Purpose of Weight Lifting Belt

Purpose of Weight Lifting Belt – In the world of weightlifting, a weight lifting belt is a common accessory used to provide support to the lower back and core during heavy lifting. While some lifters swear by their belts, others see them as unnecessary or even detrimental to their performance. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of using a weight lifting belt, the different types of belts available, and how to properly use a belt to maximize its benefits while minimizing the risks. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just starting out, this blog will help you make an informed decision about whether a weight lifting belt is right for you.

Understanding the Purpose of Weight Lifting Belt

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So today’s topic is about WEIGHTLIFTING BELT & Purpose of Weight Lifting Belt. So in our telugu fitness industry about this WEIGHTLIFTING BELT there are different different myths. So i want tol clear and explain thoose myths before telling this, i want you to tell small information you had seen a lot of people in gym, people before entering the gym.  Firstly they will wear the weight lifting belt whether they do exercise or not, but from the warm up sessions only they will compulsorily wear the belt.

Some of them will do cardio and some of them will do abdominal and oblique exercises. Without knowing the purpose, they will use it as a tool. For example they will use the weight lifting belt as the same way we used to put the belt for our pant’s they will feel they are motivated by wearing this belt and they will also feel as their strength is building and they also have a myth that is by wearing the belt their waist line will be decreased.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Weight Lifting Belt

So by wearing this weight lifting belt there are no additional benefits. There is no need to use ther weight lifting belt for small exercises. So you can use this weight lifting belt while doing heavy compund movements or else heavy stimulant exercises. For Example it may be squats, deadlift’s or else clean and press. While doing these exercises, if you keep the weightlifting belt properly in the abdominal area then there will be benefits of it.

Why benefits will be there because when ever you are doing heavy compound movements by keeping the belt tightly in the l4 and l5 areas due to this intra abdominal pressure is increased. When ever intra abdominal pressure is increasing then proper support and restriction is creating on the spine. When ever this restriction is created, you won’t get injured too soon while keeping belt for small small warm up exercises there will be harmfull effects with zero benefits.

To improve your intra abdominal pressure by 40-50% you must know the proper utilisation of it. However if you know it also wearing the belt for too long there will be disadvantages like clotting of blood and improper air consumption. If you overuse the weight lifting belt there will be no benefits. While doing forward bending moment’s your abdominal will compress unconsciously

So we put on the belt when the abdominal is compressed what will happen in this forward bending process is there are chances of l4, l5 to get de compressed. So that’s we should wear belt while doing heavy weight’s, squat’s and deadlifts we wear the belt to avoid the de compression but if your spine is not strong naturally. Without abdominal strength, if you wear belt also your abdominal strength or core strength will not be increased or build naturally

That’s why all big big body builder’s, weight lifters, & power lifter’s in their warmup schedules only they will include the exercises which will improve their core strength and abdominal strength. In their supporting accessory exercises they will include spine & abdominal core strenth exercises. So naturally after stimulating and strengthen of their core and back and while lifting heavy weight’s only they will wear belts.

What will happen if wear belt for small small weights your natural intra abdominal pressure & stability will be decreased. So there is no need to wear a belt unnecessarily. So while lifting heavy weights and while doing forward bending movements if you wear belt then you have additional benefits. As we are discusing about the spine you should also know about spine erector’s

What ever movement you do, if your spin erectors are week then there are chances of injuries. So don’t sensitize it by wearing mostly with a belt don’t sensitize the muscles which are next to the spine. When if you are not wearing a belt, while doing small small exercises also there is a chance for injury your lower back will also catch up. This is a problem that happens regularly to many people who wear a belt regular and sometimes don’t wear it.

Conclusion for the Purpose of  Weight Lifting Belt

So maximum avoid wearing the belt, When ever you lift heavy weight, then only use the belt for supporting purpose and another keypoint is most of them while doing exercise they will not breathe properly. So to tell in a simple way, breathe out to the opposite gravity. When you are exhaling your breathe in the opposite gravity your stabilization will be increased while doing exercises. When ever stabilization increases, injury will not happen quickly and we can hit the proper targeted muscle quickly that’s why big big power lifters and weight lifters will follow the valsalva maneuver breathing method.

So this valsalva maneuver means storing maximum amount of oxygen in the stomach and by completing the max rep of that exercise and then breathe out. So it is a differnt thing, and what is that method and the technique will be discussed in my future videos clearly. So guys the bottom line is while lifting heavy weights or while doing most injury prone exercises by keeping the belt properly & tightly in L4 & L5 your abdominal pressure or else for your abdominal strength and support as well as restriction to your back spin erectors will be created.

In addition to this a layer is created and that is called as intra abdominal cavity pressure. To create this intra abdominal cavity pressure while doing heavy weights breathe out in the opposite gravity. If you know this technique in addition to your proper core strength without any injury your back will also be strengthen and also proper utilization and benefits will be there. So guys in this weight lifting belt’s different different belts are there you can use Cardillo Weight Lifting Belts, they will be good

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