Top 4 KETTLEBELL EXERCISES for Weight Loss & Benefits of Kettlebell Training when compared to the other mode of training’s are clearly elaborated by Best Fitness Trainer in Hyderabad VENKAT MADAMALA.

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS So today’s topic is Most of the people asking me a question that is For Fat Loss & Muscle Pump which Equipment Should be Used? Is there any magic equipment there? or else there are any benefits of using resistance bands ? Are there are any benefits of KETTLEBELL TRAINING? In these two types of training which one is the best ? is asked by many people So any training is not a magic equipment If your target is fat loss or muscle pump.

So with any particular equipment your body transformation or muscle pump will not be done it will depend up on the hard work you had done & the nutrition you intake So if you done all these things in a proper way then only your transformation journey will be in a healthy way. So todays topic is how we can do the workout with KETTLEBELLS What is KETTLEBELL TRAINING? So how may types are there in the KETTLEBELL TRAINING is today’s topic.

So basically benefits with the kettlebells are you can improve your endurance also you can improve your muscular strength and also you can increase the muscle power. In addition to this your flexibility will also be increased Two Types are there One is hot style kettlebell training & the other one is kettlebell sport. This hot style kettlebell training is used for power optimization For Example Swings. The benefits of this is Power optimization will be improved & rip range will be low.

KETTLEBELL EXERCISES for Weight Loss in Telugu

Coming to the kettlebell sport basically this kettlebell sport is used for endurance For Example Single arm Snatch & double arm snatch Here rip range will be high in these two styles of kettlebell training. In one of them your VO2 max will be increased and in the other one anaerobic respiration will be improved. So in addition to this you will get an command on your breathing So guys the benefits with these kettlebells are muscle strength, endurance, & in addition to flexibility power also will be increased.

In this we will discuss about the best & easy 4 variations In Each variation with 2 exercises as a super set we had designed 4 super sets. We are doing each Super Set with 20 seconds into 3 sets .Let’s see what are those variations & their execution So guys as you observe the execution while doing the exercises your focus should be on breathe in, breathe out & muscle contraction.

So you can do these exercises with 20 reps 8 3 sets or or you can do as 20 seconds 8 into 3 sets .For every super set you can take the recovery time from 10 to 15 Seconds. So guys if you like this video please hit the like button & comment in the coming days on which topics I should make the videos. Don’t forget to Comment your ideas in the comment box See you Guys… See you Soon…

KETTLEBELL EXERCISES for Weight Loss YouTube Video

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