How to Reduce Piles {Hemorrhoids}

How to Reduce piles Naturally with simple tips & remedies is clearly elaborated in the health & fitness blog post. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS Our topic for today is HOW TO REDUCE PILES. So Scientific name of piles is hemorrhoid’s. So in India more than 10 million people are being attacked by this hemorrhoid’s so this is occurring due to dehydration & not taking the enough amount of water or due to taking of spicy foods or non vegetarian foods like this so many reasons are there.

So Firstly to how to reduce piles what we should do? How many types of piles are there & what are the symptoms? Type1 External Hemorrhoids. The main pain will be at the rectum so the more pain in the rectum area while sitting feeling the discomfort, while sitting for long hours pain will occurred due to the pressures and the next symptom is anal discomfort in that area. The pain will be high swelling or itchiness some times blood bleeding will also occur. The blood bleeding will in dark colour & it is pain less the reasons for all these is improper bowel movement.

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For example the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids there will be more pain in the rectum area not only while sitting While standing, walking or what ever we do we feel discomfort In addition to the bleeding of the blood & pain what ever work we do we feel discomfort Over all reason for this is constipation Due to no Proper Motion why it is not happening because Due to improper oxygen consumption in our body that means lack of physical activity in our body or low intake of the fiber Highly Taking the Spicy foods & less consumption of water.

When ever body is in to dehydration mode compulsorily there will be an effect in our human body this is one of the part & to reduce this hemorrhoids in our diet. The fiber intake must be high and these fiber foods are whole grains & lot of vegetables & fruits Like this you must intake the food which are contain the fiber levels Most of them having doubt is daily how much fiber we should intake? Daily if you can take 20-30 grams of fiber. Maximum you can avoid these type of issues The severe condition is called as thrombus hemorrhoids thrombus hemorrhoids can be considered as advanced piles condition.

So the people suffering by this condition must consult doctor necessarily because these people will be suffered with high blood bleeding & blood clots blood will be formed into lumps soreness & pain will be very high. While walking, sitting or standing they will feel discomfort & they can concentrate on any work irritation & depression will be caused for all these the best remedy is Whether you are keeping your body in hydration or not Take water according to your body weight means 30-40 ml of water per kg body weight Coming days are summer as we discussed earlier lot of people are facing this piles problem.

We must be careful to avoid this we must intake proper amount of fiber foods & water in our diet & also should take lot of vegetables 7 fruits So what is the prevention for this? Prevention means if you observed or not it is mainly occurred in the persons with inactive lifestyle So why the reason we are seeing in them is because sitting for hours & hours. In that area the pressure is increasing rapidly & also increase in the body temperature due to no oxygen consumption means no proper flow of blood due to lack of inactivity for these people there are chances of getting these type of issues.

The best prevention for these people is to add the fiber foods in their nutrition & also should add vegetables & fruits. Water intake must be compulsory. Keep the body in hydration mode by taking butter milk, coconut water & lime juice with honey by doing hydration like this your body will not be into de hydrated mode & body temperature will not increased. The another thing to remember is In the night time you must compulsorily avoid the spicy foods, oil foods & processed foods take less amount of non veg avoid the spicy foods. The another thing is try to add 40 -45 minutes of exercises in your regular life style.

So to avoid constipation or gastric problem try to intake the rich fiber foods Plan 20 -30 grams of fiber foods daily in our diet .If you are unable to take fiber foods due to your busy schedule in the night time you can take psyllium husk fiber supplement By taking this you can avoid constipation & gastric problems. So Summary is Fiber intake must be high by taking we can reduce constipation & gastric problems. Water intake must be high by taking this our body will be in the hydrated mode Hydration Therapy is compulsory.

For not to dehydrate take low amount of spicy foods & take non veg in moderate level by doing this the body will not go to the dehydration mode. To avoid constipation problem & to increase the blood flow system & oxygen consumption daily 40-45 minutes of exercise is compulsory. To avoid hemorrhoids the best tips is to exercise daily for 30 -40 minutes Water, fiber foods & vegetables Whole grains & fiber food supplement psyllium husk and also plenty of vegetables & fruits so guys if you like this topic on how to reduce piles. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel don’t forget to share it On which topics you want videos from me please post them in the comment section See You Guys….See You Soon

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