Indian Food vs Western Food

Indian Food vs Western Food is clearly explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys,Basically lot of Trainer’s or Dietitian’s what they say is by taking Westren Foods rather than Indian Foods Fat loss or Muscle buiding will be done in the best way. Most of the people will say that if we take indian foods in that less protein will be there and no Fat loss or Muscle buiding will not be done. So is it really true? is the topic for today.

If we compare western and eastern foods, not only in nutrition, economical diffrences will be also there. For example if we see in india, In India most of the people will follow indian foods, Some of them only will follow westren foods. The ratio of the people who follow westren foods is obviously low. The people who follow westren diet will spend more money on food. The people who take indian foods will spend low to moderate budget on food.

Most of the people will say that in indian foods required protein will be not available that’s why we should not eat indian foods.If we eat indian foods muscle will not build,basically there persective is not about the availabilty of the protein in indian food, The required muscle will not build or else your workout performance will not increase Looks wise & body compostion will not be in a proper way like this they will think.

If you see my viewer’s lot of the viewer’s be like they will not use the protein as a survival source. The protein which they intake will use for their asethetic goals, muscle building or fat loss or to get a good shape to lead a healthy life style they will use it. So my viewers below to this category because i am seeing lot of them & these all belong to the same category. If i give you full of information of this topic so I can add on an extra point to you that’s why i am doing this topic.

Indian Food vs Western Food || Which is Best For Fat Loss & Muscle Building?

Basically by Eating Indian Foods only we can take the additional proteins which are there in english & westren foods. In india when a reasearch is done what has proved is In India it is proved that almost the protein sources are coming from Grains, Lentils, Cereals. These all sources are protein sources to build muscle indian foods will work extraordinarily. If we eat chicken& english foods only it will increase eating westren foods will leads to fat loss, like this there are no reasons.

But if we research the studies in india lot of popultion. For diet and food compared to the westren people they will invest less money. The people who are economically strong or going to be strong. In studies it is proved that there dietary changes are changing, dietary changes means Increasing the protein % in their diet. The people who are eating chicken weekly once they will take 2 times in a week Or else in their daily meal compulsorily adding chicken or fish or else taking paneer, like this they are increasing the protein percentage, when they are becoming ecnomically stronger.

That’s the reason for indians but not due to availability or unable to eat the protein foods, the reason is that they can’t afford or not willing to afford it. The protein sources which are there in vegeterian indian foods if we compare them to westren protein food sources both are equal. Increase of muscles or not getting good results like this nothing will be there it is only poor knowledge. Creating a misconception in the people & it is not at all a fact!

So Keeping aside the economical aspects &  poor knowledge, So Comparing to the western foods, In indian foods protein sources will be high, So do not underestimate Indian Foods. If we eat fancy foods only muscle’s will increase. if we eat broccoli, beef, chicken only muscle’s will increase should eat english vegetables compulisorly. To avoid consstipation problems should intake fiber foods, all these are baseless statements who will tell these words are the People who dont know to combine the combination.

To combine one incomplete protein source + one incomplete protein source to make it a complete protein source, they dont know to do this and they will say only words. So if we keep thoose words aside as we discussed in the last video. {Myths & Facts about Vegeterian Food Diet } The Combination of one incomplete protein source + one incomplete protein source is a protein source. So for example if we talk in our langauge we will not eat plain rice. We will combine any type of combination to rice so if we compare our foods to westren foods, all of our foods are comprises of whole grains & lentils.

Indian Food vs Western Food || Which is the Best Choice ?

So from these the required amount of protein,leucine is availabe. For muscle building, our foods will work extra ordinarily. In Our Indian Foods, abundant amount of proteins are available & also fat loss will also be done, so you must clearly know about the combination technique, So in a simple way how to set the combination of indian foods I will leave you a link in the description with simple simple examples If you need it you can see it, and it will be helpful for fatloss or muscle building that combination will be helpful because, For example with with rice we can combine rajma or dal curry or you can take with cabbage curry.

Our Indian Combination will be every meal is created as a wonderful meal we haven’t created this it is coming from our ancestors Cabbage or Ridgegourd Curry. So adding Red grams to Ridgegourd in addition to it Potato curry, So like this what ever combination we see in that there will be a plenty of protein & nutrient sources. For Example if you see any Indian Thali the required probiotics will be there. For Example Raita, Buttermilk Rasam, Bendakaya, Ridgegourd Like this all kind’s of foods are included & created wonderful nutrition is created long years ago & introduced by our india.

Due to some sites & media there is a bad publicity stating that if we take indian foods muscle will not grow & will become fat there will be no fat loss & will gain fat like this there is a bad publicity. But, if you correctly utilize indian foods you will get wonderful results You must know that combination, that’s it! Some of them will talk in a comic way stating that If you eat this indian food how will your muscle grow ? and they will give a example of gup chup or manchuria.

Benefits of Indian Food vs Western Food

These are not at all indian foods, Indian foods means Dal rice, Paramannam these all are indian foods. Thoose {gup chup & manchuria} are fast foods which are available on the streets. So Guys Summary of the video is for Survival, in indian foods protein sources are abundantly available so no doubt about it. Because our Indian foods are comprises of whole grains, seeds & lentil’s Cereals are in these forms.

Required protein sources are available 100%. For Example it may be north indian or south indian thali. The required proteins & nutrients are available 100% because it is not created now. Our ancestors created a good nutrient dense foods into a thali if we eat it Dont keep any misconceptions like fat gain & muscle gain these all will be told with lack of knowledge. So if you eat indian foods you will undergo fat loss muscle gain will also happen & you will be very healthy.

But, you should know about the combination & when, where & how to utilize it, Don’t compare street foods with indian foods. Street food means Street food & there is no relation between indian foods & street foods and thoose foods which we had discussed earlier are street foods. In indian foods required amount of protein is available.

So, Don’t understimate Indian foods. If we eat western foods only muscle will build, If we take whey protein only ,we can grow muscles, If we take supplements only we will get body.Don’t bother these words, if you eat indian foods like white rice & dal curry, Eating Broad Beans + White rice & also white rice + cabbage curry We can extra ordinarily build the muscles.So guys i hope you liked this information If you liked it comment & subscribe to our Youtube Channel. See you guys….See you soon