Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to Eat Before a Workout

Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to Eat Before a Workout and what not to eat and how to plan pre-workout nutrition is explained in this fitness and health blog post by certified fitness trainer venkat madamla in this blog post. So lets get into the topic on Pre-Workout Nutrition in detailed.

Complete Pre-Workout Nutrition Guide

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS Today’s Topic is about the best pre workout nutrition or nutrition meal. Firstly all of them will think about SUPPLEMENTS. Which Pre-Workout Nutrition Supplement should be used? These are available in the forms of pills, powders or liquid shorts. They will discuss about these options & by taking these type of supplements they will think that energy will be boosted & they will become strong and they can do exercise properly, like this different differnt mindsets will be there.

Pre-workout Nutrition/Supplements will pump up the muscles better they will thought that the shirt will be torn as shown in the movies. These things will not happen in the reality. If you want to try it by taking the pre workout. I don’t know whether the shirt will torn or not, you have pain of muscle soreness and improper blood blood circulation That’s it! Shirt will not torn.

Boost Your Gym Performance with These Pre-Workout Nutrition Tips

What are the benefits of pre-workout nutrition and why should we take it? The truth behind it will now be discussed in this topic. So because some people don’t know when and how to take pre workout. Some people are on the schedule of weight gain and they will also take the pre-workout supplements. So what is the real benefit of it? Zero benefits and who can take it? Today’s topic is why they take and how much to take?

So guys when you exercise basically muscles will be damaged this pre workout nutrition or pre workout supplement will play a major role for muscle recovery when the muscle damage happens.If you take the pre-workout nutrition for before 60-80 minutes of your exercise. Proper nutrition supply that means proper recovery will be supplied to that damaged. So what will happen to you is that you can make it as the next exercise productively.

So ofcourse it may be Beta- Alanine, citrulline malate or else the natural sources of beetroot extract. Try to take the sources which are convinent to you. So if we take and include the natural food sources like nitrate foods like beetroot extracts it will deliver very fast into your blood stream level damaged muscles recovery will be done fastly through the blood. When you take pre workout meal and at what time you have take is more important & mandatory than pre workout stimulant and your recovery will be dependendent on it.

The Importance of Pre-Workout Nutrition: What to Eat and Drink Before Your Workout

Some people take a pre workout for doing heavy exercises they may think that they can do exercise for 2 hours, if they take pre workout. By taking the pre workout and doing exercises more than hours is not possible, becaise pre workout doesn’t had that much ability because if you take the pre workout, you may have that crush or exhaust kind of feeling your central nervous system may fatigue, you will be tired and your heart rate will also be increased. So due to this there will be no positive benefits.

The core point you should remember is, while doing exercise for the damaged muscles proper nutrient supply must be through blood. It will be dependent up on the pre workout meal or else on the meal which was taken before the hormone which delivers to your body is called transport hormone {INSULIN}. So you must have the ability to manipulate or to 100% utilise the insulin if you or your coach knows this 100% utilisation of the insulin then you can do wonders

If you or your coach don’t know the proper utilisation of the insulin you will end up wasting your money on supplements you will not get the positive results. So to properly utilise the insulin you must believe in proper scientifical & technical pre workout nutrition you may get a doubt that how to manipulate our utilise this insulin? Is any process is there for it to achieve? Many of them don’t know how to utilise the insulin because.

So some people start a diet and in their view, diet means avoiding the food acually dieting means consuming the required amount of calories and also taking the quality food. To reach your goal how many calories we are taking and in that how much quantity of macros, micros, proteins, fats and carbs we are taking will be calculatd and at the end of the day balancing the glucose levels and keeping our progress in a health way day by day.

Many of them don’t know this and some of them don’t know how to follow the diet for some people they know how to diet but they will not do it and some other people after following diet for two days they will get mood swings and they feel vey weak to do exercise and they can’t focus on other activities after exercise. For these things not to happen to you the topic on how to use and utilse the insulin is very useful and important for every individual.

When should muscle builders take pre-workout meal? Some of the people will think to take it before 15-20 minutes of their workout. Especially if you take the pre-workout before 60-80 minutes of your workout, by taking like this leads to the spike of insulin.Especially you should take simple carbs like white rice puffed rice and should include fast digestive proteins like whey protein etc.

By including all these things will leads to you can do exercise productively and your glucose levels will not be depleted. So you may be wondering how much carbohydrates to consume? An average person can consume 100 – 150 grams of simple carbs after cooking what will happen due to this is A normal average lifter uses 200-250 grams of glycosine during training. By adding this simple carbs and good digestive protein sources if you take the pre-workout 60-80 minutes prior to training you can create the nutrient supply top your damaged muscles.

While doing exercises, muscle damage is common the damaged muscles are super sensitive to insulin. So if you can spike insulin 60-80 minutes before propery recovery will be supplied to damaged muscles through blood and at the same time muscle pump & muscle growth will be created after workout. You don’t get that crunch feeling even after exercise you will seen many people they will do exercise properly but after 2-3 hours of exercise they feel depleted, dull, weak, or else dehydration of the body and they behave differently.

So what i am saying to all these people is add simple carbs and fast digestive proteins in your nutrition plan that to in your pre workout meal and also 60-80 minutes prior to your training what will happen due to this is after completing the exercise, muscle pump will be created and glycosine will not be depleted. The day will be so energetic that you don’t remember whether you have exercised or not and you can happily do exercise.

This is the truth behind the pre workout nutrition meal to exercise productively and not to deplit after exercise if you spike the insulin before 60-80 minutes of your workout 100% you can productively do the exercise. Some people will strongly believe in pre-workout stimulants and they think it will help for them in muscle building these people should avoid high caffine productsor else if you are addicited to it try to decrease the dosage and usage to your body By doing like this leads to you can check your natural source of ability & how much weight you can lift naturally?

Take Your Training to the Next Level with These Pre-Workout Nutrition Strategies

How much peak contraction and tension you can create. After knowing your natural ability only try to introduce supplements to your body. Don’t think in a way only with supplements we can’t build strength, boost energy or else we cant create the pump due to this only your money will be wasted and you will not know your natural source of ability So guys finally who should use? when should we use? & how much should we use? These are the doubts for many on pre-workout nutrition.

If you are in muscle building or in weight gain schedules there is no need of pre-workout stimulants to you. If you are following low calorie or low carb diet then only to some extent pre-workout is suggestable. If the serving is 1 scoop initially you should start with 1/4th scoop and try to complete your exercise with 1/2 scoop. By taking 1 sccop or 1.5 scoop will leads to proper exercise on that day but on the whole day you feel exhausted.

After finishing the exercise endorphins must be released but you should not go into the deleption mode after exercise if the same exhausted feeling continues till evening is the indication of over dosage of the pre-workout or pre-workout is not suitable to youTiming is very important. For those who currently take a pre-workout, plan to take it 5-6 hours before sleep so it will not disturb the your sleep pattern. So guys i hope you completly understood the topic on pre-workout meal/pre-workout nutrition.

How to properly utilise the insulin & how to create the muscle pump and how to avoid the crush or exhaust feeling. When to take in proper time,i think all these things i have mentioned clearly. So guys i hope you like this topic and in the coming days what are the topics to be done. I am waiting for your questions, comment them in the comment box. I will pickup some good topics in your comments and will be discussed in the coming days. See you Guys….. See you Soon