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It’s your Venkat today. I want to let’s discuss something how to reduce chest fat, or sageness of the chest man boobs euros mana topic intended chest fat Miele reduced Cisco early athlete just fine deposition about Anika Castle raisin same thing he learned the best variations to packet I’m low awkward enough fat and reduce yellow euros want to discuss gender yeah exercise channa a muscle pain. We were chatting on conifers amazingly in the depth of knowledge. 

Michael hunt a imagine origin and insertion green Dakota macaque idea was in the Allah a concentric mode and eccentric model of my concentration and muscle contraction me to feel like a fat-burning system an ADIZ like p rigatoni a la our fat cell size a particular area love that ironic chances something so there are four muzzle groups in the chest the first one is pictorial major and pictorial minor, and serratus anterior, and subclavius pictorial measures are the longest longer muzzle in the chest it has two-part the one is an upper portion it’s called the clavicular head.

And the second one is lower portion it curls sternal headers tender costal head each chest fat or indica deposition out in the chairman the content an oral body antibody on the name but yes at says Kunekune cha quadriga yes codon equipment your t-shirt says contain our outfit an ad comfort feel on to the to save later on come true and feel it under because of chest fat we like you overall the body and abundant in the chest alone of fat deposits nine to me will encounter mega towel under of fit.

Gyaru Naka colicky problem than done well there it’s wrong Preity Manisha body low-fat deposition different areas flow carry chills now, sir, only without taking fat a man she wounded but tendons images genetical factors of virtue latent Avala lifestyle in the show, so you learn to Carmela Korda mala so reason st. is just fat better than reasons basically obesity or which like I said in real lifestyle like a hormonal change like of activity and low testosterone levels that is called gain canasta and drastic weight loss challenge weight loss sign there or the chess Agnes granny like with the obliques agnes can even take extreme weight loss.

 I like fatty foods and mostly alcohol intake valve lock order chest fat but had any chances on a test show Shirin fuggawalla estrogen levels parity gynecomastia chance of some time, so ye chest fat introduces a Mundo first to make a muzzle origin make the occurred start openly inception in teen origin insertion me coke idea was they are chases up a range of motion and eccentric and concentric molar we’re using a muzzle hit JC Amma’s alone fat cell they don’t know Danny sighs Introduced shaytanic e-channel Aku time low me raising efforts better Danika chances Sunday so chase slow origin hunting sternal head and clavicular hedge alike in Section coda both modules sternal head and clavicular heads but it’s located on the humerus, which is longer bone and a prom it’s like here origin a particular doesn’t move anything myself origin edit or not a particular drive over them in a section is movable, so this is insertion chest origin module.

Integra clavicular head and sternal head, so you insert in them, you need to feel on insertion like this, just man push a snapper over the leg with a dumbbell presses inevitably the push up chase an apple to any pressure fly moment isolation moment or component me ranges Chester related variations Mir consonant shells in the muzzle pain a concentration and muzzle contraction along with insertion moment along the arrange of motion internet the mono consonant shel shalom Andy Shh they say.

The produce chase some mistakes in today our concentration chest pain onto the first entirely okay ten now 1500 chaining and a triceps and exhaust hypothec, so it’s wrong me I targeted modulated on the particular our muscle may prove they were Currently, that is called isolation variation, so isolation is a Lokhande mere semi compound movement or compound moment more local they so animal group zoo animals Andean veloute so Mir particular muscle Pina effect on it the continent so now coming to the point so targeted Missoula Chi sternal head lower chest the upper chest a clavicular leader low fat deposition anything you have or he could have so ia the lower chest so ye lower chest Newman on target Allah paid to go early variations to more comfortable Amazon hit Chile permanent Saddam so let us start with England push-ups for reducing chest fat on the lower chest, keep your hands shoulder-width apart and legs should be shoulder-width apart and back should be straight while coming down.

You know to keep your elbows like 70 or 60 degrees hanging when you are coming up, you should focus on the lower chest. It’s called standard wrestle head and squeeze and controlling drop and coming up squeeze and breath out keep your neck neutral spine the next one is declined press compiled the next one is decline dumbbell press.Rotations the next one is cable crossover concentrate or sternal head that means flow chest. The next one is single arm cable crossover with Christine. It would help if you twisted your palm and concentrate on your chest, so this lower chest low-fat reduction goes on a total of five variations melange is now so you can do each variation 15 to 20 repetitions do two sets of each Variation. So this I hope you like this topic and If you like this topic please share it and subscribe my channel guys see you soon.


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