How to Take Pre Workout Properly

How to Take Pre Workout Properly & #1 Supplementation tips in telugu is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. So lets get into the topic of How to Take Pre Workout Properly & in a correct way.

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS So Guys Today topic is a simple topic {How to Take Pre Workout Properly} and that is One of our Insta follower has raised a simple question that is It is a very helpful and needful question and that is I am taking Pre workout Supplement while taking it i am very focussed and energetic and i am able to do exercises properly and i am feeling that my strength is increasing.

But for after 2-3 hours, I am feeling like crushed. So sometimes in the evening body is dehydrating & muscle cramps are occuring. Sometimes headache & mood swings are coming Why these things are happening? To overcome this what needs to be done is asked by my follower he is doing low calorie diet that means low carb diet so the cause for mood swings is due to low carb diet or else this is happening because of pre workout stimulant which i am taking?

How to Take Pre Workout Properly in a Right Way

So he also mentioned that brand at the end of the keep the brand aside but we will discuss about that stimulant, So my answer is what ever pre workout stimulant or supplement you are going to use for every supplement there will be time and place. For example, as a pre workout supplement if you are taking omega 3 fish oil tablets before 15-20 minutes of exercise it will go into small intestine have you faced that experience in the real time? If you faced it then you will be able to know right time to use the supplement.

So before using the pre-workout supplement i will give you a simple information before not using the pre workout supplement you need to know your full potential and full potential means  How much time you can do weight training? What are your maximum weights? So to how much extent you are maintaining your sustainability. If you have an idea about how are you maintaining you average heart rate BPM?

After this only we should introduce a natural stimulant to your body is the first step! In the first step, to tell in a simple way it is caffeine. So, Natural Source caffeine if you have take a cup of black coffee or bullet coffee it may be any caffeine Focus, concentration, strength, body temperature & blood supply will be increased after starting the exercise. So the 2nd Tip is most of the people will not do hydration while doing exercises some of them will say while doing abdominal exercises or else when ever they are in the transformation stage, they will tell they will not drink water.

Right wat to take Pre Workout Supplement

All these are MYTHS- What i am saying is while doing exercises water consumption is compulsory. So this hydration must be done in a very natural way. For example if you are a beginner or an intermediate person and you should do hydration in a way likeIn 250-300 ml of water add a pinch of pink salt in addition to this add 1 table spoon of sugar or sugar syrup if it is not available, you can also add glucose. By adding glucose, you will not get crush feeling in the evening your body will not be depleted

When ever your body is not depletion state, you will not have that crush feeling & body dehydration so your glycosine will be filled and at the same you can fullfill electrolyte balance and body will not be dehydrated. This is a simple step or if you have already introduced pre workout supplement to your body take the pre workout supplement before 20-30 minutes of your workout only take half scoop and the main thing is if you are doing muscle gain or else in the process of weight gain there is no need of pre workout supplement.

When you are doing low carb diet or low calorie diet only in the initial stages only pre workout supplement will be helpful only half scoop of pre workout supplement is required for your body. The other thing which i want to tell for the people who are taking pre workout supplement is some of them will go for a 5k run or 10k run after taking the pre workout supplement. Your Pre workout will not improve your aerobic capacity to improve your anaerobic capacity and to build strength you must take the pre workout supplement.

So most of them in you will do this mistake if their goal is weight loss or fat loss they will take pre-workout supplement and they will start working on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes. Due to this you will be exhausted for to overcome the felling of exhausted, properly use the stimulant use very low that of the required amount, mostly Focus on the recovery.

So guys keep hydrate to your body to avoid dehydration and also while doing the exercises water consumption must be altleast between 500-800 ml. So guys i hope you like this topic please like the video, comment and also comment what videos need to be done further in the comment box. See you guys… See you Soon… If you want more fitness and health tips follow me on instagram @venkat.madamala