How to Lose Chest Fat for Males

How to Lose Chest Fat for Males – Are you a male struggling to lose chest fat? Excess chest fat can be a frustrating issue for many men, and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to addressing it. In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you lose chest fat and achieve a more toned and defined chest. From exercise routines to dietary changes, we’ll cover everything you need to know to achieve your goals.

Hi friends, how are you? I am Venkat – Professional fitness trainer and your lifestyle coach. So everyone who approaches me the question they ask a lot is One is fat loss another one is belly fat reduction and the next one is chest fat. So, what do many people say when it comes to chest fat? Some people will say that What to do to build chest well? No matter how much you exercise you don’t see any chest muscle stimulation or chest growth What to do? So lets dive into the topic How to Lose Chest Fat for Males

Some people will ask what to do to reduce chest fat? Some people will ask what to do to reduce gynecomastia? In this way, whatever you see in different aspects, it is the chest. When you exercise, or when you don’t get that response. When you wear a tight T-shirt or any other clothes you feel awkward or embarrassing when you go out or when you take a bath on the beach. So, what exercises to do for this? What food to eat? Which supplements to use to reduce chest fat?

#3 Basic Principles for How to Lose Chest Fat for Males

This is a question that many people have asked many times So what I tell them is supplements, exercises, we will talk about this later. First follow the basic three principles, If you feel that you are following these three principles regularly then we will talk about the rest of the exercises later. The first one of the three principles is body fat, overall body fat. The second one is hormonesThe third one is calorie deficit. So, the first one is overall body fat Here whether you want to lose fat or reduce chest fator you want to reduce overall body fat at the end of the day, you have to keep your body in the fat loss zone

So without reducing your overall body fat, it is not possible to reduce the fat in your stubborn areas. So, to reduce the fat in your stubborn areas you have to reduce the overall body fat. The next one is Hormones. Many people have a doubt about these hormones that is some people show chest fat and say it is a gynecomastia, but it is not a gynecomastia It is baby fat, chest fat

Some people think chest fat as gynecomastia I am telling you all one thing. We send our vehicle to the service at a particular time, for 6 to 8 months. Similarly, it is good to check our body’s blood work and it’s best thing to undergo the hormonal check-up. So due to this you will know about your condition? According to your reports, how are your hormones up to? So when there is an imbalance, if you suggest a doctor you will get a better input.

So whether it is baby fat, chest fat or gynecomastia you don’t have to decide anything without knowing it. The third one is calorie deficit. You can do any diet You can do a liquid diet. No matter what diet you do no matter how many supplements you take no matter how many different exercises you do end of the day without calorie deficit, no magic will happen in your body. Some people think that if they take supplements, they will lose fat, undergo fat loss and overall body fat will be reduced. Like this nothing will happen

Firstly whether you are in calorie deficit or not, that is the main point So after these three, you are able to do these three well and if you have proper idea on these 3 things then regular exercises and in these regular exercises. I will show you simple exercises. So you can do this with or without equipment With these simple exercises functionality is to stimulate the chest muscles & how can we create stress for the chest muscles in a positive way Let us see now the best variations to lose chest fat for males

#4 Basic Variations{or} Workouts for How to Lose Chest Fat for Males

The best & top most variation variation among these is the BARBELL CHEST PRESS. You all know about it. So lying barbell, plain bench chest press You can do different types of push-ups if you don’t have equipment When you do these push-ups if you have an idea over the the functioning of your chest muscles it will be easier to stimulate & activate the muscles. If we divide the chest into two parts, that is major and minor To activate these pectoral majors and minors

For example, whatever you do your hand involvement will be in this forward movement. For example if you hug someone it will be in this movement if your chest muscles has a tear it is difficult to hug. Similarly, muscle contraction is also difficult. For your better understanding We are doing push-ups Now I am doing a neutral grip push-up, Elevated neutral grip push-up On the bench, we can do this on the floor as well. Here my targeted muscle is the lower chest So, where are your hands placed?

One and a half to two inches outside of the shoulders both sides Back should be flat. Here, I elevated my lower chest and squeezed it to the maximum. Your muscles doesn’t know whether you done 10, 15, 20 repetitions or if you had done with 20kg’s dumbbells So this is the functioning. Let’s lie down and fly in a dumbbell neutral grip. As we did push-up in neutral grip now we will do fly in neutral grip How did we do the push-up? We kept our hands a little wide We took them from 90 degrees and kept them at 80, 85 or 70 degree

Here as we discussed earlier imagine that we brought the body in a hug position then stimulation will be done 100% done in the chest. So we can do the barbell press as well. What ever variation you do whenever you want to activate the chest muscles, you need to have an exploded press for the chest muscles.rather than your elbows and shoulders. So here is the chest press. What is the mistake that everyone makes?

Here we lift it like this or we do it like this So whenever you take a grip it is approximately 90 degrees. So, don’t drop your palm on your back Keep it stiff. Activate each and every muscle Shift your lower back a little How should we create that stimulus for the muscles? There should be an exploded movement but not with the shoulders or elbows with the chest. So friends this is the movement and function Without equipment we can do regular push-ups, i.e basic push-ups

Conclusion for How to Lose Chest Fat for Males

There will be so many muscle’s involvement in push-ups Your core engages, triceps, shoulders, back, each and every muscle involvement. So when you do it your hands should be 1.5 inches apart from your shoulders or 2 inches apart Your toes should be straight, Your body should be straight, Your body should be in a single line, Your focus should be on the involvement of chest muscles and then the exploded press like this

It’s not a point that how many reps you have done In a short time Our only target is local fatigue on the targeted muscle. I have involved the chest muscles rather than elbows and shoulders. No matter how fast you try to hit the muscle or how hard you try to press the function should be the same. Don’t involve the elbows or shoulders

So, friends we did 4 simple variations. So with these 4 variations we can involve any type of variations if your form and execution is on-point. In addition to the exercises we have discussed three basic principles Thoose are overall body fat Hormones and calorie deficit. In addition to these three if you do exercises with proper form With in 2 months 100% there will changes in your chest fat Strongly believe me. All you need is to try it once

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