Reasons why you gain Weight

Reasons why you gain weight & what are the best tips to reduce weight fast is completely discussed in this fitness blog post by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Venkat Fitness Trainer is the best fitness trainer in hyderabad with over 20+ years experience in fitness industry & had transformed more than thousand’s of clients.

Reasons Why do you Gain Weight?

HI Guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness So Today’s Topic is about Why do you Gain Weight? So this question is commonly raised from a 15 years old to senior adults. In our comment box most of the questions are related to weight loss I am regularly doing exercises & properly following the diet but why i am gaining the weight? It is a common doubt for many Today i am going to discuss about this in a unserstandable way with simple terminology & science based evidence. Lets talk about the topic on Reasons why you gain Weight.

So for Example For a machine or a car to work properly fuel or oil is very important. In the same way human is a. nature made machine. For the human to work Oil or fuel is very important so here fuel reffers to food and energy Fuel is very important and it is very needed for energy production Here the energy source is food. If you take this food unlimited & taking it in the unwanted timings without awareness.

We already discussed in foods there are two types of foods Good Dense foods means Good Nutrient Dense Foods and also calorie dense foods. Some of them will say that they are eating very less quantity i am eating ony 4 idly’s in the morning and in the afternoon & evening sessions i am taking only limited rice So you should seriously focus on how much nutrients are there in this foods whenever you are consuming unwanted quantity in unwanted timings.

Slowly in your adipose tissue fat will be stored as fat cells in your body so we have got the answer for our question. For some of the people they will have curiosity for thoose who thinks more I am regularly doing the exercises and i am properly following the good diet i am daily doing exercises for 45 minutes What’s the question for them is In the case of Mammal’s why fat accumulation will not be done? Mammal’s also will consume heavy quantity these are also as same as humans

For Example dogs, monkey’s,lion’s & tigers why these are so much muscular & strong Why they will have more endurance? Why fat accumulation will not be done? Some of them have these types of doubts. So if we talk about this Humans & Mammal’s have small difference when evolution started Human’s are called as HOMOSAPIENS Days have been passing on & in this evolution period, Weather condition’s have been changed Ice age period has been started.

I think you had already know in the biology dinosaur’s have been existed so if we see this history. All these dinosaur’s are destroyed when an asteroid has hit our earth. So, what ever survived in the ice age that may be mammals or animals hey donot have food to eat and outside the weather conditions are too cold Food intake is a very tough task for them becuase whenever they go outside Outside conditions are very frozen. So whoever survived in that time, it may be mammal’s, humans or animals all of them have been strucked in the caves.

When ever the condition gets better so humans had used their brain in that time. They had started hunting the required food & meat, and they have gathered it and started storing in that caves.After storing it, they have consumed it in their required time They started hunting the meat and they have started storing this meat in the caves for months.Reasons why you gain Weight Because food will not be spoiled in the caves due to the weather conditions like this slowly human activity has been decreased.

Sitting constantly in one place so, slowly in the humans in their adipose tissue fat has been stored in their fat cells. When ever the fat cells storge has been started and this process has been continued. So basically in thoose days Humans had taken the foods which are available to them.They have used the calorie expenditure to hunt the meat.When they cannot go out due to the bad weather condition’s Fat accumulation has been started in the adipose tissue due to non-activity.

Over the times days have been changed Human’s lifestyle has been changed & it has become very easy. We have denied taking the required amount of food. for our body functioning. We have started consuming the foods which satisfy our taste buds that to unlimited food in unwanted timing’s. For example, in weekend’s buffet or else in the dinner session’s biryani.So when you are not taking required amount of calories and taking excess foods & carbohydrates additionally slowly it has been converted into the fat in adipose tissue.It has been a difficult task for the human’s to overcome this issue. So what everyone should do for this is Firstly, for the fat not to store in the adipose tissue.

You should concentrate on the calories which you are taking how is you calorie in & calorie out? Firstly, you should focus on this When ever you are not foccusing on this, you will gain weight.For Example Some people will do exercises for hours & hours I am doing weight training fot two hours daily and i am doing running for 3 hours.What ever food i take it will easily digest & i am not having any health issues but there are no changes in my body fat composition. Reasons why you gain Weight

I am not undergoing weight loss & fat loss Of course, you can build your strength by doing exercises no changes will happen in your body fat composition. For the changes to be happen in your body fat composition How is your calories upto? In that whether you are taking good nutrient dense foods or not? So how you had designed your nutrition plan is very important So in addition to this if you want to undergo weight loss.

Steps to not gain weight {Reduce Weight in a Correct Way}

For not to gain the weight, the first step is Daily 8000 – 10000 steps are mandatory. Weekly 5 days of activity for an hour is mandatory, whatr ever activity you like you should do it! 4-5 days is enough.What ever food you take it will pass through the liverand it will be stored in the digestive system and it will be stored as visceral fat in your blood cells & organs directly. So for the fat not to be stored in this adipose tissue, firstly what you should do the best remedie is walking daily 10000 steps or any kind of physical activity.

Whether you are gaining weight, you should focus on this point How is your calorie in & calorie out? In addition to this Whether you are following NEAT{ Non Activity Thermosensis} or not?. If you can focus on this 100% your weight loss will be in a smooth way. So Guys i hope you like this video on Reasons why you gain Weight See You guys… See you Soon. Click the link below & watch complete video on Reasons why you gain Weight.