How to reduce Cholesterol Easily and the best way to reduce or lower the cholesterol levels are explained easily in Telegu by Best South India Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala.

Hello guys welcome to Venkat fitness!! Today’s topic is cholesterol. Basically many have fear about cholesterol, But first you need to see LDL or VLDL, Thinks they are high on triglycerides This cholesterol is a fat substance. Everyone do have this either you are lean, normal or obese.

Our body itself produces the required amounts. Cholesterol is not water soluble Cholesterol plays an important role in our body. It is necessary for every function Very required. For hormones, vitamins, digestive enzymes, we need cholesterols Let’s see how many types were there. How to reduce the excess. As we discussed cholesterols won’t dissolve in water, helps in transport lipoproteins.

There are 2 types of fats, LDL which is Low Density Cholesterol or low density lipoprotein which is help full while carrying lipoprotein. This results in depositions randomly HDL, High density lipoprotein/ cholesterol. This will also transport lipoproteins but from vessels segregations residues of LDL and brings back to liver This is why other wise HDL called as good cholesterol. This reduces blood clotting in heart arteries.

For a good blood flow we must need HDL. For that we need to add mono unsaturated fats in our diet like olive oil canola oil, nuts, avocado good fats like these. taking good fats reduces LDL which is bad fat this increases your heart health, blood flow system, prevents heart problems to avoid heart problems we need to add mono unsaturated fats too.

Best example is omega 3 fats acids. In addition foods to avoid are, simply trans fats. In particular Hydro generated oils, will have trans fats for sure so, avoid processed foods, reduce trans fats, improve your heart health When you decrease your cholesterol level although you may or may not do exercise your heart health and blow flow system gets better, for people do exercise will get great work out performance.

Moreover, what foods need to be added, soluble fiber. which reduces your gastric, acidity and constipation problems This increases blood flow. gives you better digestion and gut health. for better gut health need to add probiotics, best in probiotics are froots, fiber foods and lentils whole grains, all kinds of beans, psyllium husk a fiber supplement need to be added in butter milk or water in nights reduces your constipation problem.

So higher fiber intake will helps you increase your good cholesterol levels and decreases bad cholesterol LDL and VDL cholesterols which are located in core are usually termed as visceral fat for them to reduce we need high fiber foods. when you eat more fiber you will have better digestive system and less fat deposition. Moreover to reduce VNDL we need more fiber Fiber food like psyllium husk is readily available in the market or amazon This is a great fiber supplement and you won’t get any health issues, you can use it undoubtedly.

Important thing is smoking most of you think smoking reduces you lung capacity No, smoking reduces HDL percentage in your body which are good cholesterol. Bad cholesterol level LDL levels increases, which leads to, blood clots in vessels for purifying blood clots we need HDL support. lesser HDL level stops your heart health improvement there were chances of heart issues and heart attacks. That’s why people who smoke have more heart problems Studies also says excess alcohol consumption will increase your cholesterol levels and heart problems moreover, you may get obese.

So guys summary is that cholesterols are good. Good amount of cholesterol are really good with several benefits. vitamin D all essential hormones, need good cholesterol to produce. If this is good cholesterol your work out performance quality of life will get increases a lot. Bad fat/ Trans fats resulting in health issues so, avoid bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol intake keep fit and keep healthy what ever diet you do for reduction pf cholesterol in your body 30-40 mins of physical activity is compulsory I hope you like this topic guys… see you, see you soon…For more Fitness Tips Subscribe to Venkat Fitness Trainer YouTube Channel.