How to lose 10KG’s Weight in 30 days is clearly Explained by Certified Fitness Trainer VENKAT MADAMALA to reduce the Weight in an ideal and a correct Way. Hi guys, welcome to Venkat Fitness Todays topic is the myth of calorie count It is to reduce weight faster, what are available options, How many ways do we have? or How to loose weight we gain in lockdown?

These questions make people follow different diets. Finally, they lost weight for sure, it may be cross diet or liquid diet or meal replacement powders. After their make over if some one ask them about it they always say they did a rigorous diet plan. Then how many hours you did exercise? did you ran? when you did exercise morning or evening?evening? His answer is with out exercise with only diet he achieved result.

That’s a very easy way. Everyone likes it. As we need not to work hard with minimal calorie expenditure. But latter on the same person will gain more than he lost. Where is the problem? Basically, they aren’t reducing the fat cell size or BMI or subcutaneous and visceral fat they are reducing water levels, water loss there after muscle loss fat loss is 0%. not even 1% because, they restrict calories instead of deflect them. which means they are in fasting all day.

For few people they have different diet from dietitian or from online website Morning, afternoon lime juices and evening orange juice or coconut water twice and a meal in evening few other will drink coconut oil and a morning breakfast that’s it like this there are few who only take 2 orange juices per day.

All these people avoid the required foods(solid food) which our body is demanding, being on hungry they are running their own health, They came to know all these when ever they were before a mirror shirtless. They will notice chest sageness, abdominal sageness, dark circles, hairball, Skin sageness, loss of muscle although they reduced weight lost all the muscle, they aren’t looking fit, they can’t create a proportionate body or a manly or a fit look.

Then if they want to build their muscle back, did they need to restrict or surplus calories? In this dilemma they can’t sustain the cross diets sendup shortly in 1or 2 months Whenever they break it because of water attentions they will be back to normal weight with an add-on If we see other person with 10 kg’s weight loss, which took him 6 months, First person, lost 20 kg’s just in one and half month, his diet is, Just normal diet with 4 meals a day with controlled cartisol levels and 1 hour daily exercise and monitoring sleep of 8-9 hours and exercise. daily maintaining low stress levels good sleep, with good hydration to body, given a timely nutrient supply to his body for every 3 hours Maintained meal with out dropping my glycerin levels. followed my nutritionist and taken enough carbs and proteins in every meal.

That’s why he gained lean muscle mass and looks so healthy and active. I can now jog 10 km’s, my body is supporting that. if we see them shirtless they look healthy fit and skin is good and glowing. the difference between these two people is first person deficit calories by not taking the minimum required calories Second person just left calorie myth from mind and haven’t believed free free calorie food, but took calorie food with good quality and nutrients shouldn’t do dirty bulk. should monitor carbs in food but should avoid them at all.

Everyone say breakfast is the important meal. second person strongly believes in that  In lunch he added carbs to maintain good insulin levels. monitored sleeping cycle never missed exercise of 45min-50mins. So that’s why in 6 months proportionately while gaining lean muscle mass, lost fat and weight although he haven’t lost as much as first person.

But this second person won’t get any fluctuations although he stopped excessive for 6 months because he concentrated on subcutaneous and visceral fat. when ever we reduced our BMI and cell size we have very minimal fluctuations. fasting only make you loos water and muscle but not FAT! they are drastic fluctuations. So guys, what’s your option. OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 ?

In option 1, although you lost 15 kg’s weight you will never have consistency. At some point after 1/1.5/2/3 months you ending with more weight gain than you lost. In option 2, you have healthy weight loss, proper nutrients, and can avoid hormonal changes and digestive disorders For many because of liquid diets and high protein diets they face metabolic disorders This reduce their apatite. loosing apatite, hormonal changes, hair fall and muscle loss as option 1 have all these side effects I always suggest you to choose option 2.

Although slow, Loose weight systematically, You never need to be hungry. meal is very important for any kind of activity. In any transformation meal is must. Doing exercise being hungry may change your weight scale number but not your fat or BMI so guys, what were second person daily meals? what were foods involved? time of exercises Lets discuss all these in next video… I hope you like this video guys.. if you like the video please subscribe to our channel Like the video, Just let me know all your queries in comments section below. Be fit and be healthy guys.. see you soon..