Protein Body Vs Natural Body

Protein Body Vs Natural Body – When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding, there are two schools of thought: those who advocate for building a “protein body” through supplements and specialized diets, and those who believe in a more “natural body” approach, relying on whole foods and traditional exercise methods. But which approach leads to a more permanent, sustainable physique? In this blog on Protein Body Vs Natural Body , we’ll explore the differences between protein body and natural body, and help you decide which path is right for you.

Protein Body Vs Natural Body : Which Body is Permanent?

Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness. You are at one and only Telugu’s most Knowledgeable fitness channel. So today’s topic is about Brother your body is protein body, It’s a temporary body. Mine is a natural body i will only eat sprouts & common peas. If you stop consuming protein then your muscles will decrease if i stop eating sprouts & common peas also my muscles will not be decreased

Your muscles are too loose, My muscles & body are so stiff and strong. If you do two months of exercise and build some muscle me will only do the same thing in one month. But your’s is a powder body mine is a natural body. So you & i have heard such statements from my childhood and from your childhood too So is this really a statement? or else a myth? This is the topic for our today’s video on Protein Body Vs Natural Body

Natural Protein vs Protein Supplements

So guys this myth is i mean the topic Temporary Body Vs Permanent Body { Protein Body Vs Natural Body }. Temporary Body means Protein Body. Permanent Body refers to a body that consumes sprouts & common peas. I am going to clear you the myth in a very understandable way. So guys the people who speak such statements are mostly in your friend’s circle. You will regularly go to the gym and you will follow a very good diet and you take any supplements or you may drink protein shakes and while doing regular exercises you will notice the regular changes in your body.

So the persons who are not doing & unable to do execises who don’t know how to do it and also the people who don’t know the basic nutritional science. Thoose persons only will speak like this and they will only pass these silly comments. So you don’t bother about these people but what you need to think is whether it is natural or artificial is the only thing you need to know correctly.

If you go to a professional athelethe or professional fitness trainer and if you ask about If we take protein is it a artificial body? and if you ask about by taking natural foods can we build permanent body? They will laugh if you ask these type of questions. Because the professional’s who are having knowledge on basic nutrition science they will not pass these type of silly comments & statements. They will not discuss about on temporary & permanent body and also about the intake of protein

Because your brain will have conscious mind & sub conscious mind and your muscles donot have this conscious & sub consciousness and also for your digestive system too. For example, what ever food you consume like a protein source you consume it in a powder form or else in the form of protein bars or protein biscuits or else eat food items like chicken, paneertofu Protein is a Protein That’s it!

So your digestive system and body, it is un necessary & no need for them to see and know about what you are consuming. So what ever food you take it will go to digestive system, esophagus, small & large intestine and finally it will go out through excretory system. What ever energy is there in food which you eat it will be absorbed as cellular functions by your body like Glycosine, ATP Amino Acids like this all functions will be happened

If you tell your body that you are drinking protein or eating common peas, sprouts it will not be understood by your body & you can’t differentiate it. So at the end of the day your body will recieve the nutrients to survive and to reproduce it is the main funconality of your body. So while doing exercises your muscles will be damaged and for the recovery of the damaged musclesnutrients supply and fast acting proteins are must.

Conclusion for the Topic Protein Body Vs Natural Body : Which Body is Permanent?

All these things will be suggested or adviced by a professional but the professional they will not take only supplementation, they will take supplementation or they are adding supplements including diet plan and proper nutrition plan. So anyone will not suggest only supplements without a nutrition plan and you will not build body only with supplements. So supplementation means we are adding some nutrients, vitamins and minerals supply That’s it!

If you drink protein, you will get more body if you eat common peas, you will get less body or loose body like this no things are there. I hope you all got a good clarity on watching this video by watching this video you will get to know the statements are big myths Temporary body or permanent body will not exist. If you exercise your muscles will go into hypertrophy state if you stop doing exercise it will go into atrophy state

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