How to maintain your MUSCLES PROPERLY in a natural way and also facts about  Myostatin Inhibition is clearly explained by celebrity fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post.

How to maintain your MUSCLES PROPERLY ?

Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. So many of them will keep unrealsistic & unnatural goals. For Example most asked question by many is from the past 3 to 4 years i am doing workouts regularly without misssing any day. Nutrition is ON POINT. Taking supplementation on & off, Sleep Pattern is also good.

So everything is in a proper way and also taking a proper guidance but Why my muscle is not maintained properly? Why the linear muscle growth is not coming? Why my phsique is not becoming like body builders? This is the doubt for many.

To maintan that much muscle what should we do? Which Supplements Should we take? What type of Exercises we should do? For lot of people there is a small misconception when ever they watch videos To become muscular or else to increase their vascularity or to put on their muscle mass.

Are these exercises to be done or these type of foods we should eat? Like this so many of them are having their doubts. Coming to the point if your age is 25 years your body will maintain your muscle according to your age this is because of MYOSTATIN Protein or Amino Acids,So this MYOSTATIN Protein or Amino Acids.

How to maintain your MUSCLES PROPERLY in a Natural Way

It will maintain the required muscles according to your age. So it is a NATURAL PROCESS there is no need to make in un natural. So it will maintain the muscles regarding to your age, Myostatin will determine the muscle mass according to your age. For Example if you observe I will do exercise for 2-3 hours in morning & evening sessions and become like hulk, He-Man & Mr. Olympia, I will eat 10 eggs in the morning & eat 0.5 kg chicken in the night.

What ever things you do or if youthink about un natural way &keep un realistic goals there will be a chances of getting side effects. So if you keep a goal to be like Mr.Olympia you should focus on so many factors. Because in our body different systems will be there and different mechanisms will work. All these are for brain surivival from the different systems. Like from circulatory system to reproductive system what ever nutrients you are taking will be supplied to your body and organs.

After the enough supply is done, Remaining nutrient supply & raw materials is for your muscle. To put on your muscle mass & to main muscle mass to increase your skeletal muscle it will be helpful. Because Body building is a luxury & extreme sport It is a 24/7 Sport If you exercise for 2-3 hours dont put un realistic & un natural goals to become like mr. olympia because Mystotain will determie your muscle depending on your age.

So what will happen if this Mystotain decreases? You have seen a lot in the google images that some of the cats, dogs, horses & bulls will be very muscular.Some of the dogs are very muscluar & they will have big muscles by seeing like this we many think that what supplements are taken by these dogs? What type of foods they are taking & what exercises they are doing ?

In california university they have studied about these the reason behind being bulk is myostatin levels are inhibited. When ever myostatin inhibition takes place muscle growth will be there when ever the inhibition is done thet will look muscular & bulky. The reason behind the animals look bulk is the myostatin inhibition not that they are taking supplements & foods so these are un natural results ,these are not at all natural results.

What ever things we do against to the nature will leads to un natural results & side effects Some of them will have doubt that is – Is really myostatin inhibited? Yes of Course – Myostatin Inhibition will be done for body builders. They will take enhancers or inhibit myostatin to increase their workout performance levels.

Due to this their workout performance will improve at the same time myostatin will be inhibited & muscle growth will be heavy.They are only focussing on as much as they can to increase or bulk up their muscle mass like extreme muscle mass in a detailed manner with low body fat. This is the main concept that’s it!

So there goal is to as much as to increase or bulk up their muscle mass in a detailed manner with high definition & maintaing the low body fat. To maintain that symmetric look they will do these normal civilian, gym goer or a regular job holder, Fitness model or a Fitness Trainer.

There is no need for the normal persons to inhibit the myostatin Why i am particularly saying about this lot of people are asking me questions on Which supplement is good to take? All are asking about fat burners & proteins.They are only thinking about supplements & proteins. So these all are looking for the other way.For Example what you see your action will be the same way So what you see your action also will be in the same way.

If you see in a negative it will be negative, if you see in a positive way it will be positive. It’s like a newton law.If you think you can do it in what ever you like. So what ever un natural substances you taken you will get un natural results and in addition to this you should face the un natural consequences.

It’s like a NEWTON’S Law- For Every action there will be an equal & opposite reaction.What ever work you do or What ever you see there will be a compulsiory reaction. For Example in the next week you are having an exam.So you have not studied well previously.Now you have spent 15 or 16 hours in a day for studying for a weekHere the negative thing is you have sacrified your sleep So it is a negative effect.

Summary of the Topic How to maintain your MUSCLES PROPERLY

For every thing there is a negative and you should cut it Think in a positive way.To gain positive results you must have an realistic goal you must put a natural goal for 1 year how should be your transformation done? For International body builders they are having experience more than 15, 18 or 19 years.They all are trained under big big trainers by watching some videos or seeing some supplementation brands. Dont fall for marketing stunts & dont go in a wrong way Don’t dehydrate your body & dont get into different different issues Fix natural goals and think in a realistic way. Be Fit & Be Healthy Guys. I hope you like this video. See You Guys…. See You Soon