How to reduce man boobs/chest fat/Gynecomastia (World Best Exercises) is clearly Explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala in order to reach your fitness goals in an easier and also in a correct way.

Hello guys, Welcome to Venkat fitness. It’s your Venkat!! Today we are going to discuss about Gynecomastia. Why men gets boobs, what are its causes? How to reduce it? what exercises need to be done? What foods need to be consumed? let’s discuss today.

Who gets Gynecomastia and why? Gynecomastia is chest tissue enlargement Where it happens, lower chest which is major muscle. Pectoralis Minor Muscle groups Sternal head exactly around the nipple. Other wise called as estrogen effect As more estrogen storage in the body, results in larger volume near nipple this may give pain the area.

The Main reasons for this are, women will have both estrogen and testosterone Women will have little bit of testosterone and more estrogen. men will also have both When estrogen dominates testosterone in men then you may face this problem In which stage of life it happens? for new born, or in puberty 11-13 years of age or after 50. some may not know that they have man boobs/Gynecomastia.

Because of uneven chest sizes and decides it isn’t Gynecomastia Gynecomastia doesn’t need to be both sides it can be single side So, the causes are, Secondary Lifestyle, consumption of too much alcohol or lack of physical activity. Obesity, over weight, creates hormonal changes by default Creates Hormonal Imbalance. Lack of proper neutron consumption of junk and processed foods. Moreover, tacking state drugs alcohol, heroine etc., For few kidney diseases could be a reason Improper Functioning of Liver and Testicles, or people with thyroid problem may face Gynecomastia too.

How to control Gynecomastia? can we reduce or reverse this? Reversing depends on age For example if they are in starting or mid stages we can make them normal. How? By controlling estrogen. we need to increase testosterone. How can we do that Exercise will increase testosterone. Exercising daily will boost free/ natural testosterone then dominating estrogen will decrease and can see increase of testosterone Beta receptors will activated in Lower pec muscle fiber tissues which increases blood flow When blood flow increased, all essential needs like protein, amino acids will aid in muscle repair for this process of reducing lower chest fat, First concentrate on proper neutron exercise, what ever routine you do, fat loss or weight loss or muscle building.

Always should do a chest variation after entering gym when you have Gynecomastia It can be pushups, Decline dumbbell fly, dumbbell press, barbell press, Cable cross over do any one and do your regular routine. Few may face estrogen effects later on because of anabolic steroids, estrogen boosters, or longer proacting.

Lets discuss them later To control this, should control alcohol, take proper nutrition and good work out Symptoms for Gynecomastia/man boobs are, While in apatite, estrogen forms near nipple to reduce that, first concentrate on diet. Should reduce water retention in diet which are simple carbs. But when water retention happens how can we came to know that if your normal socks leaves you marks by evening which is indication of water retention

Higher water levels means higher Aromatase enzyme and higher estrogen levels. If you are in starting stage of man boobs take less carbs which reduces water retention For example 100g of carbohydrates equals to 100g of water retention. Reduce your carbs you need not to do keto diet instead do a low carb diet balanced diet and regular exercises are enough. What ever exercise you do body temperature and metabolism will increase a lot. Do a chest related basic variation daily.

If they leave this for a while they may face tingling sensation or itching near nipples Burning sensation while sweating, Pain at site, advanced stage may get all these Consulting a good endocrinologist will help with medication in this stage. I’m a fitness training not a doctor, so usually endocrinologist will suggest medication like Estrogen blockers, aromatase inhibitors which are nolvadex, anastrozole, arimidex etc., Side effects of taking nolvadex are, I jab 1 may get reduced.

I should tell all these Please follow a professional doctor. As a fitness trainer and lifestyle coach I shouldn’t involve in here. Please consult a good doctor if you have this problem Take prescribed medication. so, focus on diet and regular exercise. What exercises need to be done? let’s see exercises for pictorial minor muscle group.

So guys, for reducing Gynecomastia/man boobs what exercises need to be done, changes in diet, decrease carbohydrates which reduces water retention hope I covered this topic very well guys. so please comment your interested topic for next video If you like this video, share and subscribe to Venkat Fitness Trainer YouTube channel. See you. See you soon….