How to Reduce Weight and Fat Loss is clearly Explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala. So Let’s Deep Dive Into the Topic. Hi guys it’s your Venkat! Todays topic is Training Fundamentals.

This is very important for everyone. for weight loss, fat loss or to maintain a healthy body muscle building or body transformation the topic I’m gonna cover is very important Because, every beginner gets confused after entering in to Gym and seeing equipment. { How to Prepare Proper Diet Plan in Telugu }

The atmosphere widgets every where make him get confused You made me to do this series. Several comments ask me “how to start exercises?” how to start weight loss? What is the diet we need to be followed? How to design a nutritional plan? How many rest days i need to take in a week? one or two Like these so many questions! about targeting abs for six pack, and all I’m getting so many messages from YouTube So for you I’m doing this training fundamental which no one yet did in TELUGU about How to Reduce Weight and Fat Loss.

Today we are going to learn basic foundation of Training Fundamentals Every beginner gets confused as he enters a Gym by seeing different weights and equipment. Firstly, You need not to get confused/tensed by looking big weights and different equipment because you need to remember 6 points, 1.Safety 2.proper weights 3. Recovery 4. Rest Day 5. Sleep and Nutrition 6. Good form. { What is Intermittent Fasting? }

So first point is Safety. What is safety? Fear of something may fall on us is safety? No, That’s not. What exercise do you do what ever weight do you lift what ever intensity you may do, First always do with light weights as you are a beginner Do with low intensity exercises. As our target is daily work out not just one day.

Fitness is the only lifetime event for all of us. So for everyday work out safety is very important Starting with light weights and low intensity is a very good point There may be several other who do heavy weights they are advanced lifters. Don’t follow them. Don’t lift the weights they did. Because firstly you can’t control the weight, Although you lift it properly you can drop it properly. In concentric and eccentric repetitions you may drop weight on yourself

This is the main reason of several injuries. Why advanced lifters do in this way? The muscle or form is not build in 10 days or so. They achieved it through consistency Consistent workout, proper nutrition made them to achieve harder muscles and high strength This gave them slowly ability and efficiency to do heavy weights. Consistent training. Keep in mind that Doing exercise daily is ‘Consistency’ not just today. Moreover, Safety means, If you are in weight training, muscle building you always need a west supporter proper gloves, and weight training shoes If you are in a weight or fat loss schedule you need shoes with good cushioning support.

In addition, always carry a personal water bottle and hand napkin. All are essential These are basics for safety measure. If you feel that you are doing exercise safely that means you already in a good form Maintaining a good form while you are doing exercise is a wonderful technic. You can achieve muscle hypotrophy easily with low weights if you are in good form Because as you are doing in good form you get muscle command, You came to know muscle insertion, origin and peak contraction, your mind literally gives you signals in every repetition Ok muscle got stretched, squeezed and active range of motions. So you need to learn good form technic Good form automatically avoids injuries.

The next one, Rest days, Lot of people have less times and wants body transformation in one month Some others say they quit everything they do and want to concentrate on fitness for next 2 months See, After consecutively missing breakfast lunch and dinner can we do all three next da morning? Like wise, Contracting a six months schedule to 2 months will never be a useful idea.

So, that why what ever exercises you with high intensity work outs, you need to take 2 rest days. As you are a beginner, as you so moderate work outs 1 or 2 rests days are mandatory Because of your muscle which was damaged need some rest, when ever you gave some recovery to your muscle the next days you can see better performance in yourself. Doing exercise is a stressful part. Beginners always feels stressed although it will be easy and comfortable once habituated So, until then, if you are in weight loss schedule as this is a stressful part you need to concentrate on central nerve system or you may face cardiac fatigue.

This reduces your energy levels and performance after 45 mins. For next day schedule with positive vibration and energy you need recovery If you are in weight training you may face muscle fatigue, muscle damage. But how it gets recovered? Only with recovery/rest days . so, weekly one/two rest days are mandatory.

The next important point, Proper weights, The key here is choosing weights if you do one kg dumbbell 20 repetitions will your muscle gets build? NO RIGHT! in contrast, if you want to do with 20 kg dumbbell 10 repetitions as a beginner can you do that? NO !!! So you need to concentrate on your one repetitions where you get 60-70% When your targeted repetitions 8-10 repetitions are done you will have control on weight.

For example when we are doing plain barbells, in chest press if our target is 10 repetitions if we load too much weight in a target of 10 repetitions we fail near 5 or 6 at least you won’t have a strength to replace it as your muscles are in fatigue already. muscle got exhausted !! to avoid muscle fatigue you need to be in good form and need to know progressive over load (The personal weight limit factor) which is very important.

Next one is recovery, Although you perform great in gym if you lack of recovery which is simply a labor work. It impacts your weight loss and muscle building, and for example if you are in weight loss schedule if you don’t sleep sleep enough which results in hormonal changes, in weight training muscles (muscle fiber tissues )will get damaged. what to do to recover these damaged tissues? sleep and recovery are very important!

Moreover, Central nerves system will also gets exhausted along with the nerves for this recovery, all our organs, our hormones need to come to recycle state for which recovery is crucial Only by doing regular workout you will achieve strongest muscles or your target. Your transformations will be systematical. With these SLEEP AND NUTRITION is very important we should always consider sleep and neutron with equal importance lot of people has 5 working days and 2 off days These 2 days they do what ever they like, But these 5 days will have good schedule like waking up at 6doing exercise , continued with a post work out meal. But those 2 days will not be on Diet. Waking up late or may be spending all night awake. moreover, They won’t follow nutritional plan these 2 days So this will never be a proper nutritional and sleep schedule. you need to have sleep and neutron al the week is that mean can’t we do cheat meal or carb cycling.

What is carb cycling and reverse diet ? how to take cheat meal? when do we need to take that? we’ll discuss in further videos as we are only speaking about sleep and nutrition, Taking a time-to-time meal in non-working days You will get better muscle ability, balanced glycerin levels, and next day work out performance will be great With these sleep of at least 6-8 hours is compulsory. { Best Meal Plan to lose Weight Faster }

Nutritional part and sleep important for everyone For both men and women, what ever target they have, transformation, weight loss, fat loss, designing a proper nutrition monitoring calories, what should my calorie intake if I’m in weight loss how to deficit my calorie count? in muscle building how to surpass calories? what are the foods you need to take? how much protein we need to consume? how many carbs we need to take ? how to design a work out program? no of muscles need to be involved? in fat loss how many moments we need to do? I’m gonna tell you all these in upcoming videos of this series. In this series we talk more about beginners work out and diet. intermediate work out and diet plan For these important tips and tricks in upcoming videos STAY TUNED to my Upcoming Blog Posts and Stay Subscribed to My  YouTube Channel.