Hello Every one Welcome to Venkat Fitness It’s your Venkat Today Our topic is How to reduce side fat So many have thought how to reduce side fat and in this reduction so many will fail what are the reasons we will see now in scientific method how to reduce oblique fat we will see now its not only for oblique fat its fats around the hips ,chest tummy etc to reduce the any muscle fat if you follow this you can achieve your target so today we are going to discuss about basic nervous system try to listen 2 or 3 times to understand this will help to reduce any muscle fat.

what is nervous system our body had SNS sympathy nervous system it has neurons it is also know as iatrogenic neurons so this iatrogenic neurons I our body release norepinephrine Harmon this will connect to end to receptors this receptors will produce alpha & beta receptors  what is alpha receptors In better of flyfosis and to stop the this phlafosis is alpha receptors and the beta receptors is in our body to reduce the fat and make the fat burn cell faster will help the beta receptors and in alpha mostly in males  Tummy, oblique and beta in females in gloves, lower body or back  fat will be deposition  alpha in females upper body ,gloves , thighs if you want to reduce that fat adipose tissue means  by activating the beta receptors and to reduce the fat cells at that particular area with different variation to send the blood flow means muscle fiber will get activate and reduce the adipose tissue not only with the beta receptors in our body thyroid , estrogen Insulin , GH adrenal glands along with this receptors plays the major role to make faster the fat burner system it will not done in over night if you do it in systematic way means easily at the particular area adipose tissue will reduce  so our body will be in flight in fight mood will be in activity why means due to release ecocline  norepinephrine Harmon  because of this fast burner system will be fast to avoid the insulin what are the steps to take  once you woke up after 30 mints take pre work out shake with including amino acids after that if you do 20-30 mints physicals activity means  any kind of exercise easily that area adipose tissue will reduce it and the second point is don’t concentrate on only oblique fat.

You need to focus on over all body fat to get reduce side fat so many will say only few variation to reduce the only side fat there is no possible that only particular areas to reduce the fat do trust all those put over all body fat as a target next taking the less food fat loss will not happen the water level in your body will decrease do not do that mistake try all type of muscle group to active  if you do only target one muscle adipose tissue will not decrease and concentrate on your sleeping pattern you need to take at least 7-8 hrs daily  because of this hormonal changes will not happen and weight loss also will be easy natural testosterone will increase if that increase fat burner system will be fast  side or hip or hamstring fat all these last stage result you will see the results first initial concentrate on belly fat.

Once the belly fat reduce in the last oblique fat so how this oblique fat was reduce we have learned now and have to do nice variations  while doing the workout what are the precautions need to take and before doing oblique warm up will be let see in next video until then be fit and be healthy guys if you like this video comment below and subscribe my You Tube channel  you see you soon.