Is Cardio Good for Muscle Gain?

Is Cardio Good for Muscle Gain or not is clearly explained in this health & fitness blog by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. So lets get into the topic on Is Cardio Good for Muscle Gain?

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. The question many people have is in the muscle bulking time can we do cardio or not?Some people will say that we may undergo muscle loss in muscle bulking time if we do cardio some of them will say muscle gain will not happenIs it true or not? How much time we should do cardio? When to do? When we shoud not do? This is the topic for today.

Is Cardio Good for Muscle Gain or Not?

So guys when you are in muscle bulking period We can do CARDIO this is my answer and also if i want to answer in a proper wayand it will be dependent up on different factors. The factor no 1 is your body type, second one is GOAL and third one is your CARDIAC HEALTH and aerobic endurance. It will be determined up on your aerobic endurance. The first one is if we are in the bulking period if we are in bulking then we will be in calorie surplus.

If you are ENDOMORPH body person in a week you should do cardio atleast 4 to 5 days in a week to prevent fat accumulation and to reach your desired goal. Daily 20-25 minutes of cardio for 4-5 days for ENDOMORPH body type persons cardio is defnitely suggestable. You can do on an empty stomach or else you can do in the evening time. To fullfill your gaol if you have a mesomorph body type your main objective of bulking is without sacrifying the muscle you can put on the lean muscle mass without fat accumulation.


Daily 20-30 minutes of cardio only 3 days in a week due to this your Vo2 max will increase and at the same time your cardiac health will be improved and also mucle loss will not happen. For some people they will have a doubt that is i am so lean and how much food & calories i consume i am unable to gain weight & muscle. These type of people are called as ECTOMORPH bodies. So this ECTOMORPH people should mainly concentrate on food consumption these people should be in calorie surplus.

To improve their V02 max and cardiac health Vo2 max doesn’t reffers to increasing of lung capacity. To put on your muscle mass & 100% you should focus on weight training and if you want to do exploded movements your hearlth health should support compulsorily and your Vo2 max must be 100% strong. How to be so strong is especially hard gainers daily 15-20 minutes of cardio only 2 days in a week is enough there is not to do more than that.

Summary for the topic Is Cardio Good for Muscle Gain?

So the main objective is Don’t over train, over eating, over cardio by doing like this you will loose the spark, initally you may feel you get it but so the reason behind you are unable to reach your desired goal in your desired time is you don’t know how to design and manipulate the exercise pattern How to design your nutrition plan? or else if you are starting taking protein or nutrition.

After plateau hit, then you don’t know how to mimic or change the protocol. For these type of doubts we do provide online training facility. I will give you the details in the description & you can check it. So guys i hope you like this video. See you Guys…. See you Soon….