fats poly unsaturated fats means wallnuts, corn, cornoil & olive oil. By consuming items like this we can overcome heart issues and at the same time we can reduce our body fat % & in addition to this we should compulsiorly include essential fatty acids in our nutrition plan.

With essential fatty acis there are lot of benefits not only for proper brain functoning and not getting of any hormonal issues or fat loss. To be very active, focus and for not getting any mood swings essential fatty acids are very important essential fatty acids are very important and mandatory. Essential fatty acids regulates your blood pressure, liver functoning body temperature, immune system & inflammatory system the essential fatty acids are there in the foods like salmon fish Krill Oil, Flax Seeds, Wallnuts, Canola oil. Choose wisely between Saturated VS Unsaturated fats.

If you consume these type of foods more no heart issues will be there & proper brain functoning will also takes place. So to undergo fat loss or muscle building compulsorily essential fatty acids are mandatory and in addition tol this till now what type of diets you have been followed, from now onwards focus on the type of oild which you are using, by consuming the excess amount of oil Cholestrol levels will be increased so take selected type of cooking oil.

Try to consume poly unsaturated fats. So guys i hope you like this video on Saturated VS Unsaturated fats. I hope this video is helpful for you and don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Like it & comment your doubts in the comment box. If you want any additional fitness & health tips follow me on instagram @venkat.madamala. See you Guys…. See you Soon…..