Nutrients in Breastfeeding for infants and how Nutrients Plays an Vital Role in Infants is Clearly Explained by Best Hyderabad Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala.

Hi guys Welcome to Venkat Fitness Today’s topic is growth and development in infants How much protein and essential amino acids are required? We came to know them in previous episodes, so today, what is nutritional requirement.

Basically nutritional requirements in infants, as you all know mothers milk is very important Mothers milk is the best milk. Best food for children. This milk need to be given 30 mins of a baby birth. Instead, if we introduce predictive foods may result in diarrhea. chances of weak immune system. what are pre lacteal foods? Honey, sugar water, glucose, So all these foods need to be avoided. Always need to give breast milk first/mothers milk.

Why? There were many reasons for that…It need to be given after 30 mins of birth because Baby do feel thirst and hunger. We can feed them pre lacteal foods for their apatite but, this may result in immune system damages, problems and even diarrhea. { Protein Requirement for Infants }

That’s why instead honey water and all milk is the best food After delivery, every mother gets 10-40 ml colostrum from their mammary glands We can call it good high protein milk or rich protein milk. We must need to feed it to an infant Ability to fight against bacterial infections will increase a lot.

Good growth, stronger muscles, organs, blood vessels, blood flow, heart rate on a whole for a good baby growth and functioning baby need this colostrum When it will release? After delivery in first second or third days This colostrum create strong anti-viral activity in infants Moreover, gives vitamin A and Vitamin K. niacin, biotin and pantothenic acids riboflavin will be very less in colostrum. B12(Binding protein) will be very high.

After 2-3 days of delivery, colostrum from mothers mammary glands need to be given to baby If we can utilize it properly, baby will a stronger immune system and immunization will be good This gives them fighting ability against bacterial and viral infections

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