How to Stop Farting {Flatulence} – #1 Effective Ways to Prevent Farting

How to Stop Farting {Flatulence} – Learn how to stop farting with these effective tips and remedies for gas relief. Discover natural ways to reduce flatulence and improve your digestive health. So Let’s discuss deeply on the Natural Ways to Reduce Flatulence & how can we Incorporate Probiotics into Your Diet.

Hi Guys Welcome To Venkat Fitness. So Today’s Topic is about FLATULENCE. So FLATULENCE or Protein fats both are very similar. It may be a silly topic but it is a common topic and essential for any one and any gender. For everyone it is a important topic and everyone should listen this topic because FLATULENCE is passing the gas from the digestive system. So in our human body different types of systems are there in thoose systems digestive systems is one of them.

Natural Ways to Reduce Farting {Flatulence}

In this digestive system different type of gases will be there like oxygen,nitrogen, hydrogen & carbon dioxide. So all these gases will be there due to this gases no issues will raise and no smell will come but whenever this gases are mixed with some chemicalsDue to this reason while farting unpleasant spell will come. So the reason behind it is hydrogen sulphide so the chemical which is combining with the gases is hydrogen sulphide.

Whenever hydrogen sulphide is mixing with these gases so due to this reason while farting unpleasant spell will come and if we tell in a basic way. Farting is generally done by any human 4-5 times a day. So we should not feel shy for this if the frequency is more than 4-5 times a day and while farting if the smell is very more then we should think about it why it is happening and what are the reasons for it? and how to rectify it is clearly explained by me now.

In your body different type of gut microbiomes will be there so that’s why there is a need to take Pro biotics. So everyday we will consume different type of foods. So different types of fats, proteins & carbs will be consumed by us it may be any fats like Poly saturated fats or Un Poly saturated fats or else different types of Carbohydrates and proteins. So our body will utilise the starches in the food and it will convert them into the energy and our body will utilise the starches as energy.

How to Stop Farting Immediately

So in this process when the food which we are taking is not digesting properly the gut microbiomes in our body will release different gases. So due to this gases only unpleasent will come while farting and also if we discuss about the protein fats. The people who are consuming more protein or else big big bodybuilder’s or professional athlethes and also a begineer while doing exercise’s to take good amount of protein and to build or increase the muscle mass.

By consuming high amount of protein that means consuming more than the recommended amount and they are believing less in exercise and the person’s who believe in proteins. For thoose protein fats problem will be there so due to this stomach bloating will happen in addition to this constipation problem will arise and also while farting differnt types of smell will be released. The main reason behind it is their gut is not properly digesting the food which they are taking.

So, the small intestine will not absorb the protein properly and it will sent some amount of protein to the large intestine the protein will not be digested properly and it will release some chemicals and due to this chemicals so unplesant smell will be released and how to rectify it? will be discussed now. So to eradicate or avoid the frequent problem of farting firstly the basic thing we should do is you must check whether good amount of fibre is there or not in the food you are taking.

If there is no good amount of fibre, then add it in your foods, so daily good amount of hydration is very very important. Everyday high water intake is compulsory because when ever you are consuming protein foods your gut may not digest it properly because whenever you are consuming the more amount of protein than the recommednded dosage 100% your body will not utilize it. So due this the problem arise’s and someother people will take differnt type of protein food’s & protein powder’s.

How to Stop Farting Immediately Home Remedies

For example, some food’s will not be suitable for some people due to this also farting problem may arise. For some people some protein powder’s will not be suitable for them and they are vegan and or else other than whey protein they will take plant based protein and they will identify the problem. So while farting unpleasant smell is releasing and due to this they are feeling uncomfortable, like this many people have complainted & questioned me on this?

So for them my answer is avoid the thing’s which are not suitable to your body and replace it with other foods. So due to this you and the people around you will feel happy. So if no like this, if you are taking the food again which is not at all suitable for you , you should not be in a mindset that by taking thoose foods only muscle will increase and to achieve your goal what ever food you take it will go to small intestine and if it is a protein molecule then it will change into an amino acid.

How to Stop Farting and Feel Better

It is not at all a problem to worry, if you are not understanding and if you are troubling it and if you are taking the trouble and if you are releasing the gases like bombs then your friend’s will ran away from you. If there is no option to escape, then defnitely they will take an autograph from you. So guys, for some people this problem will arise while taking whey protein bloating or farting problem.

So for this people the best remedy is before taking whey protein consume 1 glass of water or else mix yogurt in the whey protein. So clearly take the foods that contain probiotic’s then 100% your problem will be decreased. So don’t take the food’s which are not suitable to you and replace thoose foods with good amount of probiotics, dark chocolate’s, regular milk and butter milk apple’s, tomatoes, berries, cherrie’s by adding all these foods you can eradicate constipation and farting problem’s completely

Due to this you will be happy your gut will be happy and the people around you will also feel happy. So guys i had explained this topic because it will be useful to everyone. If you want any additional information regarding this topic comment your queries in the comment box and also comment the topic idea’s for next coming videos in our channel. So guys i hope you like this video, See you Guys… See you Soon…