6 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat || How to Reduce Side Fat || Oblique Variations

Hello Guys welcome to venkat fitness,It’s your Venkat. So, Today’s topic is how to reduce side fact.In the last episode we learnt how to reduce side fact and which muscles. How our body works on our nervous system.

Today we will learn what the variation to reduce the side fact now let’s talk. Oblique muscle is the main muscle group in core area In this two types of muscle fibers is there One is external oblique and second is internal oblique . along with these two We have to concentrate on the three parts and reduce the oblique fat Internal Oblique, External Oblique And transverse abdominal.

If you Concentrate on these three parts so that the Confirmed Six Pack arrives So today we will see what variation should be done to concentrate on these three parts.  These videos are about Abdominal Fat or Oblique Fat every topic I talk about It will help each and every one of you Since so many people are asking Doubts. I will create an episode and present these topics to you So Guys please don’t forget to share it and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Today we are going to look at two variation warm up before we do Oblique.You can feel that why warm up for Oblique, Warm-up is very important even before doing Oblique Why because Muscle Contraction And We Can’t Do Concentration On Muscle Fiber Without Warm Up When we warm up, our body activates and our body temperature increases automatically.

The command falls on Muscle So let’s look at the first variation. First variation is AB wheel roller It works on core and Oblique Harms should straight and back should be straight Just stretch your upper body Oblique Coming back just squeeze your arms Next variation is dead bug It increases the stability of oblique and abdominal.

Both legs in the air and hands should be up Just down your 1 leg and stretch get back Again the down your other leg and stretch Focus and attention Stretch Now we are doing main exercise for Oblique.First variation is Russian twist on Swiss ball upper body oblique face Hold your medicine Ball with your hand Legs and shoulder with the path and back should be straight Don;t flex your elbows Just drop the ball slowly And concentrate on the external Oblique And switch side. So these are the oblique variations, If you like this video Please share it and Subscribe my YouTube channel to get more updates See you  Soon.