Is Rice good for Six Pack Abs || MYTHS ABOUT Six Pack Abs

Is Rice good for Six Pack Abs & MYTHS ABOUT Six Pack Abs is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. Lets get deep into topic Is Rice good for Six Pack Abs and get a complete overview.

Hi Guys the topic is about Can we get 6 Pack by eating rice? To get 6 Pack should we cut the rice? This is not a question I ask Most of them commonly asked question to me. So this question is a pop up for so many in their mind.When ever i go to get togethers or functions, The most common question asked by many is Do you eat rice, biryani or not Will you eat sweets or not or you follow zero carbs diet?

Is Eating Rice good for Six Pack Abs

You will cut the carbs before photoshoots or totally you will take rice or not Will you avoid salt totally? Will you take low water intake? Like this so many of them will ask different different questions. For all these questions my answer is I will not avoid rice or eating avoid rice I will eat rice. The persons who are having basic knowledge will not stop eating rice to get 6 pack and you should know it!

Most of them will say To get 6 pack we should totally avoid salt Water intake should be stopped completely before the photoshoots. Some more people in their videos will say that 6 packs will be clearly visible if we won’t bath. If you don’t bath dirty smell will come, not 6 packs.So, think in a realistic way What kind of foods are you consuming? In how much amounts you are taking it? In which time you are taking?

What are the foods you are taking in your pre & post workout? How is your CICO? { CICO means Calories in & Calories Out}How is your calorie expenditure? In addition to calorie expenditure, how is you rest & recovery to your body? In addition to this the supplements which you are taking will suit you or not? For Example, To achieve your goal Will that supplementation will suit you or not?

In this point of view only you should think Due to this only your transformation will happen. By using different differnt supplements or if you avoid eating rice or if you stop bathing, you won’t get 6 packs.To get 6 Pack, good amount of carbohydrates is compulsiory You should know the combination of foods, that’s why In CBSE syllabus for 7th & 8th class students they have created a subject related to physical fitness & nutrition.

In foreign countries, it has started long back ago If we see in the countries like US & China From childhood onwards, depending up on the ability & height genetics & bone density of the student. They will choose the selective sports which will suits for themThere are lot of academies which will train them to be in a better position of their respective field So thats why in olympics, countries like china & usa will recieve gold medals Because for them an awareness is created for them during their childhood

So while doing exercises, you should also have a basic knowledge and awareness about the nutrition What is that nutrition timing? Most of them will say not take carbohydrates, why we should not take it? Happily we can take the carbohydrates By taking carbohydrates, you can get 6 PACK Because 70% of your muscle in your body is filled with glycosine.

So 1 gram of carbohydrate is equal to 2-3 ml of water is stored.So for your muscle thickness to be high or your muscle volumeto be in a good lookin way Carbs intake is compusiory.Your glycosine stores must be filled.For yor glycosine stores to be filled, you must compulsiory take carbs.So some of them will think in a way that we should not take carbs in pre & post workout sessions.In afternoon time only we should take small amount of carbs.

For your workout performance to be in a peak level For a good muscle thickness.To be very productive in every day and also for your proper brain functoning.Whether you do exercise or not the persons who are leading sedentary life style should give 400- 450 calories will be given to brain & it will consume it. Normally it will demand 400-450 calories so carbohydrates are the main source of energy.

If you cut the carbohydrates in your diet what are the benefits you will get while doing exercises is or else while running you will eventually fall down or else your blood sugar levels will be down while doing exercises you may get shivering.Lot of sweating, these things only will happen there will be no additional positive benefits that’s why you should check your pre & post workout carbs intake & daily intake of the carbs in your nutrition plan.

To achieve your goal you should need a proper proffesional guidance or you should have a basic awareness on it If not like this, if you want to proteins & fats and follow zero carbs diet.If you follow liquid diet & cross diet.By doing like this with half knowledge you cannot achieve your goals.So for you to achieve 6 pack Stop the random copy paste diets Stop the diets with half knowledgeYou should need a proper professional guidance.

Summary of Is Rice good for Six Pack Abs || MYTHS ABOUT Six Pack Abs

In additional to this you should build self knowledge So summary of the video is If you want to achieve 6 pack, there is no need to cut the rice You can achieve 6 pack by eating rice but you should know about the combination of nutrients & nutrient timing We cannot do magics with only carbs, only fats, only fiber & only protein If you include the good combination of proteins+carbs+fats+fibers You can achieve your transformation in a healthy way and to sustain it properly is a big goal

The reson behind for so may to not to sustain after reaching their goal is they don’t know about the nutrition manipulation.So focus on nutrition awareness & self knowledge is very very important for your transformation So guys i hope you like this videoSee You Guys… See You Soon