How to Reduce belly Fat ( 5 Intensive Lower abdominal Workouts)

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Today let’s discuss how to reduce fat in the lower abdominal.In less time how to reduce fat at lower abdominal with top 5 intense workouts i will show you.

We Can Do the exercise regarding how to reduce belly fat in 4 Variations.Let us Discuss Each Variation in Detailed.

So Guys First Variation is Weighted Crushes.

First Variation : Take Dumbbell or Plate or take any weight or take one bottle.weighted crushes legs shoulder apart.Back should be flat with a Neck Neutral spine just crunch concentrate upper ab and medium abdominal and lower Ab You have to concentrate on lower Ab when coming up.And Drop controlling manner and coming up fast.And slowly down and inhale.and then while coming up breath out ( exhale ).While dropping maintain a slow tempo

Second Variation : Coming to the Next variation Weighted Single Arm Sight Crunch It works on our middle and transverse abdominal that means lower Ab Arms should be straight.While coming up you need to twist your body like this And Concentrate on transverse abdominal and external obliques Don’t pull your neck either front or back. Neck must be Neutral spine. You just need to isolate your abdominal. And while dropping slowly in a controlled manner While coming up,breathe out while coming down breathe in you should squeeze your abdominal as much as possible.

Third Variation : Next variation Weighted Leg Raises Slightly bend your legs. Both hands under your hips. for lower back support.And Lift all the way and slowly come down to the controlling manner.Concentrate on lower and slowly down.

Fourth Variation :Next variation Weighted Side wipers It works on external abdominal that means side and lower abdominal. SpiderMan Plank: It works on external obliques and transverse abdominal.Hands Shoulder with apart and close your palms for more strength and elbow equal to shoulder line and back should be straight. Don’t do up or down Just take your leg like this and breathe out So while your leg comes up breathe out. So guys while doing these abdominal exercises don’t forget to do warm ups and after workout cool down means don’t forget to do back strengthening exercises.So Guys if you like the topic please like and subscribe to my channel.

How to Reduce belly Fat  :