Intermittent Fasting & What is Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan are Clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. Hi guys welcome to Venkat fitness, This is venkat and today’s topic is about intermittent fasting.

so what is intermittent fasting? so is it really work? These days intermittent fasting became health kind with main goal of weight loss most of the people are doing it for weight loss not having anything for few hours is Intermittent fasting. How many methods do we have in this? what are the benefits? Does this aids in weight loss? will it suits for everyone ? will it aid in muscle building? People who are thinking to build their mussel can do intermittent fasting? lets see in todays video

With this intermittent fasting everyone think they can increase life span, reduce metabolic issues, burn fat faster, and weight loss Will it suit for everyone. It absolutely depends on individual It may be suitable for a friend but, not for you.

There were 6 Important methods in Intermittent fasting Out of 6 four methods are effective, lets have a look on them how to do them, which suits you the best? let’s discuss all of these today. Fist and Basic Method is 16/8, which means 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window we can make this as 14-16 hours of fasting and 8-10 hours of eating window. { Simple Tips to increase Biceps }

In the 8-10 hours of eating window we can’t eat what ever food we like the important thing to remember is what ever diet you do it can be kept diet or intermittent fasting diet or weight loss diet or fat loss diet always maintain your calories in deficit with low food consumption so this 16/8 can be done as, take me as an example, I’m 70kgs today and want to do intermittent fasting.

I should limit my calorie intake to 1600 -1700 calories per day, then only I’ll have weight loss There were differences for men and women in timings, Men can do fasting for 16 hours but for women 14-15 hours is enough as they have several other house hold activities for few people the bed coffee is must! For me too.. I can’t avoid coffee or tea

can people like me can do intermittent fasting? So, for us how to do 16/8 fasting. If You can start by morning 11 should complete all 1700 calories by evening 7-8 From night 8’o clock unto morning 10:30 we need to do fasting So what about people who can’t skip coffee, There is a way for them too if you woke up in the morning at 6 or 7 and coffee is must what you should do?

You still can take ZERO Calorie beverages, it can be a cup of Coffee, Green tea, lime juice or a tea and can take your brunch by 11am itself still you are on track. This was been first introduced by Fitness expert martin becron, he planned 16/8 window by calculating your calorie intake per day using BMR and reduced a bit than required. Like 1700 or 1600 caries per day.  { How to get Bigger arms faster }

Lets see Method two in intermittent fasting this is usually know as 5:2 method. 5 days of 1700 calories like for a 70 kg’s person and for 2 days a bit less up to 500-600 calories less. which 1100-1200 calories in two days and 1700 calories in remaining days. what should be order in this method? how can be fat burning fast in this method?

In this method of 7 days, 1st day is normal eating like 1600/1700 calories intake, 2nd day was fasting day we should eat 500-600 calories less again day 3 and 4 was into normal eating at 1600-1700 calories 5th day at lesser calories and normal eating with 6th and 7th days.

This methods leads to lesser calorie intake as compared with first method and faster fat burning Yet, another important factor is to maintain lesser sugars and fats in your meals High quality food with great proteins will aids your fats loss but not mussel loss. Instead, if you take irregular diets with lots of carbs just with fasting over 10-12 hours and eating window of 8-10 hours may make you thin at your arms and legs but will never reduce your belly fat.

Coming to third method, that is eat-stop-eat. so, in previous method we can eat normally for 5days and lesser food for 2 days, Now in this method 5 days are eating days (1700 calories), 2 days fasting days (with no eating) You can design this by, day 1- normal eating , day 2 fasting for example if you are done with your dinner by 7-7:30 pm today your fasting lasts up to same time the other day in this fasting day you can consider taking liquids. electrolytes, coffee, green tea, regular tea or any 0 calorie beverages Orsl etc., Day 3 and Day 4 normal eating with 1700 calories, day 5 again fasting 6th and 7th days normal eating, hope you understand.

In 2nd method we reduced 500-600 calories for ladies and gents in this method we further reduced it to zero calories (fasting days). You need to choose which ever methods suits you best. depending on your life style. For few being in fasting for 24 hours is a harder task, for them planning 14-16 hours fasting is better after body gets habituated for this they ca further increase it to make 24 hours fasting this accelerates fat burning in our body.

Last method is, WARIOR DIET plan also called as soldiers diet. in this diet we have 2 meals only one meal at morning 4 am, by taking a glass of mil some fruits and vegetables No further meals up to evening 4pm. You can consume some water or drinks as we discussed earlier at evening 4pm, you can have a large meal intake with great protean sources like mutton, beef, chicken, some complex carbs and lot of vegetables. From evening 4PM-4AM no meal. only two meals This helps a lot for body builders in competitions and models so these four methods will respond differently for different people.  { Best Meal plan to lose Weight Faster }

For example in the first month i tried first plan and had a weight loss of 5-6 kg’s but my friend or you may not get that much weight loss. there is no such guarantee that this method suits you Just to conform which diet suits you the best what ever diet it is, kept genie diet or intermittent fasting diet start with a basic balanced diet for a week or so. with continuation of a low carb diet which let you know your body functioning.

If you start intermittent fasting directly which may leads to mood swings, dehydration, rise of body temperature or feeling very weak. There are so many people who quit after couple of days because of these side effects so always follow the order of balance diet, Low card diet, intermittent fasting and choose the best suits you Never every consume junk foods while on diet, You can take what ever you wish in the 8 hour eating window avoid junk and fat foods by taking more of protein food good protein and quality food will aid you in fat loss with out any muscle loss.

People who are thinking to build mussel by intermittent fasting is a vague approach. 100% intermittent fasting is for weight loss but not for mussel building. because you need to do heavy stimulant exercises where you need to take meat for every 2-3 hours to maintain your glycose levels which aids in mussel rebuild supports energy for a better work out performance. Intermittent fasting is only for weight loss or fat loss but not for mussel building so as they are many requesting asking about intermittent fasting I did this video I hope you like this see you guys see you soon.