Right Diet Plan To Avoid Thyroid Problems || Diet and Weight Loss Tips for Thyroid Patients

Right Diet Plan To Avoid Thyroid Problems & how we can overcome the thyroid problem with a right diet and in a proper way is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this Fitness & health Blog Post. So Lets get in to the topic for the complete info on Right Diet Plan To Avoid Thyroid Problems.

Hi guys a lot of you people were failed during the process of weight loss/ fat loss. So in this process you have created & followed different differnt diet plans & workout patterns but what are the reasons for your failure? When ever we have undegone blood work and in that if it is concluded that having thyroid.

So if we get affected with thyroid The answer for the question is If we affected with thyroid, weight will decerease or not? For lot of people there is a misconception that they will think that they are not loosing the weight because of thyroid problem They will be in a dilemma that they will not lose their weight So what i am saying is if you are suffering with thyroid also, you can happily do weight loss so Thyroid can’t stop your weight loss.

Right Diet Plan To Avoid Thyroid

When not done, how not done, why not done is the topic for today So guys today we will discuss about thyroid. What is thyroid & what is it’s profile? How many types are there & how to control it? Which foods we should avoid will be discussed now.Basically if we discuss about thyroid if we explain thyroid in a scientific way In our body differnt systems will be there, different system means It may be respiratory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, or excretory system like this Endocrine system is there.

So this Endocrine system will pay a major role in our body So your respiratory system, reproductive system, excretory system. For the proper functoning of all these systems your endocrine system must be in a proper way. If there are any distrurbances & distractions in your endocrine system.The remaining systems will be imbalanced because you central nervous system will play an major role to create any signals or triggers. So if this central nervous system didnot give proper signals then If signals aren’t recieved properly on time for the glands, due to this there will be a lot of changes in our body.

Thyroid is a small organIt is located infront of the neck So it is in a butterfly shape.It will look in a very small size.The signals which are required to your body How our body should respond and these responses are mainly dependent on this endocrine system.So if we want to discuss thyroid in a detailed manner In thyroid 2 types are there, the 1st one is Hypothyroid and the 2nd one is Hyper Thyroid.

So if we want to discuss this hypothyroid in medical terminology If it is more is called hyper, if it is less it is called hypo.So these thyroid are called as T3,T4 & TSH. In the scientifical terminology T3,T4 & TSH are THYROXIN, THYRONIN & THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE. So first we will discuss abou hypothyroidism most of them are mainly attacked with these hypothyroidism.

When we discuss or talk with the persons who are affected from hypothyroidism they will say thay they had tried different differnt diet & daily doing exercises but they will say that they are not loosing the weight What basic protocols these people should follow?They should check their sleep pattern because I would like to enlighten you on what basis causes thyroid will attack you.

So the basic causes are Not a proper sleep pattern, Improper Eating pattern so in addition to this no proper recovery to your bodylack of physical activiity means not doing exercises properly.For some people they are affected with diabetics or for some other after surgery or injuries they may get affected with thyroid. So like this different different causes are there to overcome all these the first thing we should do is to fix the sleeping pattern

In addition to it we should compulsiorly do exercise daily for an hour Plenty of water intake must be taken & hydration must be done.Consider eating good nutrient foods in addition to this you must compulsorily fix your sleep.So daily how many hours should you sleep? Not less than 6 hours & not more than 8 hours. Fix your sleep and avoild blue light elimination before going to bed. By doing this each and every hormone & gland will support you due to this weight loss & fat loss will be done in addition to this you must follow the medication regularly prescribed by your physician.

Conclusion for the Topic Right Diet Plan To Avoid Thyroid Problems

So most of the people doing a mistake that is medication in early morning with an emypty stomach they will take the medicines with coffee or tea.If you take with water they will be best benefits.The foods which you need to avoid is potatoes like fried itemsand also too nuch of non veg items with butter and fats.In addition to this you must avoid proccessed foods & frozen foods and you must try to avoid sweets & desserts try to avoid alcohol and smoke to maximum, 100% fix your sleep.

Consume lot of vegetables and also cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, so like this cabbage family like spinach, kale. Avoid these type of foods and aslo high gluten foods like pasta & bread, by eating too much of pasta & bread also thyroid hormone stimulation will be done.So try to avoid high gluten amount of foods. So guysi hope i have give nthe clear information about type 1 thyroid i had expalied it in a understandable way.

So you should continue the medication prescribed by your physician Do exercises regularly and fix your sleep. Try to add good foods in your diet. By doing this you will defnitely observe your changes 100% within 6-8 months. So guys you trust me so guys in the coming episode we will discuss about type 2 thyroid and it’s profile and also what type of foods we should avoid. So guys i hope you like this video. See you guys…. See you soon….