How to Prevent Bacterial Infections

How to Prevent Bacterial Infections & how to eradicate them to affect our body is clearly explained by cerfified celebrity fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. How to boost/increase your immune system? How to avoid infections & bacterias to our body.

This is the part 2 of the topic. So in part 1 { How to increase or boost immune system} we had discussed about what are the basic ancestary habits? We had discussed about the 5 basic tips & if we add thoose in our regular lifestyle Your immunity will be boosted 100% no doubt about it. If in any case if you are infected with any bacteria How it will be attacked? If we discuss about the openings in our body as we already discussed 3 layers of defence mechanisms are there.

How to Prevent Bacterial Infections {2022}

In thoose three the first one is SKIN now we will discuss about the 2nd one. So in our body some openings are there thoose openings are MOUTH, EARS, NOSE & EYES. These are the 4 openings in our body so from these 4 openings any bacteria or foreign bodies will enter into our body & we may get attacked then How to eradicate & avoid them?

That’s why many of them will tell Mask or Face sheild is compulsiory. While wearing all these also in some cases some times when we are giving handshake with others & also keeping the hands in dust or else when we touched the objects which are touched by the infected persons and when ever we touches the eyes or nose with the hands there are changes of being infected.

In that case which type of defence mechanism will be helpfull in our body will be discussed now what ever food you take let us assume it will come from one tube & exit from the other tube. Because our body will not be in a rounded or in bowl shape let us assume it is a series of tube.

So it will be in from esophagus & veins and it will go from the other tube. In this process the bacteria will come from either from the nose or mouth. The first thing which is going to protect is Mucous Membrane, Suppose if you are infected you will fell slightly hot in your eyes and from your nose some fluids will be released.

It will be in the white colour the mucous will kill the infection in your body & it will try to send out it from your body. We will feel that we may be affected with fever and body pains. Because you are infected inside in the process of killing & fighting with that infection. It will increase your body temperature and it will exit that in the form of a fluid. So the duty done by mucous is cleaning It will be there in your overall body. So in this process it will increase the temperature of our body so to fight & to kill the infections this mucous memberane will be helpful due to this only the body temperature will be increased because to kill them.

So guys if you want indepth information about mucous, skin & passages comment in the comment box I will do a video on it skin means it is not related to beauty tips. My intension is what ever topics & information i am giving if you take that right information. If you avoid the wrong information which know your immunity will be boosted for sure. So for example many of them will say i had travelled for 2 days & i had put mask and i did not remove either in the train or bus. Despite of doing all this i am infected with cold and corona they will say is my immune system is weak?

So what i am saying is keep aside whether your immune system is weak or not if you check your background in thoose 2 days if you are being infected begin putting the mask all time. The first thing is when ever you are sacrifing your sleep or else any food changes or food infections happened to you no Hydration.In addition to this if there is no proper nutrient supply to your body. When ever stress levels are higher. If all these things are happening your immuno supress will be done your immunity will be compromised. So when ever immuno supress happened the chances are very high to be attacked with paracites or bacteria your immunity will become small when compared to their strength.

So then the attacking chances are very high that’s it, it doesnt means it came from mask even if you are masked.When you check your background just recollet these things so to not happen like this first concentrate on your sleep also focus on a goood nutrient supply So proper diet and supplementation Focus on moderate amount of exercises.

Due to this your immunity will be 100% boosted when ever you embured in water or in rain water or else when ever you go into a foggy places there is no thing like that you will be infected with cold, fever, bacteria & corona if we think like that in the cold or hill areas people liveing there are embured daily they should be infected with cold daily isn;t it?It’s not right, check your background whether you are sacrifing your sleep Is there is no proper nutrition supply or it is about body dehydration once check it properly.

To boost your immunity your body will go to adaptable mode wity these basic steps. For the people whoose age is 60+ there immune system will be weak. So for them which type of protocol should be used will be discussed furter so as we discussed the first layer of defence mechanism is SKIN.

The first barrier which will not allow any bacteria or paracites into our body is skin, So next one is mucous, So this mucous if any bacteria enters into our body. The work of this mucous is to eradicate & to kill that bacteria 2nd layer & 3rd layer for any instance if any bacteria enters into your body, these 2nd & 3rd layers will protect you to eradicate & kill that bacteria.

So guys in our body there are leukocytes cells these are also called as whiteblood cells. So these are originated from the stem cells in our body in our stem cells leukocytes & WBC will be released In our body different types of stem cells are there most of them to boost their immune system they will inject these stem cells so in our body there are hematopoietic stem cells From this hematopoietic stem cells red blood cells are produced these hematopoietic stem cells will present in a bone marrow.

If we combine all this then it reffers to the immune system when ever any bacteria or a parasite doing damage to our organs the white blood cells in our body will not repair them these white blood cells will tend to fight with them.As we discussed earlier if we are injured, at that spot blood clot will happen and their some fuss will be created white blood cells accumulation will be happened there they will help in the way to not send that bacteria into our body Cytokines are the cells in our body helps to repair that damaged cells like IL-1 1, IL-6 Cells they will repair the damaged body cells & it is 2nd type of defence mechanism 1ST defence mechanism is SKIN, 2ND defence mechanism is MUCOUS, 3RD defence mechanism is INTERLINKING defence mechanism system.

If any bacteria or parasites entered into your body y our adaptable system will produce antibodies. So when ever it produced antibodies these antibodies when produced that means your body is infected. So if you are infcted with corona & later on it was cured in your body antibodies will be more for the next 2 to 6 months antibodies will be there you will be immuned to that corona so in the next time if you are infected with the same virus or bacteria to fight and refine with them these antibodies will be helpful.

So ths adaptive system will mimic that bacteria & virus Mimic means creating the duplicate of the previous one’s. If our human body is affected with the same virus or bacteria to refine from that bacteria & viruses adaptive system will be used. Our body will produce different types of chemicals from our skin different types of chemicals will be released these are not that much harmful but they are chances of getting infections & rashes

Please santize your hands after shake hands, Try to avoid the shake hands You will have additional benefits if you avoid them in this hard times. There will be no losses if you do & necessary precautions must be taken What is the work for the innate immune system in your body means? when ever the bacteria or virus enters into your body If it is not recognised by white blood cells or defence mechanism.

This innate immune system will recognize that and it will help in attacking them. For Example if you have taken any tablet or chemical when the reaction is different then your body temperature will be increased, Heart reat will increase and also sweat will come. The antibodies which are created in our body are called as IgM & IgG Ig means Immunoglobulin.

If you want to check your immunity it will be dependent on this IgM & IgG levels you can check your antiobodies & immunity level. If you have higher levels of IgM & IgG levels that means your body is infected & the antibodies number is high. So guys till now we had discussed about to protect from bacteria and virus to not to enter in to your body skin will be helpful If attacked then the 2nd & 3rd defence mechanisms will be helpful to fight aganist them now we will discuss about the precaurtions which are to be taken. So to keep your immune & defence system strong or properly the first thing you should do is you should keep the mucous membrane cells & lining properly.

For eample if you are having the microbiome in nose this microbiome will not let any bacteria to go & it will protect you So this microbiome will not let it go inside, if you observed or not. If you are infected from your nose a Liquid will come which is in the yellow colour that means you are infected and to eradicate that and to send that out this microbiome will be helpful.

So if we protect this we will not get infected fastly So guys in addition to this you should focus on nasal breathing so lot of people when they are doing the breathing exercises they will inhale and exhale from mouth. So obviously it is a involuntary system when ever you are doing high intensity exercises, eating & drinking we will inhale it from the mouth if not like this when ever yo do steady state cardio or normal walking.

In the regular activities you can eradicate the sinus problems with this nasal breathing. For your migrane problems also the best tip is nasal breathing. Due to this nasal breathing we can eradicate & prevent the bacteria & parasites to not to enter into our body. So guys till now we had discussed about our body not to get infected with any bacteria, parasites or foreign bodies with the precautions and also we had discussed about the types of defence mechanisms & how it works.

Summary for the Topic How to Prevent Bacterial Infections

So the final summary is basically the immune system how much should be there is there for you to increase the immunity heavily thoose are not muscles so firstly to boost your immune system Basically first follow the ancestary habits Focus on the nutrition take essential vitamins, minerals & vegetables. Wear mask when you are going outside & hydration is important what ever exercise you do weekly 160 – 180 minutes is enough.

Remember it due to this your productivity will be increased a Target will be created for you your immunity will not be surpressed or compromised and it will be boosted. So currently now a new wave omicron is there so it is a flu and to eridcate this you should boost your immunity.

Take indian foods which contacins turmeric, black pepper in your diet Daily drink hot water in that mix turmeric & tulasi leaves Lemon which contains vitamin c & in addition to this black pepper Cinnamon Powder by mixing these with the hot water and if you drink your immunity will be boosted. So Guys i hope you like this topic If you like this topic comment your opinion & also Don’t forget to subscribe my channel See You Guys…See You Soon…