How To Prepare Proper Diet Plan in Telugu is clearly Explained by Certified Celebrity Fitness Trainer Venkat Madamala.  Hi guys it’s your Venkat, welcome to Venkat fitness so in our training fundamental series we are covering nutritional part.

Today we are going to learn, as a beginner what are the foods you need to take, timings and what should be your main part of concentration so as a beginner everyone should have a capacity to control their insulin levels irrespective of your diet if you are a beginner you need to concentrate on insulin capacity. What ever your transformations goals are like weight loss, fat loss muscle building or a six pack, if you are unable to control insulin levels (taking more carbo hydrates) your insulin levels gets a spike.

This is due to different hormones in our body leptin, insulin and ghrelin, which have different roles in our body. so let’s know about them firstly leptin, when ever you are consuming some food, you feel full and completed this is because of leptin hormone release near your brain this passes a signal to your brain saying I got enough satisfaction from food. { Intermittent Fasting }

Secondly, ghrelin. This is the hormone creates a sensation of apatite or hunger in you by sending a signal to your brain with a starving mode which means the feeling of huger or apatite so, when ghrelin gave a signal to your body, your body immediately start releasing glucocon and starts starving mode and says you to take some food.

Glucocon is a contrast hormone to insulin. Insulin levels becomes high after food intake, most of the people has a misconception that protein food won’t increase your insulin levels what ever food you consume like chips or chicken or eggs some insulin will always gets produced if your insulin got spiked or release that means you consumed some food but, your insulin levels depends on what food you take for example, chicken don’t add insulin when compared with normal carbs but the amount like 10% or 20% or 30% depends on your other food intake, Insulin production is so common what ever food you take. { Simple Tips to Increase Biceps }

Then what are the food you need to avoid? You need to avoid foods that creates high insulin level except for a pre or post work out intakes which need foods with fast acting carbs or fast acting proteins with a glycemic index helps you maintain you’re metabolism to go anabolic state.

How to do this diet plan? How my hormones behave because of this diet plan? let’s see now. Firstly, we are taking about Break fast. Breakfast a very important meal because your body is in fasting state from last 8-10 hours up to morning 7 or 8 AM. This reduce carbohydrate reserves in your body and lesser glicosin in your lever and body which means body is in catabolic stage So that’s why you always need to take a meal with in one hour after you woke irrespective your targets like fat loss or weight loss muscle building or transformations you need to take 1st meal in one hour after you woke up.  { What is Estrogen Hormone in Telugu }

This accelerates fast loss along weight loss and saves your muscle or else body goes to catabolic stage where your can do al of these. so morning break fast is must break fast itself means breaking the fasting your are doing by filling glucan levels after 8-10 hours. What are the foods you can take? For example, people who do late night workouts wakes at 10-11 and have no time for break fast takes lunch directly, which itself is your breakfast. you can design this breakfast as

First, assume you are in weigh loss schedule, and doing cardio vascular exercises with an empty stomach which gives you faster weight loss and easy of doing!! yes you are right! when you are doing these exercises, you can boost your metabolism by taking fast acting proteins /carbs after 20-30 mins of work out You will get tons of energy by this and feels energized because of higher insulin got produced.

When blood glucose levels got increased you’ll get tons of energy and your mood, concentrations and performance gets much better. That’s why you need to take after cardio. What? You can take whey protein, fruits, complex carb, or a protein bar Or else you can consume a glass of milk, eggs which are simply fast acting proteins Eggs and mils will gives you immediate energy by directly hitting blood and increases your work out performance.

What else you can consume? Oats, musseli are good options. Few feel oats are boring you can make this good by combining oats with whey protein, egg whites or can make oats tiffin’s like upma, idly or Dosa and several other variants of your choice World wide, entire family of fitness and athletes always prefer oats as their first choice oats are fast acting complex carbs with almost no fat deposition and better metabolism body absorbs energy slowly when you take complex carbs giving long lasting energy that’s why you don’t feel hungry immediately. oats helps a lot, you can mix egg whites, sweet potato or museli if you wish. { How to reduce chest fat }

Foods to AVOID in break fast simple carbohydrates, like white rice, white bread, which spikes your insulin really fast this results in a really fast decline in insulin too. which will gives you apatite shortly just in 1-1.5 Hours  you can stop this by adding complex carbs.

Then second meal, snack the benefits include, if you take a snack after 2-3 hours of break fast when you are already in fat/weight loss and in the process of increasing your metabolism, fat burning, and you feel hungry. In this stage if you still don’t take anything your body goes to catabolic state which makes you to loose both fat and muscle loss so, you should take a snack at that time

what you can take at this time? Simply milk or eggs or whey protein or fruit or brown bread with peanut or almond butter You can maintain your glicosin levels by having a snack and will be active up to lunch you can take any fruit or brown bread or kasin protein. If you take kasin protein you won’t get hunger feel for next 2-3 hours, with slow digestion and high energy balance if you don’t like kesin protein you can take normal whey protein along with some50grams of curd or Greek yogurt which will be indirect form of kasin (probiotics).

So, the next meal lunch, Cross or low calorie diet with only chicken or with some veggies which makes lot of fat loss you had a great workout session in mornings, in some work because of your life style what type of foods you need to take? will Explain in My Next Blog Post So Until then for my Latest Fitness Video’s Check Out my YouTube Channel.