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Best & Healthy Low Budget Diet Plan is Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So Today’s Topic is Introduction of Nutrition Series In this series we are mainly going to discuss about how to design the nutrition plan & how to create the diet plan ? Whether it may be weight loss , fat loss or muscle building Randomly we can able to get the diet plans in google the random diet like which foods must be taken will be also available but in studies when we check up to which extent will it work It will be dependent on our body type, weight & health conditions.

Mainly for an individual to afford that diet plans is very difficult I am getting lot of messages regarding this It is not possible for every one to add broccoli or fancy foods in their diet So that’s the reason I am doing this Nutrition Series in this nutrition series. For the Common individual people who want to healthier life style not only muscle building, weight loss or fat loss.

The Common thing is if any one following diet the others will think that he is doing for weight loss , fat loss or muscle building This is not Diet. Diet means powerful complex of healthy lifestyle What ever food we are taking or which ever targets we have set we should prepare a proper diet plan Either if you have no target regarding fat loss, weight loss or muscle building. For the general public or for an individual diet is very important Scientifically it is called as dietetics.

To boost the normal life style or modify it diet is very important For Example diet is used to decrease the health diseases or to avoid the health diseases for being physically fit & also for the purpose of mentally well being. So recently corona is spending in this corona time. Every body got to know to increase the immunity power ,develop the immune system & boost immunity and also add vitamins & minerals and these vitamin c , d & zinc supplements are heavily sold in markets.

So what I am saying is this not only to develop the immune system what I am trying to say is The miss conception for many in the case of weight loss , fat loss or muscle building. While doing gym only we should take the protein We are not doing exercises then why to take & what will be the use of taking vitamins, multi vitamins & fish oil Immune system is not related to muscle building.

Best & Healthy Low Budget Diet Plan in Telugu

For example if you have taken any multi vitamin or else you have taken vitamin, calcium , vitamin c or d what ever you have taken. First of all it will helpful for your brain functioning after that for the organ functioning & immune functioning after all this 20 t0 30% of vitamins which we have intake will be helpful for muscle growth or muscle building remove the miss conception that when ever we do exercises then only we should take the proteins or vitamins What I am saying is if you are in the target of weight loss ,fat loss or muscle building or you don’t have any target for an individual To exercise regularly vitamins & minerals are very important.

What I am talking related to proteins is not supplements it refers to protein foods for example if you have taken excess protein after taking the required protein from the food and for our body & after filtration the excess protein will come out of waste if your kidneys are healthy If you want to increase your resistance also or to decrease the environmental , pollution infections or degenerative diseases. In our nutrition vitamin & protein foods are very important.

My coach or trainer suggested to me to take the protein foods but I don’t have the time for it In the morning & evening Sessions taking the unwanted fast foods So diet refers to quality of our life style. The purpose of our diet is to increase the workout performance & mental well being The additional requirement like weight loss, fat loss or muscle building is secondary the first priority is for being healthy. Our working performance should not be decreased.

If you are following any diet in that To boost or increase the Immunocompetence in your nutrition there must be good amount of proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbs & fats. To prepare a diet for an individual some terms & conditions are there what are their health issues up to , health conditions, weight & BMI are they are suffering with diseases by taking all these into consideration & then we will prepare the nutrition plan.

So to achieve their target how many calories we should give How many we should give considering to improve their workout performance &to male strong mental well being So many people will do low carb diet or zero carb diet they will hardly do the exercise for 30-40 minutes and say that there is no energy for them they do exercise and they go to home & sleep this is not the process. To lead the quality life style you should take the required food Y& it should be limited you should choose good foods & also addition to this Because exercise is an life time event.

To increase the workout performance good amount of calories, proteins, fats & vitamins are important no need to add the fancy food’s in your diet fancy foods refers to broccoli & kale should add English vegetables & fancy foods in their diet no need at all we can add the clean Indian foods white rice, Spinach,100 Grams of chicken 3 egg whites or 2 table spoons of ghee. These are the best foods and they have required carbs, proteins, fats & fibers vitamins, minerals & these all will supply to your body like this way you have to choose all of them will think diets refers to fancy foods & those are not available in our cities.

When I am doing this video people are ready to comment down we are not going to discuss about broccoli kale & zucchini. For the people who cant afford the nutrition plans from big big dieticians & trainers and who are not having the time to self educate. The main priority for this nutrition series for them to create the nutrition plan healthily.

In this nutrition series will help for every individual how to build the muscle & how to undergo fat loss Why we are doing like this & what are the reasons? Like this how much amount of protein we should take & why we should take it? From which sources we should take it ? What is Whey Protein & how many types of proteins are there ? What are amino acids ? What is creatine & glutamine ? What are Essential Amino Acids? all these things will be discussed in the supplement & nutrition series

So this series you have to follow seriously because I am going to provide you the wonderful information I hope you like this Topic. Don’t forget to comment about the topics you want. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel & don’t forget to share it See You Guys…. See You Soon

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