How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss (Follow these 4 Tips)

How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss by following 4 simple tips is clearly explained by certified fitness trainer VENKAT MADAMALA in this fitness blog post. Hi Guys Welcome to VENKAT FITNESS. Today’s Topic is all about So in the Weight loss/ Fat Loss Journey Is it true that there will be muscle loss? So how to save your muscle mass In your weight loss or fat loss journey.

So the most commonly asked question by every one is while undergoing weight loss or fat loss muscles will be sacrified which type of dietary principles we should follow? which type of Exercise Protocol must be followed? How to save the muscle? Even if we are trying so hard to save the muscle, muscle loss will be compulsorily done or not? Like these people are having lot of doubts

So lot of people will undergo fat loss or weight loss transformations but in these 99% of the people will be there with the muscle loss because they will not have an idea about proper nutrition plan or else they will not know about the proper workout pattern. They will follow others so the topic for today is to breakdown all the myths by saving the muscle how to undergo weight loss/ fat loss journey done in a proper way is the topic for today. So guys how to save your muscle in this weight loss/fat loss journey i will explain you clearly in 4 Tips.

#1 of How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss

So Tip No 1 is so if you want to undergo weight loss/ fat loss you all know that you need to make a Calorie deficit. Calorie Intake is most Important for Example How will you design your calorie intake? It will be depend on your body fat percentage if your body fat percentage is very low & if you are maintaining Calorie deficit what will happen First muscle loss will happen. If you have a very low body fat when you had done extreme exercises, high intensity exercises. Comparing with others if you follow low calorie diet, first thing that happens is muscle loss only!

Other than this you will not find great changes in your body who will get the changes means An obese person whoose weight is around 100 – 120 kg’s and his body fat percentage will be around 30% If he takes 2-3 meals also the fat in his body means extra fat it will be utilised as energy by their body. If a normal individual or a person wh has low body fat follows orcopy this type of pattern muscle loss will happen.But for an obese person weight loss & muscle loss will be happened.

So many of them having doubt that is my body fat % is all good the Percentage is very moderate & required but i want to undergo fat loss what should i do? is the doubt for many. How many calories should i take? It’s Very simple try to take less than 15 to 25% less than that of your maintenance calories. If you exceed this to 40-50% only muscle loss will happen you should not compare with an obese person if an obese person reduces his calorie intake to 40-50% or if he do calorie deficiet without muscle loss he can undergo weight loss & fat loss.

But in your case the 1st thing that happens is muscle loss for the persons who are having low & moderate body fat if these people follow extreme level of calorie deficiet only muscle loss will be happened because in an obese person extra fats will be used as energy by their body it will not work for a normal person who is having low body fat %.

Every one will do the same mistake & only muscle loss will happen so one of my friend who’s weight is 90 kg’s has been reduced to 70 kg’s in only 4 months by seeing this if a person who’s weight is 65 kg’s follows the same diet It is a mistake & this will be done by so many people Here the important thing is how many calories you are taking?

So the common mistake done by many people is the mistake done by them in their weight loss/fat loss journey is their main focus will be on the numbers & calorie intake. Factors like intensity, work stress, sleep their nutrition timing & activity they will not focus on these.By not considering all these factors, they will say i am taking low calories but i am not loosing the weight calorie intake is just a number that’s it!.

It is for a basic idea for us & it need not to be on point because for every food If you check in different different apps there will be different diferent calorie values mentioned over there so we will choose the values approximately. For Example if we are taking 1500 calories how much should be our calorie expenditure? If this much calorie expenditure is there, how much time gap should be maintained from meal to meal? You got to know about the nutrition timing.

By knowing ths nutrition timing in the next step you will make a mistake and that is keeping another goal & no one will keep it MICROCYCLE. If we are in the fat loss journey So for 1 week what type of changes are taking in this microcycle you must check the progress. So if we keep a macrocycle or a mesocycle, Mesocycle means 1 month What changes are happened during this 1 month in your body?

By tracking your weekly & monthly progress take your overall body measurments & check whether there are any changes in your boody composition whether there are changes in body fat or not? Check the changes regarding your weight loss 7 fat loss then you wil have clarity over you. So when ever you are putting this monthly weight & BMI checks By saving the muscle your weight loss & fat loss journey will be in a systematic way.

#2 of How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss (Follow these 4 Tips)

So the TIP NO 2 Is In this TIP NO 2 the important point is for every one In their fat losss/ weight loss or in their cutting schedules. Every one will assume & do that is we should do heavy repetitions with light weights there should not be rest between set & set. Here weight’s does not matter it may be 2 or 3 kg’s we should do repetitions around 100 & 150 this is not the right thing.

Everyone doing the same mistake like this & you should not do it If you are in calorie surplus or in strength training with what weight you are performing you should so with the same weight. Maintain the same weight & protocol whether you are in fat loss or cutting schedule.

Suppose in the strength training if you are doing chest press of 50 kg’s with 10 repetitions & 3 sets what you must do in the fat loss or in the cutting phase? Every one will do 20,30,40 repetitions with 15-20 Kg’s you should not do like this. By doing like this your intensity & heart rate will not increase when ever there is no increase in heart rate, muscle contraction & muscle pump will not be created your muscle mass will not be maintained. If muscle strength will not be maintained, muscle loss will happen when ever there is a struggle in the muscle, muscle strength will be maintained.

While doing heavy repetitions with the light weights, intensity & heart rate will not increase and due to this there will be no changes in the body fat & your intramuscular fat also will not be decreased. Previously in strength training you had done with 50 kg’s of weight, 10 reps into 3 Sets Maintain the same in your weight loss/fat loss.

Basically you are in fat loss journey/calorie deficit you can lift the weights to the maximum extent beyond that you can’t. So you can do your maximum capacity of 50kg’s Do 2 to 3 Reps less no problem do 50 kg’s by doing like this your muscle mass will be maintained please avoid these type of mistakes which were done by many.

#3 of How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss (Follow these 4 Tips)

So Tip No 3 every one knows to under go fat loss/ weight loss calorie deficit should be done. But here the problem is that every one will get bored for eating same types of foods for weeks & months .For Example if you are taking 1500 calories you will feel bored to take 1500 calories daily because you don’t have an idea to manipulate the calories some days you will have cravings over the food get togethers will happened. In thoose times if they take 200 – 300 calories additionally they will get disturbed & demotivated so for all these type of people what i am saying is keep weekly progress & how much is your weekly calorie intake?

For example you had put 16000 Calories/Week. In 16000 Calories.Take 1300- 1400 calories for 2 days in a week and maintain calorie deficit perfectly like 3rd day or 5th day in the week.Rest of the 5 days should be maintained at 2400 – 2600 calories if you do like this also you will consume 16000 cal/week only. By doing like this fat loss/weight loss will be happened & muscle will also be saved so when you are following the diet you will not get a feeling of bored or sacrified you can enjoy the food, without any mood swings you can be very happy & there will be very less stress.

Some times there will be a feeling of stress when you started doing exercises and diet to avoid that feeling you should know how to manipulate the diet you should follow on & off technique. Taking low calories for 2 days in a week & properly taking the calories in the remaining 5 days. But we should take the enough number of calories in a week. So by giving small shocks to your body & muscles you will not get a bored feeling & your exercise performance will also increase.

#4 of How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss (Follow these 4 Tips)

So finally i am telling you the TIP NO 4 that is the common mistake done by the people in their weight loss/ fat loss journey is they will keep the fats pecent zero. IT IS A BIG MISTAKE YOU SHOULD NOT DO LIKE THIS. You should consume fats what ever schedule you are following your body requires essential fatty acids & good fats.

It may be strength training, size training, weight loss, fat loss or lean muscle mass what ever you do you have to make sure you should involve the good fats & essential fatty acids in your diet plan by taking this your mental stability will be increased & your mind will be very focussed For Brain functoning & hormones which are required for muscle building will come from essential fatty acids & good cholestrol.

There are chances of getting harmonal problems for the people who are following zero fats diet IT’S PROVEN. Thoose ho are taking zero there is a decrease in the levels of testosterone & increase in the levels of estrogen like this hormonal problems will arise because the hormones like testosterone & estrogen are produced from? It is produced from good cholesterol.

The good cholesterol in your body will produce testosterone & estrogen so if there is a decrease in this there will be a chance of decrease of VITAMIN D, If there is decrease in VITAMIN Muscle loss, mood swings & joint problems will arise DON’T DO THESE MISTAKES, Compulsorily Try to add to add essential fatty acids & good fats in your diet

So Totally 4 TIPS Calorie deficit must be done depening up on your body fat %, Exercises must be done but not with the light weights, Lift the maximum weights which you had previously done You can lift the maximum weight. Because your body knows when to stop it dont do 200 reps with 2 kg’s in one set. If we do like this fat loss will be done dont follow these type of myths your thermosenesis & fat burning system will not be increased with out increasing the intensity you can’t do anything and also including the fats in your nutrition.

Remembering all these points & if you can implement this in your life style or in your daily activity you can achieve your goal 100% like fat loss/weight loss without muscle loss. So Guys i hope you like this topic on How to LOSE FAT with out Muscle loss. See you Guys…. See You Soon